Swimming with “Tubes” in the Ears, and Other Ear-Related Swimming Questions

Does your child have tubes in his or her ears, and you’re wondering if you have to stay far away from the water this summer? Worried about ear infections, or swimmer’s ear? We’ve got answers for you! At Goldfish Swim School, we want to give you a GOLDEN experience every time. That’s why we treat all of our swimmers (and their parents!) with integrity, compassion and trust — and why we want to give you the scoop on some common questions about ear safety when swimming.

Can my child swim with “tubes” in his or her ears? Is it really safe?

In short, yes! If your child had a bunch of ear infections and finally got relief (hopefully) by getting “tubes” in his or her ears, you really don’t want anything to interfere with that. The procedure to get tubes involves draining fluid from the eardrum and keeping that incision open with tiny tubes. Clean water, like swimming in the pool at Goldfish Swim School, is fine even if your child has tubes in his or her ears.

However, swimming in lakes, diving, and fully submerging your child’s head in dirty, soapy bath water if he or she has tubes in the ears should be approached with caution. Talk to your child’s doctor if you have any concerns.

Will my child get an ear infection from swimming?

Ear infections are definitely no fun for kids (or their parents!), so it’s understandable you may be concerned. The good news is that it is generally accepted that getting water in the ear does NOT cause ear infections. Whew! Inner ear infections are primarily caused by bacteria or a virus that travel internally to the ear, often from a cold or allergy. So, your child can continue lessons and keep on learning these 5 Things All Kids Should Know How to Do in the Water.

Should my child wear earplugs while swimming in a pool?

Back in the day (before us parents looked up everything on the Internet), the general consensus was that wearing earplugs was the best way to prevent ear infections and keep those ear tubes safe. However, earplugs generally aren’t necessary — and in fact some studies show that wearing earplugs can potentially increase ear infections. But when it comes to swimming at the beach, there is more potential for issues because of the lake bacteria, so always check with your child’s doctor.

If you do decide earplugs are the answer for you, we’ve got some (and other cool stuff) for sale in our Treasure Island Pro Shop. That’s some WOW! customer service, don’t you think?

What is “swimmer’s ear,” and should I be worried?

Swimmer’s ear is not an inner ear infection. It’s an infection of the outer ear, generally brought on by several factors and triggered by high bacteria counts in the water (like in lakes). Your children should be fine during lessons at Goldfish Swim School — just be sure to dry their ears gently after swimming.

Start Swim Lessons at Goldfish Swim School

We have plenty of locations (with more on the way), so find the Goldfish Swim School nearest you and sign up today — and soon you’ll be able to celebrate the extraordinary results you’ll see from your little swimmer!



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4 Reasons Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Start Swim Lessons

Really, any time is a great time to start swim lessons, but summer is easily the perfect time to sign up at Goldfish Swim School. Why? Here are 4 Reasons Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Start Swim Lessons:

1. Summer = swimming

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and the days are long. So, what do kids naturally want to do to stay busy, have fun and beat the heat? SWIM! Most kids are drawn to the water — especially if other kids are already there! Follow up on that desire to play in the water and sign up the kids for swimming lessons. Not only will your children gain important benefits from swimming, but they’ll also learn the 5 Things Every Kid Should Know How to Do in the Water. That’s certainly something to celebrate, don’t you think?

2. Meet new kids and parents!

New to the neighborhood? It can be hard to meet families with children who are the same age as (or have similar interests) as yours. When you sign up for swimming lessons at the neighborhood Goldfish Swim School, you’ll have the opportunity to meet kids and their parents. Playdates for the kids — AND the parents — may be in your future!

3. Beat the “I’m bored” groans

It happens. As much as you try to create interesting crafts from Pinterest, send the kids outside or let them play video games so their days are filled with a variety of things to do, you’ll still hear it: “I’m bored!” The horrors! Well, we know how you can help keep those groans at bay: Take the kids to swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School! There are classes available for all skill levels, ages 4 months and older (so if you have kids of all ages, and a baby, they can all take lessons at the same time in a different class level). Win-win!

4. Learn water safety

Water safety is so important that Goldfish Swim School teaches it during every single lesson, plus we have a Water Safety Awareness Week several times a year! During summer, you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, quite often close to some water — whether that’s at a pool or the beach. Even if your kids already know how to “swim” (that is, hang out in the water), they’ll still benefit from having proper swim lessons because they’ll learn water safety skills that will help keep them safer all summer.

Sign up for lessons at Goldfish Swim School

Check out all the Goldfish Swim School locations and sign up for the one closest to you! Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to ensure your little swimmer has a GOLDEN experience with extraordinary results each week.

Already swimming at Goldfish Swim School?

If your children are already enrolled at Goldfish Swim School, make sure they are sticking with lessons during the summer for these 5 reasons. And maybe they can talk a friend into joining to expand the summer fun together!


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How to be a Good “Pool Parent” and Keep Kids Safe in the Water

You’re an awesome parent. You take your kids to swim lessons, encourage them in their favorite activities and make sure they get lots of affection and love. But being a good parent and being a good POOL parent are different.

To that end, we are providing a list of tips and reminders on How to be a Good “Pool Parent” and Keep Kids Safe in the Water. Check out these tips on what to do and what NOT to do when your kids are swimming. Because, really, we just want to make sure everyone is having a GOLDEN experience and being safe!

What NOT to do while your child is swimming:

  • DON’T walk away. It may be tempting to head inside for a while since the kids are happily playing. But be sure to always stay within sight of the little ones — whether they are in the water or not. It’s amazing how quickly kids can move and end up in the water when you’re not expecting it.
  • DON’T stay glued to your phone. We’re not about to participate in the Mommy Wars about when to use or not use your phone around your kids. But, when you’re swimming or near water, it’s imperative that you’re not distracted by your phone the entire time. Kids learn important water safety lessons at Goldfish Swim School, and so should parents. Moms (and dads) are great multi-taskers, for sure — but it can get easy to get caught up on a phone call or checking and replying to emails. Just be sure to stay alert around your kids in the water, for safety reasons.
  • DON’T let your child swim alone. The buddy system is always a good system to use. Even if you’re not feeling like swimming around in the “cold” water — since kids often seem to not even notice the temp when they’re having fun (except at Goldfish Swim School, where the water is ALWAYS 90 degrees!)  – make sure you’re on the edge and close to them.
  • DON’T think life jackets are only for boats. If your child is in the water and not comfortable swimming, or if it’s deeper than you’d like, don’t hesitate to have him or her wear a life jacket. Have a life jacket nearby just in case — especially in cases where the younger kids may want to follow the older, more experienced swimmers into deeper water.

What TO DO while your child is swimming:

  • DO keep an eye on your kids. Always know where your kids are and how they’re doing. It’s important to understand that potential drowning signs may not include a loud, splashing fit. It can be easy to silently slip underwater while struggling to stay afloat and breathe, so you may not hear a commotion and nearby swimmers may not even notice.
  • DO listen. That being said, it’s still necessary to keep your ears open to listen for sounds of anyone calling for help — or silence when there should be joyful voices in the water. Always keep one ear on what the kids are doing in and near the water.
  • DO bring sunscreen. When you’re outdoors, make sure you and your kids have sunscreen on — even on cloudy days. You’ll be protected against painful sunburns (because no one wants to deal with little ones who are in pain and can’t enjoy their time outside!), and against potential long-term risks. Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen after being in the water, according to the sunscreen’s package directions.
  • DO pack snacks — and water. Especially during the hot summer months outside, it’s important to make sure the kids are staying hydrated. Yes, they’re surrounded by water while swimming, but they need to be drinking some, too! Make sure you feed the kids some snacks as well. Staying fed and hydrated helps prevent muscles from cramping up while swimming and keeps kids’ energy up to make sure they’re able to stay safe in the water.
  • DO think about enrolling your kids in swimming lessons. Just because the kids are splashing around and diving for rings underwater doesn’t mean they really know how to swim. These 4 Reasons Kids Need Swimming Lessons (Even if They “Know” How to Swim) are really important, and you’ll see some extraordinary results. And, believe it or not, babies younger than 1 year old can even benefit from swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School! That’s some WOW! customer service!

Goldfish Swim School

Playing in the water at the pools and beaches all summer is actually the perfect time to start swimming lessons! The kids are already excited about being in the water, and they’ll want to celebrate and expand on what they already know (perhaps to be able to swim farther and faster than their cousins, hmm?!). Goldfish Swim School has plenty of locations across the country, with instructors who use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids this life-saving skill, so find a location near you to sign up at today!


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Goldfish Swim School Offers FREE Water Safety Presentation

At Goldfish Swim School, we’re committed to making sure kids everywhere understand the importance of water safety — whether they’re learning these important life-saving skills during swimming lessons at one of our locations or elsewhere. That’s why we have created a FREE water safety program to teach all youngsters!

Water safety is as important as fire safety!

When your kids are in preschool, chances are they had a visit from a firefighter to learn about fire safety, right? Well, Goldfish Swim School wants your kids to be exposed to the same type of informative learning about water safety. That’s why we’re excited to bring our FREE 20-minute water safety program to a school or organization near you for kids ages 3 to 7 years old.

“We started doing it because we want to spread water safety throughout the community, to everyone,” said Tiffany Miller, Director of Operations at Goldfish Swim School. “We feel this is a good way to get to everyone in the community.”

Kids will learn from those experienced in the field: Our Goldfish Swim School instructors! They use integrity, compassion and trust to educate children about the importance of water safety. Our instructors use these same techniques to teach water safety during swim lessons every single week, with extra emphasis during our quarterly Water Safety Awareness Week – so they really know what they’re teaching!

And it’s necessary. Water is everywhere: The pool, the beach, a river – even the bathtub.

“It’s something that every child in their life is going to face — whether they go to the lake with Mom and Dad, or go to the pool,” Tiffany said. “Everybody is going to be around water.”

Goldfish Swim School instructors provide a GOLDEN experience by using activities to teach kids important safety methods — including how to avoid potential dangers and around the water!

We want all kids — and their parents — to be equipped to be able to handle possible water crisis situations, to protect children. That’s why we’ll be handing out materials and information during these free water safety presentations. (This is just the typical Goldfish Swim School way of providing WOW! customer service!)

Teachers, educators, community leaders can use these FREE presentations!

Parents, let your child’s teachers, day-care professionals, community organizations and other groups that include young children know they can bring Goldfish Swim School instructors in for these FREE water safety presentations to benefit everyone!

“All these educational professionals care about their children; and we want them to know what to do in these situations, Tiffany said. “The more we can spread the news about water safety and how to be safe in the water, the more we can help kids become well-rounded on how to be safe in the water.”

WHAT: Water Safety Presentation

FOR: Students ages 3 to 7

TIME: 20 minutes

WHERE: Your school, safety town or other organization


INFO: Call your local Goldfish Swim School location

Goldfish Swim School

If you want to make sure your kids know these 5 Things All Kids Should Know How to Do in the Water, contact a Goldfish Swim School near you to sign up for lessons today! Goldfish Swim School is committed to providing extraordinary results and celebrating every achievement! Psst: Kids as young as 4 months old can sign up for lessons – because there are great benefits to having your kid start swim lessons before they are 1! 

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3 Key Benefits of Learning How to Swim Correctly

Longer days full of sunshine mean it’s time to head to the water! Help make the most of this time for your kids by enrolling them in swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School. They already know how to swim, you say? They learned while they’re playing at grandpa’s pool? Well, your little ones may be acquiring skills, but learning how to swim correctly has several benefits that may not be fully realized when they are splashing around in the pool.

Read on for the 3 Key Benefits of Learning How to Swim Correctly (instead of just playing in the pool all summer), and be sure to check out these 5 Reasons to Keep Kids Enrolled in Summer Swim Lessons:

1. Breath Control

One of the most beneficial — and sometimes overlooked — benefits of learning how to swim correctly is learning proper breath control. You may take it for granted that the kids have good breath control, because they can hold their breath and go underwater, right? But what happens when it comes time to swim further than expected?

At Goldfish Swim School, kids learn the best way to build up the length of time they are able to hold their breath — and the proper way to come up for air. That means there’s no panicking when they “run out” of breath! Plus, with the constant repetition in swim lessons, there’s a smaller chance of “swallowing some fish” (our fun way of getting the kids to laugh and not worry when they happen to swallow some water!).

2. Water Safety

Let’s face it: kids don’t always take what parents say to heart – at least not without rolling their eyes (or mumbling under their breath). For instance, “No running around the pool!” may just seem like you’re nagging or don’t want them to have any fun.

But at Goldfish Swim School, the instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to instill in the kids the right water safety precautions — not because Mom and Dad are out to be spoilsports, but because water safety awareness allows for safe fun in the water. (That’s why Goldfish Swim School focuses on water safety during each and every lesson, with an even bigger emphasis on it during Water Safety Awareness Week.)

It’s all a part of teaching your little swimmers 5 Things All Kids Should Know How to Do in the Water —  including being safe. Always.

3. Proper Swim Strokes

You can swim…because you know the doggy paddle at least, right? Well, that may be enough to keep you from being sidelined when everyone else is in the pool — but really, your kids will greatly benefit from learning the actual swim strokes. Why? They’ll get less tired, they’ll be able to swim more effectively, and they’ll have more fun, too! Think about it: Mom, Dad, young Tommy and little Jane can have races across the pool — but only if everyone knows the correct strokes! Sure, you all may be able to make it to the other side, but using the proper moves ensures that you’re all getting there without struggling — while exercising so many muscles while you’re swimming!

At Goldfish Swim School, kids learn how to swim with several different strokes. That means if they should happen to tire out swimming one way, they can switch up their moves and start swimming using a different stroke! And how proud will you be as your child shows off those awesome skills?!

Goldfish Swim School

These 3 Key Benefits of Learning How to Swim Correctly (instead of just playing in the pool all summer) are just part of the reason you and your kids will celebrate the extraordinary results they’ll see when taking swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School. Find a location near you (we’ve got a bunch of new ones open now and coming soon!) and sign up for a GOLDEN experience today!

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