Does your child love to swim, but you’re not into that whole super-competitive atmosphere? The Goldfish Swim Team is the answer! Sure, Goldfish Swim School offers lessons for kids ages 4 months and older (yes, babies can learn to swim before age 1!), but when your little one has mastered all the skill levels it’s time to show off those extraordinary results by joining the Goldfish Swim Team!

No pressure on the Goldfish Swim Team

The Goldfish Swim Team is a no-pressure swim team for ages 5-12. That means no pressure for kids AND parents! By that, we mean you won’t have to sit for hours of practices each week, and hours of swim meets on family time Saturdays, only to have your youngster frustrated with the whole ordeal.

In addition, the team swims in a relaxed atmosphere at Goldfish Swim School — which means stopping after swimming a length so your child can regroup and really focus on performing those swim strokes correctly.

There are other perks as well. Read on:

5 Perks of the Goldfish Swim Team

  • Improved Technique. The focus of the Goldfish Swim Team differs from most other swim teams in that we’re interested in technique, not so much winning or losing. While many other teams focus on swimming distances in the fastest time, the Goldfish Swim Team stresses the importance of endurance, with attention on starting, making turns, and stroke development.
  • Coaches get off the sidelines. One of the coolest things about the Goldfish Swim Team is that the coaches are actually in the water with the kids. This allows coaches to use integrity, compassion and trust to help the kids reach their fullest potential — and become better swimmers!
  • Small group size. On the Goldfish Swim Team, the student-to-coach ratio is 7:1. That means your child will be able to receive more hands-on instruction to work on perfecting those swim skills.
  • Parent feedback. We know you want to know how your child is performing, and what skills he or she needs to work on (and what he or she is already excelling at!). That’s why our coaches will talk to you during the last five minutes of each and every practice (Our WOW! customer service at work!).
  • No scary tryouts. Swimming is hard work, and being on a swim team should be fun! Time for the super-competitive stuff will come later in life. We think that for kids ages 5-12, the Goldfish Swim Team should be a fun, inclusive way to learn the ropes once they’ve passed our Pro Level.

How the Goldfish Swim Team Works

Kids on the Goldfish Swim Team practice for one hour, once a week (yay for not having to cart them around several times a week!). Each quarter, there is a swim meet where kids will swim against each other. Meets are not mandatory — and they only last an hour — but that’s where the fun is! We’ll post a sign-up sheet a few weeks before the meet, so parents can talk to their kids about what event to choose. We’ll post each swimmer’s times after the meet, and celebrate by handing out ribbons to the participants. It’s a GOLDEN experience for everyone!

Just like other swim teams, we’ll follow a workout regimen that includes the individual medley, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Kids will be building up endurance while competing in a fun environment.

Plus, the Goldfish Swim Team is low commitment. Got vacations coming up? Other lessons? Not sure you want to commit to yet another activity? Not a problem! Your kids can stop and come back at any time.

Sign up today!

Contact your local Goldfish Swim School location for the most up-to-date information on costs, hours, contact information and more. Ready to suit up? Goldfish Swim Team has teamed up with Different Strokes Swim Shop for all your swim accessory and team apparel needs.