The Top 7 Benefits of Year-Round Swimming (Scientifically Speaking)

Swimming is tons of fun, and Goldfish Swim School provides extraordinary results — but do you really know all the benefits your child can receive from swimming year-round (scientifically speaking)?

Here are the Top 7 Benefits of Year-Round Swimming (Scientifically Speaking):

1. Development of the whole child

Not only does swimming benefit children physically, but it also improves their development intellectually AND emotionally! According to scientific studies at the German Sports College Cologne, kids who swim year-round fared better academically, particularly in problem-solving skills. The swimmers also displayed more self-discipline (which may mean less, um, redirecting for you, mom!) and had more self-esteem, which made them more comfortable in social situations. That’s something to celebrate!

2. Improved development of motor skills

Your little almost-walker cautiously pulls along on the couch, holding on to the table and anything else in his or her path — while you follow along, holding your arms out to prevent any bumps and bruises. Sound familiar? Well, studies conducted at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology by Dr. Hermundur Sigmundsson and his colleagues concluded that the youngest swimmers showcased better balance and grasping techniques. So, maybe your little one starts swim classes and zooms around on land! That way, you can take a literal step back (Hello, childproofing!). Goldfish Swim School offers classes for children ages 4 months and older! 

3. Enhanced brain development

Kids learn A LOT through touch and the texture of different objects — which is known as tactile sensory development. Research by Dr. Ruth Rice determined that babies make “significant gains in neurological development, weight gain and mental development” from the tactile stimulation of the nerve pathways of the skin — and swimming in water (which has over 600 times the resistance of air) certainly covers that!

4. Advanced cognitive development

We all want our kids to be the best and brightest, of course. We also want them to have FUN while they’re learning. What a golden experience: Swimming does that! A four-year Early Years Swimming Research Project (with 45 swim schools in Australia, New Zealand and the United States) found that children younger than five who had swim lessons were more advanced in their cognitive AND physical development. Plus, researchers in Melbourne found that kids in the study had higher IQs. Take that, homework! (OK, they’ll still have to do their homework, but maybe swimming will make it easier?!)

5. Increased memory and learning potential

It turns out that exercise helps a person’s memory, which helps a child’s learning potential — all because exercise increases the neurons in our hippocampus (an area of the brain associated with memory). Art Kramer, with the help of his colleagues at the University of Illinois and the University of Pittsburgh, discovered that people who were more fit had a bigger hippocampus than those who weren’t as fit. Hmm. Bigger muscles, bigger brain? Makes sense to us!

6. Stronger social skills

Want your little one to be independent (or maybe not have to say, “Mom? Mom! MOM!” every two minutes?!)? Swimming helps teach kids how to take turns, listen, share and cooperate. And Dr. Liselott Diem and her colleagues found that kids who had taken swim lessons from two months old to 4 years old could adapt to new social situations more easily because they had more confidence in social settings (And we’re confident you’ll see why Goldfish Swim School is Worth the Money!).

7. Reduced risk of drowning

It’s a scary fact, but the Centers for Disease Control states that children aged 1-4 have the highest drowning rates. But, YOU can help change that: Having your child participate in swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% for kids in that age range! That’s according to a study by Ruth Brenner and her colleagues, from the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 2009. Help your child and teach these 5 Things All Kids Should Know How to do in the Water.

Goldfish Swim School

The instructors at Goldfish Swim School are specifically trained and they use their trust, integrity and compassion to teach your children how to swim — and so much more. Goldfish Swim School is dedicated to providing WOW customer service in several states, so find a location near you and register your child for swim lessons today!

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take a Break from Swim Lessons, Sports and Other Activities

You don’t need to fill up every precious minute of your child’s non-school time with an activity (it’s OK, really!), but chances are you may have your kids enrolled in one or two sports or lessons. What happens when the dreaded “Q” word comes up and your little ball of energy wants to quit an activity for a while? For the most part, you shouldn’t give in. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, continuing the activity can provide valuable skills and life lessons.

Here are 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take a Break from Swim Lessons, Sports and Other Activities

1. Progress Slides Downhill

Getting good at — or mastering — a skill is dependent upon repetition. The more you practice, the better you become. So, it makes sense that taking a break from repeating lessons stalls the learning process. And, unfortunately, time off can mean any progress will go sliding back downhill when those skills aren’t being used.

Moms, think about the last time you tried to do a French braid. If you’ve done it a lot recently, you’ll have it done in no time. But if haven’t done one in a few years, (even if you were very skilled at it way back when) it’ll probably take you some time to remember how — let alone do it spectacularly. So, just because your kids will still “know” what they’re doing, they won’t be as proficient as they once were if they’re not continuing to work on the skill (Which is why at Goldfish Swim School, we encourage you to get that Golden Experience and Keep Your Kids Enrolled in Swim Lessons).

2. A Break = Quitting

We know you may not intend to completely throw in the towel, but it happens. If you take a break from swim lessons, gymnastics, piano lessons and other extra-curricular activities, you run the risk of never returning. Whether it’s because of funding or because something else comes along and you don’t have the time anymore, it can happen. Luckily, swim lessons at Goldfish are only a half-an-hour a week; about the same amount of time as your child’s favorite TV show.

3. Quitting Reinforces Instant Gratification

When’s the last time you went to the toy store (or shopping mall) and your kids DIDN’T ask you to buy them something? We live in a society of now, now, NOW, so it’s bound to happen. But how do you help curb that (besides saying “NO” all the time)? It’s the little things, actually. For example, tell your kids that quitting swim lessons isn’t an option – and that they’ll see the fruits of their labor in time. That’s delayed gratification. It teaches kids the reward of sticking with something and not giving in to instant gratification. These are HUGE life lessons that will be far-reaching, all through childhood and the teen years — but especially as an adult — and some of the 4 Reasons to NOT Let Your Child Quit Swim Lessons.

4. Personal Bonds are Broken

It’s important for kids to feel like they’re a part of something and participating in extracurricular activities  — whether swim classes, basketball, karate or dance — makes them part of a group. They’ll be building bonds with instructors (like ours who teach with integrity, compassion and trust) and other kids and those kinds of relationships can’t be replaced. The longer your child continues with lessons, the more included they will feel. And, surprise: This builds teamwork (a great life skill!), even in individual sports and activities, which is certainly something to celebrate.

Goldfish Swim School

Activities such as swim lessons are great for kids to do at any age — and Goldfish Swim School offers instruction with extraordinary results for kids ages 4 months and older! Sign up for a class near you today and see our WOW customer service!

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Top 5 Benefits of Knowing How to Swim (for Kids)

When’s the last time you hung out with your kids in the water? Swimming is fun, but it’s so much more! Teach your kids to swim and they’ll have a lifelong skill that will benefit them in many ways.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Knowing How to Swim (for Kids):

1. Fitness

Swimming uses every one of the body’s major muscle groups and is a fantastic aerobic activity to get your child’s heart pumping. Plus, it’s a low-impact activity that increases flexibility (while also improving balance and posture!) and remains the sport least likely to cause injuries in kids. And that’s one less thing to worry about when the kids are playing, right, Mom?! That’s something to celebrate!

2. Health

Participating in a sport reduces the risk of childhood obesity, which is also linked to juvenile diabetes. Swimming is great because of the cardiovascular benefits that promote heart and lung health — and it’s an activity that can be done solo or on a team, any time of year! That means no worries about the weather outside (especially at Goldfish Swim School, where the pool – and the air temperature – is a balmy 92 degrees All. Year. Long.). Talk about a golden experience!

3. Strength and Coordination

Do you remember the thing where you have to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time? (Did you just try it?) That takes some definite coordination, much like swimming: You need to synchronize what your arms and legs are doing, along with coordinating your breathing and other body movements. Swimming helps with coordination and strength in other, out-of-water situations as a result.

4. Water Safety

One of the most beneficial parts of swimming is that it teaches your little goldfish how to stay safe in and around water. It’s one of the biggest reasons to NOT let your child quit swim lessons. Your child will be prepared should anything happen in the water. At Goldfish Swim School, teaching water safety is one of our priorities and it is why we pride ourselves on having WOW customer service!

5. Confidence and Motivation

When’s the last time you were near a pool and you heard someone yell out, “MARCO!” Well, when your kids learn how to swim, they’ll be able to confidently join in and yell, “POLO!” in response! Swimming is a great way to teach your kids motivation and how to strive for more when they learn these 5 Things Every Kid Should Know How to Do in the Water – because they’ll see how much stronger they’re getting, as they can swim farther across the pool and do more fun stuff with friends (like dive for rings!).

Goldfish Swim School

At Goldfish Swim School, we heartily believe in all the good things that come along with these Top 5 Benefits of Knowing How to Swim (for Kids).That’s why our instructors are excited to use integrity, trust and compassion to teach your little ones – and your advanced swimmers — with extraordinary results. Goldfish Swim School is worth the money — so check out your calendar and register for swim lessons today!

What are some other benefits of knowing how to swim? Let us know in the comments below. 

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5 Things All Kids Should Know How to do in the Water

Taking the kids to the beach or pool? Fun! Letting the little ones splash and play is a great way to spend some family time together, for sure. But as they grow up, it’s important that kids learn a few things in the water, as well. Water safety? Yes, please.

Here are the 5 Things All Kids Should Know How to do in the Water:

1. Get in and out of the pool safely

Sure, when the kids are older, jumping into the pool via cannonball seems fun and exciting. But it’s important for your little swimmers to know how to sit down and enter the pool safely and properly — and it’s even more important for them to know that getting OUT of the pool is just as easy (elbow, elbow, belly, knee). This ensures that your child is confident and won’t need your help when they can do it themselves. This is just a small part of the safety lessons our Goldfish Swim School instructors teach every single week with integrity, trust and compassion.

2. Turn over for a back float

Especially for young swimmers, this is one of the most important skills to learn in the water. Why? Imagine you’re tired in the water and you need to get to the side but you can’t seem to summon the strength to swim there. No problem! Just turn on your back to float and you can ease your way over there. This is imperative for kids because it allows your child to relax, regroup and know that they can do it!

3. Tread water

Every swimmer needs to know how to tread water. Why? It’s not only for lifesaving measures, but to just hang out in the water when it’s too deep to touch. It’s that whole confidence thing again — when your child knows they are in control in the water, it’s much more fun! And think of the energy they’ll burn when they’re using all those muscles to stay afloat and play.

4. Swim forward

Remember learning how to dog paddle? It’s fun, and it works. Kind of. But it sure is easier (and faster) to move forward in the water by using different swim strokes.

Once learned, swimming is like riding a bike; it’s a lesson that will stay with your little goldfish the rest of his or her life. You’ll see the extraordinary results for years to come. Way to go, Mom (and Dad), for imparting such a great skill!

5. Go underwater

As time goes on and your child gets older and stronger, they should be able to put their head in the water little by little. When your swimmer knows how to do this, it means fewer chances of swallowed water because it’ll become second nature to close their mouth and maintain that confidence. But this may take time, which is part of the 4 Reasons to Not Let Your Child Quit Swim Lessons. And when you watch your child happily put his or her face in the water, it’ll be time to celebrate how far they’ve come!

Goldfish Swim School

Looking for a GOLDEN experience in the water? Here are the Top 5 Reasons Goldfish Swim School is Worth the Money.  (Hint: We provide some WOW customer service!) Check out all of our locations and sign your little swimmer up today to start learning these 5 Things All Kids Should Know How to Do in the Water!

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Moving On Up: The Benefits of Advancing a Level in Swim Lessons

Sometimes lessons or classes for your kids may seem like a never-ending schedule-filler, with no sense of accomplishment or milestones to look forward to. But at Goldfish Swim School, your little swimmers are able to show REAL progress.

One of the best parts of lessons here is when your kid gets to move up a level! Seriously, it’s fun and exciting for your swimmer to accomplish that — in addition to learning all those swim and safety skills. It’s another way to see how the proven curriculum here creates real progress (which is one of the Top 5 Reasons Goldfish Swim School is Worth the Money). That’s some WOW customer service!

Here are the benefits you’ll see when your little goldfish meets swim skill criteria and moves up a level:

A special ribbon

The first time a Goldfish Swim School employee walks over to you during the parent discussion portion of your child’s lesson, handing you a scorecard of checked-off skill accomplishments with a ribbon and telling you that your little goldfish has moved up a level, you may be surprised at the proud tears welling up in your eyes. But that’s nothing compared to the pride your son or daughter will feel at getting that ribbon and knowing the hard work has paid off! Celebrate those extraordinary results!

Mastering old skills

Maybe your daughter was a little wobbly while practicing her floating skills. No worries; she’ll be doing that move smoothly in no time in her new level! Going underwater will be old hat for your son who used to be apprehensive about putting his face in the pool. The skills your swimmers could perform to advance a level will only continue to get better (and stronger) as the lessons continue in that next level.

Learning new skills

Our instructors use integrity, trust and compassion to teach students the basics in order to make learning to swim a gradual and natural progression. Mastering a back float in the old class turns into learning the backstroke in the new level! Funny how that works — the kids are confident and ready to learn the new skill without even thinking it’s anything new; it’s just another golden experience to them.

Swimming farther and longer

Before, your son could swim for a length of five feet. Now he’s working on swimming a length of 10 feet! And the class that swam half the width of the pool is now working on swimming the entire width! The continued development of strength and stamina in the water is one of the major benefits of keeping your child enrolled in swim lessons all year long.

New kids to learn from

Does your son want to be just like his older brother? It’s great to have a good influence! Much like the way our Jump Start Clinics expose swimmers to other students and teachers, moving up a level also invites opportunities to learn by watching someone new. You may need to move into a new class, with new students. Kids mimic each other a lot — which can actually be a good thing when they’re learning something from one another — and there may be some new kids in the class when yours advances a level.

Enroll in Goldfish Swim School

Looking to get your little one into the water? Goldfish Swim School has classes for kids ages 4 months and older! We have locations all over the country, with more on the way all the time — so find a location near you  and sign up today!

What are some of the other benefits of advancing a swim level that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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