Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable Answers to Our Most Popular Questions

At our swim schools, we understand that you may have a lot of questions and we’re here to answer all of them. We want you to trust us to take amazing care of your child and help him or her grow socially, emotionally and intellectually while having a whole lot of fun. We hope that the answers we provide to the following FAQs offer all of the information you need.

Have a more specific question about our swim schools and services? Contact a location around your area to learn more about swim training and instruction in a fun and exciting environment. We look forward to seeing you in the pool!

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Do you offer make-ups for missed swim lessons?

Yes, we allow up to 12 make-up lessons per year. If you need to cancel a lesson, simply call, email, cancel online, or through the mobile app before the start of your lesson. You can book your make-up lesson up to one week in advance, and it can be used anytime while enrolled with us. Please note, we cannot guarantee that a semi-private or private lesson can be made up with a semi-private or private lesson. However, you may choose to participate in a Family Swim instead.

Why do I need to give a 30-day notice before withdrawing from a class?

Due to the popularity of our swim programs, there is typically a long list of families that are waiting to fill your spot. This advanced notice gives us the time we need to make necessary adjustments to our schedule.

How many weeks are Goldfish swim lessons? When do lessons end?

Goldfish Swim School runs perpetually rather than seasonally. This means your lessons will continue until you choose to withdraw from our school. We love seeing children graduate through our levels and move on to Swim Force!

How do I register for lessons?

Complete a Registration form. Feel free to contact us if you’re unsure of what level to sign your child up for. Next, you’ll want to call or visit us to register your child. This is when you’ll reserve your spot in class with an account number, debit card or credit card. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your child’s first lesson.

How long are swimming lessons?

The length of our swimming lessons depends on the class.

  • Swimming lessons for our MiniJuniorGlider, and Pro courses are 30 minutes long.
  • Our swimming lessons for the Swim Force competitive swimming team are 1 hour in length.
What should I bring with me to Goldfish Swim School?

If this is your first visit to Goldfish Swim School, you might be wondering what you should bring along. We have put together a list of what to bring below.

What you need to bring: Bathing suit, goggles, a towel, and a brush. (For baby swimmers, be sure to bring a reusable swim diaper.)

What you don’t need to bring: Shampoo, soap, hair dryers.

With our large changing areas, you don’t even need to dress before you get here. We also have bathing suits, goggles, towels, and ear plugs available for purchase in our shop if you need some new gear.

What is the Goldfish Swim School cancellation policy?

To cancel individual lesson: Call, email, cancel online, or use the mobile app. You can schedule several makeup lessons each year one week in advance. Availability for makeup lessons is not guaranteed, but you may choose to participate in a Family Swim instead.

To cancel membership: Simply fill out a withdrawal form and submit it 30 days prior to your last lesson.

If I need to withdraw, will my preferred time, day and instructor be available when I return?

While we cannot guarantee that there will be an available spot at your preferred day and time with your favorite instructor, we’ll do everything we can to work with your schedule and preferences. We recommend that you remain enrolled, even if you do miss a few lessons. We offer make-ups for the classes you do miss and your child would benefit more from some swim lessons rather than none.

What if I join in the middle of the month?

No worries! We’ll adjust your payments as needed to ensure that you’re not overcharged.

What happens if my child is less (or more) advanced than the other children in his or her class?

Don’t worry! Our specially-trained instructors pick up on skill differences very quickly and are aware of the abilities that your child needs to have in order to maintain placement at their level. We understand that everyone learns in their own ways and at their own speeds, which is why our instructors observe and adjust teaching methods as needed. We’re constantly evaluating our students and are very flexible when it comes to working with each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, so that they see Extraordinary Results!

When can I sign up for lessons?

Anytime! Our swim lessons are continuous rather than session-based. We believe that a consistent approach to swimming is important for swim skill development and water safety awareness. Reach out to your local Goldfish Swim School for more details.

What if I need to cancel my child’s swim membership?

No problem. Simply fill out a withdrawal form and submit it 30 days prior to your last lesson.

Why should my child take swim lessons year-round?

Swim lessons are always in season! Swim lessons are offered year-round because it helps our students maintain and improve their swimming skills and knowledge of water safety. Our perpetual lessons are also convenient as they’re provided on a schedule that works with yours. You’ll always have the option to make changes to your lesson times, if needed.

What if my child’s group class only has one or two students?

While this is not common, we can find an appropriate solution for your child if this does occur. We want to make sure that all of our students have the ability to interact with other swimmers so they can socialize and grow in our safe, stimulating environment.

Do I need to change classes when my child changes levels?

It depends! We will do our best to help you keep your same day and time when your child advances a level. If we can’t, we will work with you to find a new day and time that fits your schedule.

What happens if my favorite instructor is moved to a different lesson time?

Sometimes our instructors need to change lesson times to accommodate their own life schedules. However, we can assure you that all of our Goldfish Swim School instructors undergo a thorough hiring process and an extensive training period. You can trust that they’re all fun, patient, and more than qualified to ensure the safety of our swimmers.

Can I request my child’s lessons to be taught by his or her favorite teacher?

While we cannot make any promises, we’ll certainly take your requests into account and try to accommodate your preferences as best as we can. We understand that different students respond to different teaching styles and we’ll make sure your child has the opportunity to receive the full learning experience.

How do I change the date and time of my lessons?

Our front desk team would be happy to adjust your lesson schedule for you. You can also check back with us as often as you’d like to see if more convenient lesson times are available.

How was the Goldfish Swim School philosophy developed?

Stimulating environments are significantly beneficial to a child’s cognitive development. Studies show that children learn important life skills when they are safe, supervised and able to explore, discover and solve problems in their environment. This principle is the baseline we’ve used to engineer our award-winning tropical facilities, train our instructors and guide our curriculum.

What does science have to do with swim lessons?

We’re happy you asked! Let us be the first to say that you can leave your scientific measuring tools at home. Goldfish Swim School uses proven research to create a unique swim experience and class curriculum to help maximize your child’s cognitive development, both in and out of the water. Decades of scientific studies show that the most optimal way for kids to learn is through guided play because it provides a solid foundation for emotional and intellectual growth in regards to problem-solving skills, creativity and academic knowledge. Everything we do at Goldfish Swim School is backed by this science, which is why we’ve decided to call it The Science of SwimPlay®. Your child may just appear to be having fun, but a lot more is happening beneath the surface during swim lessons and swim programs. Our trusted instructors and team members work to boost our students’ development by celebrating every achievement they make on an individual level. Our training methods allow your family to focus on fun while we make sure that your swimmer is doing some serious learning.

What is The Science of SwimPlay®?

The Science of SwimPlay® is our holistic swim school philosophy that develops life skills in and out of the water in our one-of-a-kind, play-based learning environment. We’re proud to have taken everything that’s scientifically proven to help kids learn, including achievements, safe environments, fun and guided play, and packaged it up into one experience. Through swim lessons that are rooted in The Science of SwimPlay®, we’re able to provide kids with all of the tools they need to boost their cognitive development while learning important life skills.

Can I rent an indoor pool for a birthday party?

Yes! Goldfish Swim School facilities are available for birthday parties, summer break celebrations, and other events. Learn more on our parties page.

What is family swim?

Family swim time is an opportunity for parents to spend time in the pool with a child that has not started taking lessons yet. It’s a great way to preview our facility and learn about how fun spending time in the water can be.

After seeing their children gaining confidence in the water and enjoying themselves, many parents take the next step by signing up their little ones for regularly scheduled lessons.

Learn more about Goldfish Swim School family swim time.

Is Goldfish Swim School worth it?

Our swimmers and their parents have left us tons of reviews letting us know how much they’ve loved their experiences at Goldfish Swim School.

Here’s a few reasons more reasons why kids and parents love to swim with us:

  • Classes for All Ages
  • Lessons All Year Round
  • Curriculum That’s Fun and Motivating
  • There’s a Swim Team Kids Can Join As They Become More Advanced
  • Everybody Loves the Snack Shop
  • Free Wi-Fi for Parents
  • Friendly Grooming Stations with Hair Dryers
  • Rewards, Report Cards, and Recognition for Accomplishments
  • Safe, Clean, Well-Lit, Tropically Themed Environment

Still want to learn more? Read more reasons why parents and kids prefer Goldfish Swim School.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes. The annual membership includes benefits like discounts for siblings and discounts on multiple lessons per week.

Find your nearest location to learn more.

How am I billed for my swim lessons?

Our consecutive weekly swim lessons are billed monthly. Each month you will be billed for the number of lessons your child swims. For example, if your lessons are on Mondays and there are 5 Mondays in the month, you will be charged for 5 lessons at the per lesson price shown on our pricing page.