5 Benefits of 2 Swim Classes Per Week

Sure, taking one swim class a week at Goldfish Swim School is great. But why take only one class a week when TWO provides even MORE of a GOLDEN experience? Read on to learn more!

1. Double the benefits of swimming

Do you know all the benefits your little goldfish gains from year-round swimming (scientifically speaking)? Things like brain development, increased learning potential and social skills are extra bonuses from being in swim class — and with double the classes, your young swimmer will be able to reap those benefits even more. The more focus on learning swim skills, the more cognitive development realized (and so much more).Win-win!

2. Repetition, repetition, repetition

Learning to swim is just like learning how to tie shoes: It’s all about practice, practice, practice. In swimming, repetition of small moves is so important to be able to learn the big moves — and our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach those swim skills. So, the more classes your swimmer is in each week, the more chances to repeat those movements over and over.

3. Learn those skills more easily

The more often you do something, the more it becomes somewhat natural to do. When your child repeats swim strokes, it becomes memory and therefore more easy to do — which means your little swimmer will be learning those skills AND gaining from these other 5 benefits of knowing how to swim. 

4. Even MORE fun

Having fun with new friends and the teacher? Coloring pages and choosing prizes after every class? Ribbons after accomplishing a skill during the lesson? Absolutely. And getting to do ALL THAT that twice a week?! Awesome! Goldfish Swim School offers some pretty cool benefits to taking swim lessons here, so why not celebrate and sign up for double the fun?!

5. Move up a level sooner

Kids get so excited when they are able to master the skills needed to move up to the next level.

Normally, it can take a few months or more to accomplish this — but by taking swim lessons twice a week, you can pretty much cut that in half! There’s nothing like seeing how proud kids are when it’s time to move up a level after showing off those extraordinary results.

Goldfish Swim School

Want your child to have these 5 Benefits of 2 Swim Classes Per Week? Find a Goldfish Swim School location near you and sign your little goldfish up for lessons today! Children as young as 4 months old can have ALL the benefits of learning to swim at Goldfish Swim School!





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Pool Learning Fun: What Those Toys Are Really Used For

You’ve seen all the pool toys here at Goldfish Swim School, but did you know they have actual educational components? We’re not just playing around: Our instructors use them as tools to achieve our famous extraordinary results. To learn more about what toys are tied to what skills, read on!


You’ve probably spent plenty of time playing with rings or some other type of sinking toy that you have to dive underwater to retrieve. And being faster than your friends and siblings to round them up is fun, right?

Well, there’s more to the rings than teaching swimmers great breath control and giving them incentive to swim down to the bottom: For young swimmers still learning, the rings are a fun tool to teach them how to swim on top of the water.

How? Because kids get to throw the ring and swim above it — which helps your little goldfish keep his or head in the water and looking down, instead of forward (one of the 5 Things Every Kids Should Know How to Do in the Water, by the way!)


The floating barbells (yes, that’s exactly what they look like) are tools that help kids during various stages of swimming lessons. For the newest learners, the barbells are easy to put under their arms while they float and give little kicks — which gives them confidence in the water. That’s definitely something to celebrate!

Then, once comfortable, swimmers can hold the barbell in front of them while they put their face in the water and work on productive kicks that keep them swimming straight ahead! (There are so many benefits for learning to swim!)

For the next level of learning, the smaller barbells — which are about half the size — are used to teach the basic swim stroke. Kids hold the barbell in front of them with one hand while floating on the water and use the opposite hand to do windmill strokes in and out of the water. This teaches kids the right motions, bit by bit.


Sure, the kickboards help swimmers learn to kick — but did you know there’s more to it? First of all, and probably most obviously, the kickboards are used while held out in front of your little goldfish to help focus on kicking when swimming forward (and as a bonus, it also helps with breath control by allowing time to come up for air).

But, the kickboards are also a great tool for helping kids stay afloat on their backs — in addition to teaching them how to swim on their backs. By holding the kickboard over their knees, kids can gain the confidence to be on their backs while incorporating productive kicks into the routine.

Rubber Duckies

“Rubber Ducky, you’re the one…You make bath time so much fun.” Remember when Ernie said that on Sesame Street? Well, rubber duckies aren’t just for the bathtub! For babies who are learning to swim, they make great tools for building comfort in the pool. And they become a great incentive to swim: Having a little one toss a rubber ducky in the water allows for that natural instinct to get to it and retrieve it, using those water legs!

Goldfish Swim School

Find a Goldfish Swim School location near you and register today to sign your swimmer up for classes! Several levels are available for ages 4 months and older; and our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids how to swim in a unique environment.

(It’s important to remember that while some of these swim tools do float, they are not to be used as floatation or life-saving devices.)

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9 Cool Things to Buy at Treasure Island Pro Shop

Goldfish Swim School is more than just a pool. Peek in and check out these 9 Cool Things to Buy at Treasure Island Pro Shop — from learning toys to swim gear — and bring the Goldfish experience home with you!

1. Barbells

One of the coolest toys used at Goldfish Swim School to teach young swimmers the proper strokes is the barbell. In the beginning, it’s a tool that allows your child to keep one arm outstretched — and floating — while the other arm is learning how to pull that water in just the right way to scoot forward. The barbells are great for providing security while gaining extraordinary results in the water.

2. Kickboards 

With all that splashing, you’d think kicking in water isn’t really much of a skill — but it is! Sure, kicking up all that water is definitely tons of fun, but your little goldfish will have fun playing around with a kickboard all while learning important swim skills, just like in class!

3. Giant rubber ducky

For the littlest swimmers, it’s all about making time in the water fun. What better way to do that than with a quintessential rubber ducky? Well, how about with a giant rubber ducky?! These giant duckies are just like what we play with in class — which is pretty exciting when your bathtub at home can have the same toy!

4. Goggles

Does your little one seem to have trouble keeping those goggles on? Not all goggles are created the same! If those goggles seem uncomfortable, annoying or are leaking, maybe it’s time for some new ones. You can grab a pair from the Treasure Island Pro Shop. We have two different kinds, one of which is the same ones we use for all our classes!

5. Bathing suits

Can’t find a bathing suit at the stores because it’s not quite the right season? No problem. The Treasure Island Pro Shop at Goldfish Swim School has suits for boys and girls for sale all year long! Buy one here and celebrate those skills (and it is one less stop to make).

6. Earplugs

For some kids, getting water in their ears can be uncomfortable to deal with (whether for sensory issues or health issues). Try out some earplugs to see if it will help! Let us know what you think.

7. Towels

You reach in the swim bag while your daughter is in her weekly swim lesson, preparing to go in for the last five minutes to talk to her teacher, when you keep groping around. Then you realize: She forgot her towel (because you certainly wouldn’t forget. Right.)! No problem! You can purchase a Goldfish Swim School towel right then and there. Bonus: It’s a nice, absorbent towel you’ll be glad to have.

8. Swim backpack

If you’re a Type-A organized mom (or dad), your child is in the rec swim classes, your goldfish is having fun in weekly swim classes, or you just like to have a bag for each purpose, then the swim backpacks for sale are sure to catch your eye. These bags feature material for carrying wet swim suits, pockets for goggles and water bottles and more, plus durable construction makes these bags much more than just another backpack.

9. Swim diapers

We know how it is. You’ve got a lot going on and a lot in that swim bag you carry into each lesson. Forgot to replace the swim diapers? No problem! We’ve got you covered. Just head to the Treasure Island Pro Shop and you’ll be good to go. (We think anticipating your needs is some WOW! Customer Service, don’t you agree?)

Goldfish Swim School

The instructors at Goldfish Swim School use their integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids ages 4 months and older how to swim and how to improve their swim skills. Find a location near you and register your child today for a GOLDEN experience!

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5 Cool Benefits of Learning to Swim at Goldfish Swim School

We know there are other places to have the kiddos learn how to swim. So why choose Goldfish Swim School? Easy: Goldfish Swim School offers things that other places don’t. Here are a few things you’ll get with us:

1. 90 degree pool water (and air temp!)

When you’re in the water for a long time, you don’t want to be shivering and forcing yourself to stay in, right? And cold water means kids aren’t comfy, either. Well, no worries about purple lips here! The water in the pools at all of the Goldfish Swim School locations is always a warm 90 degrees! And since we know how chilly it can be getting out of the water (especially in the winter), our air temp is always set at a balmy 90 degrees, too! (So no more excuses about skipping winter swim lessons!)

2. A ledge for little ones

In many places, kids have to either hold onto the edge or sit outside the pool on the edge when they’re waiting for their turn during swim lessons. Not at Goldfish Swim School! There’s a nice ledge along both sides of the pool IN THE WATER. This means kids can save their energy from hanging on or getting in and out repeatedly and use it on actually swimming — and it’s way more helpful when it comes to pushing off and swimming back, too. It’s the little things, right?

3. Building from the basics

It’s important that kids not only learn the swim strokes, but the building blocks that will sustain their skills. For instance, one of the key components of the specialized Goldfish Swim School curriculum is teaching breath control. Little by little, swimmers learn how to hold their breath underwater and build up to being able to swim while holding their breath. Then, your little goldfish will learn to swim further distances in one breath. That’s one of the reasons repetition is so important. Plus, swimmers learn what to do when they run OUT of breath while swimming: Roll over onto their backs, relax and catch their breath, then roll back over and continue swimming.

4. Safety, safety, safety

Safety is a HUGE focus at Goldfish. Each week, lessons incorporate safety skills for kids in AND out of the water. Swimming is an important life skill and all kids should know how to do these 5 things in the water so they are always able to stay safe (while having fun!). But besides the weekly safety tips during lessons, Goldfish Swim School also provides a water safety week each quarter, with an even more extensive focus on safety skills.

5. Family swim fun

To get even more out of your kid’s swimming lessons (and spend a little time together), try Family Swim! This is a perfect excuse for your little swimmer to show off those extraordinary results he or she is learning (and you’ll get to enjoy the 90-degree water temperature!).

Goldfish Swim School

Children ages 4 months and older can start swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School! You can register online today at a location near you and get ready for a GOLDEN experience!

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5 Reasons to Start your Baby Swimming Before Age 1

Even though your baby can’t walk yet, he or she can certainly start learning swim skills! At Goldfish Swim School, our trained instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids ages 4 months and older swim skills that will stay with them for life, using a specialized curriculum. You’ll find some additional benefits to jumping into lessons now, like these 5 Reasons to Start your Baby Swimming Before Age 1.

1. Its Natural

You may be surprised at how naturally babies take to water (after all, they were quite the little swimmers before you met them) — so it is only fitting that you immerse them in water to keep them used to it. The sooner you introduce your baby to the water, the easier it is for them to enjoy and celebrate the environment. Once they get a little bit older, toddlers may enter phases where fear (of many things) is more prevalent. So, by having swimming as a natural environment early on, they will not have any new feelings to become adjusted to when they start learning to swim.

2. Bathtub fun

Maybe you’ve heard about the parents who struggle with bath time, or maybe you hate when your little one becomes agitated with water being poured over his or her head. Want an easy fix? Sign up your baby for swimming lessons! At Goldfish Swim School, lessons teach babies that being in the water is fun — which translates to having a GOLDEN experience in all water, including in the tub.

3. Showers with Baby

Moms (and dads) may often find that taking a shower becomes nearly impossible when there’s a new baby — because when there’s a window of opportunity, say, when baby naps, you have to decide which is more important: Sleep or a shower? Usually sleep wins, right?! But when your baby is accustomed to the water, you can bring your little bundle of joy into the shower with you (provided you’re using proper safety precautions). Use shower time as time for both of you to get clean, then you can both nap at the same time. Two birds; one stone.

4. Enjoy the Beach

Just because your little one isn’t walking doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water when you’re at the beach. Sure, you’ll have to make sure your baby is properly protected from the sun, but it’s definitely more fun to be splashing in the water than trying to stop all those tiny pieces of sand from continually making its way into your baby’s mouth. Because you’ve had your little goldfish in swimming lessons and you’ve seen some extraordinary results, you won’t have to worry that he or she doesn’t know what to do in the water and you can enjoy the splashing and feel of the refreshing water.

5. Playing in the Pool

It can be a funny sensation for a baby to have their legs dangling in the pool with nothing to stand on, or just being wet in a pool — if they haven’t been introduced to it previously. When your baby is in swim lessons and looks forward to playing in the water, you get to enjoy the water, too! No more sitting on the sidelines looking longingly to the pool: You can bring your baby in there. And babies who aren’t even one yet can learn how to go under water. Pretty fascinating, isn’t it?

Goldfish Swim School

Register your baby for swim classes at Goldfish Swim School with their WOW customer service and start enjoying all the benefits those lessons have to offer!




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