Are your kids interested in doing something new this spring? Have them get their feet wet with the Goldfish Swim Team  – which is a no pressure swim team. Because at Goldfish Swim School,  we want kids to love swimming!

Check out these 4 Reasons to Spring into the Goldfish Swim Team:

A new start

Spring is all about new beginnings, so why not try something new like joining the Goldfish Swim Team? If your kids are like most, they’ve been going stir crazy and are bouncing off the walls with energy after this long winter – so now’s a great time to shake off that cabin fever. The Goldfish Swim Team provides a bunch of perks that your kids (and you!) will love!

Spring fever? Swim Team fever! Celebrate spring with the Goldfish Swim Team – and we bet you’ll see some extraordinary results.

Get ready for summer

Are you thinking about summer yet? Long days of sunshine, warmth, fun…and no school? You don’t want to cram every second with preplanned activities, but a regular routine and something fun to do (like the Goldfish Swim Team) gives your kids something to look forward to every week.

And chances are, you’ll be spending at least part of the summer in the water. Think of how cool your kids will feel being able to swim confidently and show off their awesome swim skills they’ve improved upon from being on the Goldfish Swim Team!

It’s not a regular “team” sport

You’ve heard all about the benefits of joining sports for kids. Healthy competition is fun and helps kids grow and learn about themselves – besides the obvious health benefits to staying active – but some kids just aren’t into the whole baseball/soccer/football thing. And that’s OK! The Goldfish Swim Team provides the health benefits and social interaction of team sports – without the pressure.

That’s right: The Goldfish Swim Team allows kids to have a friendly competition against others – and themselves – but with zero pressure. It also gives kids the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned from their swim lessons, and use those skills in a different setting.

Just because

You don’t need a special reason to sign the kids up for the Goldfish Swim Team! Swimming increases confidence, muscular ability, agility and so much more – and our instructors at Goldfish Swim School use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids each week. Plus, by being in the water at Goldfish Swim School, your kids will learn water safety skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. And they’ll have a GOLDEN experience doing so!

Swim with Goldfish Swim School

Find a Goldfish Swim School location near you and stop in to sign up for lessons or inquire about the Goldfish Swim Team. We think you’ll be impressed with our WOW! Customer Service.