Our Philosophy

Swimming Classes for Kids: Our Philosophy & Approach

Guided Play + Safe Environment = The Science of SwimPlay®

Every parent wants the best for their kids. It’s why development books, educational DVDs and parenting courses are so popular. But it’s all so overwhelming. So what works the best? Well, science says the foundation for a child’s cognitive growth is rooted in two key factors: a safe environment and learning through guided play at any age. Yes, play. This is how kids develop the skills that ultimately give them the courage to dive into new experiences.

The fact is your child’s potential is in there. Sometimes you just need to add water. That’s where Goldfish Swim School comes in – our swimming lessons for kids are based on the philosophy that children learn through play.

Overview of the Goldfish Swim School Curriculum

You may be curious to learn more about the basic elements included in our swim curriculum. Look no further. We have broken down all the essential components below.

  1. The Science of SwimPlay®: This is the core philosophy of Goldfish Swim School. It’s based on the idea that children learn best through play.
  2. Safe Environment: The school provides a safe environment with highly-trained lifeguards on deck at all times.
  3. Guided Play: We keep the pool well-stocked with toys, play interactive songs, and ensure that every swimmer is enjoying their time with games and activities.
  4. Focus on Water Safety: A big priority in the Goldfish model is water safety. These are the first skills we teach and are an essential foundation for all further development.
  5. Fun-Loving Instructors: Curriculum is only as good as those who teach it. At Goldfish, we hire people who have proven that they love teaching, playing, and getting to know their students.
  6. Building Essential Life Skills: One of the goals of Goldfish Swim School isn’t just to instill water safety principles or good form while swimming. We want provide a platform for kids to build essential life skills like self-confidence, social play, and intrinsic motivation.
  7. Overcoming Fears: One of the most rewarding things about teaching swimming is helping swimmers to transition from anxiety about swimming into enjoying every minute in the water.
  8. Celebrating Achievements: At Goldfish, we believe every milestone and turning point toward growth should be recognized, celebrated, and rewarded. Continual celebration adds up to big self-esteem.
  9. Parent-Friendly: Our curriculum was created by parents for parents.
  10. Continuous Growth: Our swimming classes aren’t about checking of a list of items, but about forward movement and growth. We want your child to be challenged at whatever stage they are at to ensure they keep progressing in their swimming journey.

Goldfish Swim School: Swimming Classes by Parents for Parents

Goldfish Swim School was created by parents, for parents, with this goal in mind — to give kids the platform to build essential life skills that will help them make waves in life. We’ve created an inviting and safe place where kids overcome their fears, learn to swim, respect the water and have lots of fun while doing it. Our award-winning tropical environment and shiver-free pools are simply the fun backdrop for where kids do some serious growing and learning. So while we’re focused on the serious stuff, your family will be focused on the fun. It’s what we call The Science of SwimPlay®.

Our swimming classes for kids are all about momentum. Forward movement, growth. It’s about showing kids that they are something, will be something and, whether that’s the next president or a role in the school play, that something will be undeniably them. As parents, we know there’s no greater feeling than the pride that comes with witnessing your child accomplish new skills — that’s why we’re always celebrating at Goldfish. Because every little dose of achievement adds up to big self-esteem. And after all, life is one big pool. At Goldfish Swim School, we’re here to give kids the courage to dive in.

Call your local Goldfish Swim School to learn more about our philosophy and our values.