Goldfish Swim School Mini Classes: Who they’re for and what they teach

If you’ve wondered about what the kids are actually learning what to do in the Goldfish Mini Classes at Goldfish Swim School, wonder no more! Here are some descriptions of the extraordinary results you should expect in each class:

Goldfish Mini 1

Ages 4-15 months (with adult participation)

Class Size: 6:1 ratio

  • Beginner Comfort Skills. This is the perfect introduction for your baby (because there are great reasons to start him or her swimming well before their first birthday!). With an adult in the water, everyone will be singing group songs, practicing tummy time, and getting the kids used to being comfortable and having a GOLDEN experience in the water. They’ll also practice their grasp reflex, move on to holding onto the wall and eventually inching their way down it — because once they’re ready, these baby swimmers will learn the proper technique to get out of the water safely: “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee.”
  • Swim Skills. Yes, your baby will begin learning the building blocks to those key swim skills! They will be able to work on their pulling paddle, do a short “Superman” glide, float on their backs in the sea otter position and practice kicking while holding onto the barbell. Goldfish Swim School instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach these necessary skills to your little ones. Every kid should know how to do these skills in the water.
  • Underwater Skills. For many kids, becoming accustomed to having water splashed in their faces and going underwater is easier to do the younger they start doing it! So, Goldfish Swim School instructors — along with parents — help kids be able to go underwater and hold their breath for a few seconds.

Goldfish Mini 2

Ages 16-35 months (with adult participation)

Class Size: 6:1 ratio w/ parent

  • Pool Skills. This is when your little swimmer gets even more used to being in the water, with fun group songs and activities. Your child will be able to hold onto the wall solo, do a little crab walking along the wall with some help and work on getting out of the pool safely by climbing up using “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee.”
  • Swim Skills. You’ll smile in awe as your toddler lets go of you and does a “Superman” glide from you to the step on the side of the pool and when your “baby” shows off a pulling paddle and confident back float. It will definitely give you cause to celebrate!
  • Underwater Skills. By now, your little one will be used to having water in his or her face. He or she will also be comfortable being dipped under water. This is important in teaching proper breath control, which goes a long way in the underwater skills the kids are learning at Goldfish Swim School — including going underwater and rolling over, and having a nice 10-second breath control. It’s these building blocks that make Goldfish Swim School worth the money.

Goldfish Mini 3

Ages 24-35 months

Class Size: 3:1 ratio w/ teacher and no parent in the water

  • Pool Skills. Kids in this level are working on their social and emotional responses, which include being able to sit still while they wait for their turn — and having no tears for at least three consecutive classes (yes, you’re not the only one who has dealt with tears in the pool!). They’ll also work on holding onto the wall solo, doing a crab walk along the wall, and getting out of the pool safely by climbing up using “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee.”
  • Swim Skills. Want to know a great way to burn that 2-year-old constant energy? Swim lessons! Your busy little goldfish will be learning how to kick while holding onto a barbell and how to do a “Superman” glide for 5-feet — along with jumping into the water, turning around and swimming back to the wall!
  • Underwater Skills. Breath control is very important. At Goldfish Swim School, your goldfish will learn how to dip underwater for 10 seconds, dip underwater and rollover from the step, and dip underwater and turn back around to the step.

Goldfish Mini Junior

Ages 18-35 months

Class Size: 3:1 ratio

  • Pool Skills. Patience is a virtue well learned — even in swim class, when taking turns and listening to the teacher are very important. In this level, your goldfish will be able to hold onto the pool wall and do crab walking before getting safely out of the pool using “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee.”
  • Swim Skills. Your son or daughter will be learning a lot of skills unassisted here: How to do a back float for five seconds; how to float on their bellies for five seconds; kicking while holding the barbell; doing a “Superman” glide for 5 feet and doing a pulling paddle for seven feet! Plus they will sit on the side of the pool, jump in, turn and swim back to the wall!
  • Underwater Skills. Yes, your child will be able to hold their breath for 10 seconds in an underwater dip by the end of this level! That great breath control comes little by little, and helps kids be able to do a rollover from front to back (and back to front). All the building blocks are coming together now.

Goldfish Swim School

See for yourself Goldfish Swim School’s WOW! customer service! Find a location near you and sign up today for lessons! Kids ages 4 months and older can start gaining the top 5 benefits to knowing how to swim, so start now.



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Ways to Practice Swim Skills at Home

Your little swimmer can practice swim skills at home! Don’t have a pool? No problem! Even if you don’t have a community pool nearby, or if the weather is bad (if it’s too cold, rainy or even snowing), some of the key fundamental parts of swimming can still be practiced. For a golden experience, make a fun non-pool swim practice time and you can both be silly while learning!

Windmill Arms

Having a strong stroke is important in making effective forward movements in the water. While standing up, practice making windmill motions: Starting with the right arm, have your little swimmer swing it straight back, then straight up pressed up against his or her ear, then extended straight out in front to pull it down back to the starting position. Then repeat on the left side. (Moms and dads, this can even be a great exercise for you!)

For our Junior 3’s and above, this is a key step that will come in handy. Be sure to stress keeping those arms straight and close to the head. While you’re at it, make sure those fingers are together and ready to “cup” the water. Then, when it’s time to hit the water, your goldfish will already be making great strides in seeing some extraordinary results!

Leg Kicks

Did you ever think you’d actually want your kids to practice kicking?! Don’t worry; it’s just tiny kicks that are actually useful so your young swimmer can have some effective kicks in the water.

To practice, have your swimmer lie down on the ground on his or her belly and raise up first the right leg, then the left leg — without bending his or her knees! Go slowly at first to ensure correct form. You can make it a fun game by putting your hand there for those little feet to hit as they go higher and higher. It’s hard for little ones to remember not to bend their knees in the water, so if you practice straight legs at home, it will only help when it comes time to start kicking during lessons or Family Swim.

Breath Control

One of the coolest benefits of learning to swim at Goldfish Swim School is the focus on the “basics” of swimming — including breath control. Little by little each week, your goldfish will learn how to hold his or her breath for longer and longer stretches. You can help at home by practicing, too!

Make a game of who can hold their breath longer — out of the water — while looking at each other and making silly faces. Exhale slowly, then practice some windmill arms or leg kicks and do it again. Start small and follow your child’s lead. Celebrate learning this necessary part of swimming!

Goldfish Swim School

When it’s time to take those skills from dry land into the water, contact your local Goldfish Swim School location and sign up for lessons today! Goldfish Swim School instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach young ones ages 4 months and older how to swim (how’s that for some WOW! customer service?!).


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Jumpstart Your Kids’ Swimming Skills with Jump Start Clinics

It’s that time of year again: Swim season! Are your kids ready? It’s time to make sure!

If your kids need to brush up on their swimming skills — including the all-important WATER SAFETY skills — then you’re in luck: Goldfish Swim School is once again offering Jump Start Clinics!

WHAT: Jump Start Clinics

TIME: 30-minute lessons, Monday through Friday

DURATION: For one week (5 classes)

COST: $100

It’s time for a GOLDEN experience: The Jump Start Clinics are like having a month’s worth of classes in one week — but, the bonus is that your little swimmers will benefit even more because of the successive classes. By having swim lessons every day for one week, kids are quickly building on what they learn the previous day — without having to remember what they did the previous week. It’s like learning anything new: The more you do it, the easier it becomes. That’s part of why repetition is so important in swimming! And with our Jump Start Clinics, instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach young swimmers so you’ll be able to celebrate how quickly your child nails those new skills!

Members and Non-Members Are Welcome!

If you are a member, you might already know the Top 8 Ways Goldfish Swim School’s Jump Start Clinics Help Young Swimmers.

And if you are on the fence about signing your kids up, our Jump Start Clinics are a great introduction to weekly lessons. Not only will it help to gauge what swim level your young goldfish is at in order to assure best class placement, but it’s a great way to jump start the learning process to start seeing those extraordinary results for which Goldfish Swim School is known!

Goldfish Swim School

Call your nearest Goldfish Swim School location  to sign up for a Jump Start Clinic today! Even kids as young as 4 months old are ready to sign up (yes, your baby can benefit from swim lessons before age 1!)


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5 Bonuses Your Baby Learns from Being at Goldfish Swim School

You already know you can start your baby in swim lessons BEFORE they even turn 1 — but there are some extra bonuses besides swimming that your baby will learn at Goldfish Swim School! Read on to learn more:

1. Balance

The core balance achieved by learning to swim is beneficial to babies, particularly as they are growing and learning how to control their bodies. Sitting up during swim class and balancing on the ducky mats is essential to strengthening the core, which helps babies learn how to crawl, sit up, stand, walk and run! And this sets the stage for years of success, which is something to celebrate!

2. Confidence

Fear is often what stops all of us — even babies — from trying something new. But when your baby sees what he or she can accomplish during swim class, his or her confidence skyrockets! For instance, trying a sea otter float may seem questionable, but soon your baby will be floating on his or her back like a champ! (Don’t be surprised if you find your infant hitting those fine and gross motor skill developmental milestones confidently.) Goldfish instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to bring out that stellar confidence!

3. Socialization

If you’re a stay-at-home parent and your baby isn’t in a care program with other kids, the early socialization impact of swim classes gives your baby a chance to learn how to interact appropriately with new people. (And you’ll also be able to be around other adults!) Truly a GOLDEN experience for parents and kids!

4. Entertainment

Kids learn the most from birth to age 5, and — perhaps surprisingly — most of what they learn is best learned through play! The entertainment your baby gets during swim class is not only a great learning opportunity, but also great stimulation — part of Goldfish Swim School’s dedication to WOW customer service. (Psst…There’s a good chance swim days may be your best nap days for baby, too!)

5. Building Strength

Your little goldfish uses new muscle groups during swimming that they haven’t had a chance to strengthen otherwise and that exercise is a great introduction to the world of healthy movement. You’ll find your tiny swimmer will have some rockin’ arm and shoulder muscles in no time — and that strength will translate well into all other areas of development. How’s that for extraordinary results?!

Goldfish Swim School

Are you ready to sign your child up for swim lessons? Goldfish Swim School has different levels for kids ages 4 months and older.

Find a location near you and sign up today!

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How to Prepare for Summer Swim Safety This Spring

Longer days filled with sunshine and warm temperatures mean one thing: Swim season is near! Celebrate and make the most of this spring by preparing for summer swim safety with these three tips:

1. Practice water safety

It’s imperative that your kids know how to act appropriately in and around bodies of water. This includes walking — not running — around pools. In addition, make sure to talk to your kids about how lifeguards help and to always swim with a buddy — and with permission from an adult. Goldfish Swim School focuses on water safety during every lesson, with even more intensity during several Water Safety Awareness Weeks throughout the year — some truly WOW customer service!

2. Learn how to go underwater

Not panicking when inadvertently going underwater is paramount, for sure, but when your kids know how to hold their breath and go underwater it heightens their confidence in and around the pool, lake or ocean. Knowing how to go underwater is actually one of the 5 Things All Kids Should Know How to Do in the Water, and an important part of being safe in the water. Goldfish Swim School instructors utilize integrity, compassion and trust to help your kids improve their swim skills and get those extraordinary results!

3. Understand basic swim strokes

Obviously, your infant who just started swim lessons probably won’t be doing the backstroke across the pool this summer (but you never know!). But for older kids who will be playing in the water, it’s helpful to have some knowledge of basic swimming strokes.

This allows your little goldfish to practice how to swim and be able to safely move around in the water. Plus, knowing how to swim offer kids great benefits that will stick with them for years to come.

Goldfish Swim School

Get ready for summer swim season by signing your kids up for swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School! Ages 4 months and older can start learning how to swim while having a GOLDEN experience (and you’ll see these Top Reasons Goldfish Swim School is Worth the Money)!

With locations in many states (and more coming all the time), there’s probably one near you!



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