Goldfish Swim School Staff Swim Meet Raises More Than $11,500 for Co-worker in Need

The staff at Goldfish Swim School doesn’t just teach thousands of children about water safety. While making sure kids develop a love of the water – and learn invaluable safety skills – our staffers also have hearts of gold.

Why, you ask?

Every year, the Goldfish Swim School staff competes in a swim meet – splashing and racing — all to raise money for charity. But this year, the focus was a bit more personal. The staff swim meet, held June 21, 2014 at the Clarkston location, was held to raise money for a married mother of two young children who works as a front desk staffer at the Birmingham Goldfish Swim School.

Fighting ALS

The employee, who has ALS, will use the money to pay for holistic treatments, said Tiffany Miller, Director of Operations for Goldfish Swim School. So what is ALS? Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, often called “Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

The money raised all came from private donations.

Swim Meet Basics and Prizes

At the swim meet, each location – most of the company’s 14 Goldfish Swim Schools made the trek – formed a team. Some locations that are sister schools, like Okemos and Ann Arbor, partnered up. With the theme of “Disney,” the teams donned matching T-shirts from popular movies like “Frozen” and “Peter Pan” and hopped in the pool.

“Everyone gets really rowdy,” Tiffany said. “It’s a really good time.”

There were a bunch of different races: Events like freestyle, relays, butterfly and backstroke, to name a few.

The teams were competing for a cup that will be displayed for a year in the winning location. This year, the “St. Roscoeham” team (made up of staffers from Birmingham, St. Charles and Roscoe Village) took top honors.

There was also a belly flop contest (Justin B. from Birmingham stole the show) and a prize for the team that raised the most money (Team Birmingham took the honors, raising $3,500 for their fellow staffer).

After Party

After tearing up the pool, staffers relaxed and had a party with hot dogs, chips, pop and music. About 80 people attended the private event, Tiffany said.

Staff Bonding

Since most staffers are former competitive swimmers, Tiffany said the event is one of the few chances they get to compete and show off their skills. The staffers look forward to the annual event as a time to relax, bond, compete and give back to the community.

“It’s fun,” she said. “And it’s for a great cause.”

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You Matter Most: Goldfish Swim School’s Member Appreciation Week

Hey you. Yeah, you. The one in the aqua chair. I see you there, with your coffee and smartphone. Watching your child splash, laugh and learn. We’re both here, week after week. Sitting, watching, waiting. We’ve watched our little goldfish go from fearful to fearless; floating and swimming – confident in their skills. We save their ribbons and wave at them through the glass, listening intently as their instructor tells us how well our children are doing and how much they are learning.

But last week? It was kind of all about us, right? At Goldfish Swim School, July 6-11, 2014 was Member Appreciation Week. Once a quarter, the smiling faces that greet us weary moms (and dads!) at the door and usher our children through these life-saving and fun lessons honor us. It’s about more than free coffee and quarter candy – it’s about giving back to the moms and dads who support us weekly.

The Perks of Membership

At Goldfish Swim School, we know you have a choice. There are many other places you can take your little swimmers for lessons. But you choose us – and you tell your friends and family about us, too.

We love to hear that and we strive to give EVERYONE that golden experience. So every quarter, we have Member Appreciation Week. It’s our way to really say thank you to our members. We couldn’t do it without you!

So what can you expect? Free family swim nights. Free quarter candy. Free coffee. Special activities – music, food, games, activities and more – during Friday Family Swim times. Raffles.

Want to see more? Follow us on Facebook where we are posting fun and fabulous pictures of YOU – our valued members!

It’s the Little Things

With 20,000 children a week across 14 Goldfish Swim Schools taking lessons, we have a lot of members. So we want to take some time – one short week – to really say thanks. You mean a lot to us. We really APPRECIATE you.

So give yourselves a pat on the back, you awesome moms (and dads!). Because we see you. On that aqua chair. And we hope you know how much you mean to us.

Becoming a Member

Not a member yet? Don’t fret: It’s easy. Visit our Web site to find the location nearest you. You can sign your little goldfish up there for lessons!

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Top 8 Ways Goldfish Swim School’s Jump Start Clinics Help Young Swimmers

Let’s pretend for a moment that you have a 3-year-old daughter and she’s enrolled in Goldfish Swim School. We’ll call her Ava. And while Ava LOVES her swim class and is learning how to float on her back, paddle to the edge and so much more, she’s still hesitant about putting her head underwater. And since she’s a strong-willed toddler (or, THREEnager, as some may say), she’s made up her mind: Head stays out of the water.

Enter Goldfish Swim School’s Jump Start Clinics.

Ava goes to her first Jump Start Clinic class on Monday and does all her normal swim moves — yet she’s still a bit timid about going underwater. But, little by little, as the week progresses, she’s not protesting anymore AND she’s readily dunking her head when it’s time.

By the last class of the week on Friday, Ava asks her teacher to watch, takes her swim goggles off and puts her whole head underwater — UNPROMPTED — three times! And she can’t wait to do it again and again!

How’s THAT for a Golden Experience?! (Based on a true story!)

Your swimmer can benefit from Goldfish Swim School’s Jump Start Clinics, too! Here’s how:



Kids are proud little buggers. They love to show off and showing off a new feat for someone new is always exciting. Plus, while all Goldfish Swim School instructors display integrity, compassion and trust, a new teacher may have a slightly different manner when it comes to pulling that little bit of extra effort out of your kid to see those extraordinary results.


In Ava’s Jump Start Clinic class, there was another 3-year-old who was also working on her own swim skills, but this little girl had zero trepidation about going underwater — so Ava was able to watch and learn (and wanted to swim just like her new friend!). Just like with adults, having someone else who is doing well pushes the kids to be that good, too.


When your kids are going to swim lessons every day, Monday through Friday, it’s a lot easier to have what they’re learning become a part of their life. It’s kind of like reading — when they’re doing it every day, they’re continually building upon what they’ve learned the day before. And it’s more likely to stick.


Repetition is key when learning something new, whether it is a list of spelling words, multiplication tables or swim strokes. So, with the Jump Start Clinic, your little goldfish will be able to repeat what he or she is learning every single day — instead of doing it during one class and then waiting an entire week to try it again — and then it will be time to celebrate!


Is your little one like Ava and progressing well, except she’s lagging behind in one area? The Jump Start Clinic is a great way to break through and get over the hump that’s holding her back. Who knows, the little push of the week of classes may be just what your swimmer needs to dive into the next level of classes. (That’s some WOW customer service there!)


Jump Start Clinics are five straight days of classes. That’s more than a month’s worth of lessons rolled into one week. So, if you know you’re going to the beach or waterpark for a vacation and you want your little goldfish to soak up every ounce of swimming knowledge, Jump Start Clinics are the way to go!


Even if your child isn’t already enrolled in swimming lessons, Jump Start Clinics are a great way to test the waters. You can see where he or she is in terms of swimming ability and you can determine how your little one would welcome being enrolled in lessons before actually committing to a new routine.


Especially in the summer, when kids are in the water much more frequently, it’s nice to give little swimmers a chance to brush up on their strokes and water safety. It’s kind of like a college refresher course, or continuing education class for work — it will help them be on top of their game, in the water.


You can enroll your children into Goldfish Swim School all year. As a separate class, The Jump Start Clinics are offered at different times (based on your Goldfish Swim School location) and are also beneficial year-round. Contact the location nearest you today for more information on how to get your own goldfish swimming!

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5 Reasons to Keep Your Kids Enrolled in Summer Swim Lessons

For busy moms (and dads!), the end of the school year is a welcome break from all the classes, activities, homework battles and packing the perfect lunch. So after that last bell rings, most of us are looking to hang up the “Mom Taxi” keys, right?
Totally get it. But listen: With summer comes beach trips, pool parties and boating. In other words: WATER.
So, while you may think your children can take a break from swim lessons now that school’s out, you really shouldn’t. Here are 5 Reasons to Keep Your Kids Enrolled in Summer Swim Lessons:

1. Maintain Progress

Believe me. I know your family is busy in the summer. Graduation parties, vacations, trips to the beach and oh-so-much-more take up tons of time now that school is out.

Look at it like this: You don’t want your child to lose valuable reading skills in the summer, so you visit the library or join a reading program, right?
To obtain the extraordinary results that Goldfish Swim School lessons provide, your child needs to constantly practice the skills he or she has been learning. If they don’t practice, they can lose those skills. You don’t want to sign back up in the fall and discover your swimmer has to start down a level.

(And don’t worry. If you know you’re going to miss a class, you can schedule a makeup lesson.)

2. Keep Getting Stronger

Not only will staying in swim lessons all summer ensure your little goldfish doesn’t backtrack, it’ll help ensure he or she will continue to grow as a swimmer! All summer, they’ll continue learning how to incorporate these Four Swimming Strokes into their routine. Who knows, after the summer he or she may even find it necessary to jump to the next level (which will cause far fewer tears than going back a level!).

3. Birthday Parties. And Pool Parties

Keeping up with swim lessons over the summer is beneficial to you, as a parent, too! Why? Because with all the summer birthday parties and pool parties you’ll be going to, you will be confident in the skills your little goldfish has acquired (and he or she continues to become a stronger swimmer every week). To be able to swim by themselves at birthday parties is something every child wants — and parents do, too.

And if your child is having a birthday party, you can even have it at Goldfish Swim School, all year long, since Goldfish certainly loves to celebrate!

4. Stick with a Routine

Sure, the first week or two of summer vacation is full of go-go-go and endless excitement over the freedom. But inevitably, there will be days of “What do we do today?” when all you want to do is not think about planning anything. Sticking to lessons over the summer keeps the routine going, which helps reign in summer chaos — and actually helps when school starts again. Your family will already be used to swim days and it will make things easier when fitting in any new activities.

5. It’s Fun

Seriously, swimming is FUN! And since summer is supposed to be the pinnacle of fun for kids, keeping them in lessons is really helping your kids have a good time! They can even splash around during our Family Swim Time and they’ll be able to go to our Kids Night Out How’s that for an awesome summer vacation?


To sign up now for Goldfish Swim School (and keep in mind 5 Reasons to Keep Your Kids Enrolled in Summer Swim Lessons for next summer), visit to find the location nearest you. Stay in school: It’s our GOLDEN RULE here at Goldfish Swim School!

Happy swimming!

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Make Your Goldfish Membership Golden

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely experienced one of the our best-in-class swimming lessons. But did you know that your time at Goldfish could get even better? That’s right, not only can your little swimmer develop and fine-tune swimming strokes that could save his life, but with the option of our Goldfish membership, either Golden and Charter, he can have even more of a blast doing so! And something that might turn your head? You get even more for your dollar!

Charter Memberships Offer More Bang for Your Buck

Our 12-month membership, or Charter Membership, option is perfect if you want to experience everything Goldfish has to offer. For starters, it includes one year of swim lessons, where your child will learn swimming techniques and water safety from one of our fantastic Goldfish teachers. Once they start working on their new swimming skills, they’ll definitely want to show them off, and what better place to do so than a Goldfish Family Swim? Charter members enjoy access to completely free Family Swims for the entire year.

What’s next? We all know kids dig our 90-degree pools—so much so that they’re often begging to come back for more. With your Charter membership, we’ll throw your child an awesome birthday party for free! Round up their friends and let us handle the rest. Worried about safety? No need! We’ll test each child’s swimming abilities at the beginning of the party, so we can make sure everyone is safe and having a great time. Your child’s birthday will be the one to beat at school!

Finally, Charter memberships offer a special opportunity: Goldfish Charter members truly get to leave their mark on the swim school that made them fish. Have you ever noticed that mosaic of hand tiles when you walk into your Goldfish? When you become a Charter member, your child can personalize his tile, one that will proudly be on display for the rest of our Goldfish family to admire.

Golden Memberships Offer Big Savings in the Short-Term

If you’re looking to test the waters, our shorter, 6-month Golden membership is a great fit. Just like our Charter membership, our Golden membership comes with swim lessons and free Family Swims for the duration. If your child’s birthday falls into your membership period, we’ll throw him a birthday party for 50% off the normal price.

After all of that, are you interested in becoming a Charter or Golden member? Sign up today…and make your Goldfish Experience extra Golden.

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