Make Your Goldfish Membership Golden

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely experienced one of the our best-in-class swimming lessons. But did you know that your time at Goldfish could get even better? That’s right, not only can your little swimmer develop and fine-tune swimming strokes that could save his life, but with the option of our Goldfish membership, either Golden and Charter, he can have even more of a blast doing so! And something that might turn your head? You get even more for your dollar!

Charter Memberships Offer More Bang for Your Buck

Our 12-month membership, or Charter Membership, option is perfect if you want to experience everything Goldfish has to offer. For starters, it includes one year of swim lessons, where your child will learn swimming techniques and water safety from one of our fantastic Goldfish teachers. Once they start working on their new swimming skills, they’ll definitely want to show them off, and what better place to do so than a Goldfish Family Swim? Charter members enjoy access to completely free Family Swims for the entire year.

What’s next? We all know kids dig our 90-degree pools—so much so that they’re often begging to come back for more. With your Charter membership, we’ll throw your child an awesome birthday party for free! Round up their friends and let us handle the rest. Worried about safety? No need! We’ll test each child’s swimming abilities at the beginning of the party, so we can make sure everyone is safe and having a great time. Your child’s birthday will be the one to beat at school!

Finally, Charter memberships offer a special opportunity: Goldfish Charter members truly get to leave their mark on the swim school that made them fish. Have you ever noticed that mosaic of hand tiles when you walk into your Goldfish? When you become a Charter member, your child can personalize his tile, one that will proudly be on display for the rest of our Goldfish family to admire.

Golden Memberships Offer Big Savings in the Short-Term

If you’re looking to test the waters, our shorter, 6-month Golden membership is a great fit. Just like our Charter membership, our Golden membership comes with swim lessons and free Family Swims for the duration. If your child’s birthday falls into your membership period, we’ll throw him a birthday party for 50% off the normal price.

After all of that, are you interested in becoming a Charter or Golden member? Sign up today…and make your Goldfish Experience extra Golden.

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Top 3 Reasons Why 30-Minute Swim Lessons are Perfect for Your Family

There’s no question that swim lessons have a positive influence on kids. We’ve already talked about how the things they learn in the water can do wonders for them outside of it, and how lessons even help them develop the skills that could save their life.

Since we believe every child show have access to swimming lessons, we wanted to develop a swimming program that would fit easily into our busy families’ lives.

How long are these lessons, you ask? Just 30 minutes! You’re in, you’re out, you’re home for dinner.

Here are the top three reasons 30-minute lessons are a home run for your family:

They Keep Their Attention

In our 30-minute swim class, we’re able to work on specific skills, and keep the kids engaged at the same time. Through different exercises and even games, they’re able to stay focused and interested, getting the most out of each time in the Goldfish pool.

We’re also able to keep classes smaller. With our 4:1 student-teacher ratio, teachers get more time with each student, and that one-on-one attention is the best way to help children develop their confidence and comfort in the water. Smaller classes also create a strong group atmosphere, so kids can learn from each other while they’re learning from the teacher.

They Make Scheduling Easy

Compared to other after-school activities like soccer or ballet, our 30-minute swim lessons are a breeze to fit into your busy schedule. Our fantastic front desk representatives are extremely flexible. Need to schedule a makeup lesson? Done. Need to switch your lesson time around? We’d be happy to. After-school activities should not be a hassle…especially when they could help to save your child’s life.

Not to mention, since they’re so quick, you can stick around and watch your little swimmer from our comfortable parent viewing area, or even run a few errands before you come to pick them up! Don’t forget—during the last five minutes of every lesson, our Goldfish teachers provide immediate feedback, so that you’re always up-to-date on your child’s progress!

You Get the Added Value of a Goldfish Membership

Becoming a member at your local Goldfish doesn’t just provide you with swimming instruction; it also opens doors to some exciting extras for you and your child. Like our welcome bag full of goodies when you first join Goldfish, complete with a coupon good for 25% off a reusable swim diaper or pair of goggles from our Treasure Island Pro-Shop.

Or our Kids Night Out programs; if every now and then you’re craving some mommy and daddy time, then Kids Night Out is perfect! Contact your local Goldfish for details, but during Kids Night Out, you can drop your child off at Goldfish where, for the next several hours, they’ll have the time their lives: swimming, crafts, food—you name it! We’ll do all the work, and you can get a night to yourself. Relax, we got this!

And, for instance, take our Family Swims. After a few lessons, your child will be begging to show you what he or she has learned in the pool, and Family Swim is the perfect time to do so! Family Swim times vary by location, but are free for members during the day, and are only $5/person with a maximum of $15/family at night.

With all of these bonuses, if you haven’t already signed your child up for our 30-minute swim lessons, find your local Goldfish Swim School and get started today. If your child is already enrolled, we’d love it if you could leave us a comment and let us know how they’ve grown!

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Career Growth at Goldfish

Did you ever walk into a job not knowing where it might lead you? For several members of our Goldfish family, a part-time summer position on the pool deck turned into a full-time administrative or management position. Now that’s opportunity!

When staff members start at Goldfish, it’s often for one of two reasons: they’re experienced swimmers, or they have a passion for working with children. In most cases, it’s both! Whatever the motivation, we feel honored to work with dedicated team members that help us build and grow this exciting company. In this blog post, we’re going to introduce you to a few people who have turned the Golden Experience into career growth:

Will Alberts, Goldfish Grand Rapids General Manager and Co-Owner

Is he a human or a fish? Sometimes, we’re not quite sure. Will started swimming at the age of four, and stayed in the water through college, swimming competitively with Eastern Michigan University. With an impressive résumé in swim instruction, he was an obvious fit for Goldfish. He joined the Goldfish Birmingham team with his best friend, a former high school Swim Coach of the Year and now Goldfish Grand Rapids Co-Owner, Matt Watson, in 2006. He shifted through a variety of positions but really hit his stride as a swim instructor.

“Seeing a child swim for the first time never grew old, and I knew that teaching other children to love the water was my passion. I wanted a job that I looked forward to each and every day, and this was it.”

Talk about dedication! Will spent six years teaching children how to swim at Goldfish Birmingham. When he came to a career crossroads, his next move was clear: joining Matt and their partners, Sarah Alberts and Kendra Watson, to open the next Goldfish Swim School franchise in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“Saying goodbye to children and parents in Birmingham wasn’t easy. I saw many of those kids grow from their swim diapers in Mini swim classes to experienced swimmers well on their way to the Rec Swim Team. At the end of the day, I knew bringing swim instruction to a new part of Michigan with my best friends was a dream come true. Who can beat that?”

Rebecca Burlingame, Goldfish Facility Opening Specialist & General Manager of Goldfish Okemos

When Rebecca started at Goldfish Birmingham as a Teacher and Front Desk Representative in 2010, it was a part-time job as she finished out her college years. Making her time at Goldfish a “swim school internship“ of sorts was admittedly the furthest thing from her mind. It just seemed like a natural progression for Rebecca, a swimmer herself, and previous a swim instructor and a nanny in her spare time.

After two years at Goldfish, Rebecca traded in her teacher swimsuit for a position as a Goldfish Facility Opening Specialist: “The unique part of being a Facility Opening Specialist is that my main goal is to enable the school to run 100% on its own! This means that my days are full of training, mentoring my staff and helping them to reach their full potential as Managers, Deck Supervisors, Teachers and Front Desk Representatives.”

Not only has Rebecca been a irreplaceable component in the openings of Goldfish Ann Arbor and Goldfish Okemos, but in the interim, Rebecca acts as the General Manager of the new school. When asked about what she loves most about Goldfish, here is what she had to say:

“There is SO MUCH to love about Goldfish. What I love the most is that every person that walks through our doors, whether it is a child, a parent or an employee, leaves changed.”

Love to swim and looking for a career change? Check out our Jobs @ Goldfish page, and download an application. After all, it might be the first step towards a career at Goldfish!

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We Hire the Best: Introducing Our Goldfish Staff

If you’ve visited a Goldfish location for a Family Swim or swimming lesson, one thing is probably clear: we like to have fun…and lots of it. From brightly colored walls to games inside or outside the pool, we like our parents and swimmers leaving the building with smiles. But behind all that fun is a solid investment we make in the development and training of the Goldfish staff to create our “Golden Experience.”

You’ve made an important (and sometimes difficult) decision to trust us with your children, and our managers take the hiring process very seriously. When looking for candidates for our Goldfish Crew, we require the following:

  • A background check;
  • An enthusiastic and adaptable personality;
  • Previous experience working with children; and
  • A shallow water lifeguard certification.

If the candidate fulfills these requirements and is hired, the new employee will go through an extensive training period to ensure that they understand the Goldfish mission, methodology and policies on swimming education. Better yet, we continue the development and training year-round with performance reviews, staff workshops and safety seminars.

So what does the Goldfish team look like, anyway? Watch this video for a breakdown of the roles that make every swimmer’s experience one to tell your friends about. Or, if you’d rather read about them, scroll below for descriptions!

The General Manager

Our GMs are in the building every day to ensure WOW! customer service, that Goldfish core values are being met and that staff have all the support they need.

Front Desk Customer Service Representative

Always greeting you with a friendly smile, our front desk staffers are our greeters, our resources for booking or moving classes, and for scheduling make-up lessons. They truly keep us organized!

Deck Supervisor

Unlike other swim schools, Goldfish is proud to have an extra set of eyes on the pool at all times. Introducing our deck supervisors—they ensure the pool deck is safe and staffed with the most knowledgeable teachers possible. They also make sure the instruction your little swimmer is getting in the water is of the highest quality. If you see them when meeting up with your child after lessons, we encourage you to say hi! They’re also a point person for any questions you may have.


Arguably one of the most important positions at Goldfish, the teacher is responsible for teaching your children the swimming and water safety skills they need to thrive in the water.

Deck Teacher

Think of the deck teacher as a teacher’s wing-man or woman; they act as lifeguards and assistants during lessons.

A competent and well-trained staff is at the core of bringing the very best experience to our students. You might even say it’s Golden.

If you’re starting lessons at Goldfish this winter, on behalf of all our staff members, we can’t wait to meet you!

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No Adults Allowed: Swim On Over For Kids Night Out!

We’re willing to bet that you love spending quality time with your kids, whether it’s on the playground or in the pool. But sometimes, parents and children alike need a little “me time.” That’s where Goldfish comes to the rescue, with one of our favorite events: Kids Night Out!

You heard us correctly. Unlike our Family Swim, Kids Night Out is exclusively for the kiddos. For two-and-a-half hours, we’ll lead your children through a packed evening of supervised fun.

Before you schedule a much-needed dinner for Mommy and Daddy, here’s what you can expect at a future Kids Night Out:

Plenty of fun in the water. We’ll navigate your children through a structured, small-group swim lesson, followed by plenty of fun in the pool with all of the Goldfish-approved water toys you could dream of.

Snacks. Leave the food to us! It could be pizza, popcorn or pretzels, depending on the theme. Whatever the occasion, your kids will get some good grub after some time in the pool.

Arts and crafts, games, movies, oh my! While we tend to spend most of our time in the pool, we believe there’s fun to be had on land, too. In the past, we’ve created masks, colored, or watched Finding Nemo. In other words, it’s always a blast!

$30 gets you a full evening of fun for one child, and it’s $25 for each additional child. All children must be potty-trained and currently enrolled in lessons.

To book your spot, just pre-pay at a Goldfish location near you. Have your children attended a Kids Night Out recently? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

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