When we took a leap of faith and opened our first Goldfish Swim School in 2006, we knew we had something special-but we never could have imagined what Goldfish has become today!

What started as a mission to help children be safer in and around water, and an idea to transform the way swim lessons are taught, has turned into something beyond our wildest hopes and dreams.

14 years and 100 schools later…

We’re absolutely astonished by what Goldfish Swim School has been able to accomplish, and the amount of progress being made in our schools each and every day! We’re SO grateful to our fin-tastic team and amazing members who have jumped in feet first on this amazing journey with us. It’s because of your trust and support that Goldfish Swim School has had the privilege of teaching hundreds of thousands of children across North America how to be safer in and around the water!

We’re humbled by the heartfelt notes and thoughtful messages we receive from proud parents who have witnessed the powerful potential of learning to swim firsthand. While we had a feeling families would enjoy our tropical atmosphere and shiver-free pools, it’s stories like the ones below that are the reason why we’re so passionate about what we do!

For us, it’s about helping kids realize their full potential, achieve extraordinary results and develop essential life skills that will help them make BIG waves – not only in the pool but also in life! It’s why we developed The Science of SwimPlay®, our holistic approach to play-based learning that helps kids build life skills in, and out of, the water.

With every kick, stroke and breath, our swimmers are learning to respect the water, are developing the courage to dive into new experiences and are having lots of fun while they build confidence in their abilities to accomplish great things!

To celebrate the opening of our 100th school, we asked our members to celebrate with us by sharing why they swim Goldfish. Here are 100 of their stories!

  1. I love Goldfish because I know my son is in safe and good hands with his coaches no matter how nervous inside I am as a mom who doesn’t know how to swim! Not only is he learning safety skills by learning how to swim and exercising his body, but he is learning life lessons even at the age of four about taking corrections to make himself better and how to persevere even if something seems intimidating. – Geneva A. (Goldfish Swim School St. Charles)
  2. I don’t know how to swim! My husband swam competitively up until college. We both wanted our kids to not only learn how to swim, but learn water safety as well! Swim classes saved my 4-year-old’s life last summer when he fell into a river while on a nature walk! – Devan M. (Goldfish Swim School Macomb)
  3. We have loved Goldfish Swim School – Birmingham for nine years because water safety is #1 important, and because literally every teacher we have had (and there have been many!) made our kids feel comfortable and confident! Proud that the older two have aged out and are now USA club competitive swimmers. – Adrienne R. (Goldfish Swim School Birmingham)
  4. We love Goldfish Swim School because it has helped her blossom into a social butterfly. The interaction with others her age has helped her so much with her social skills. I have seen such a difference in her fine motor skills. As soon as we pull into the parking lot every week her face lights up because she knows we are at her favorite place. – Lorena G. (Goldfish Swim School Norwood)
  5. My high functioning autistic seven-year-old has been swimming since he was 2.75 years old at the Clarkston, MI location. The teachers have been nothing but patient, accommodating, loving and encouraging towards him. He is so excited that he “finally” made it to Pro 2. His goal is to be on Swim Force and can’t wait to be a swim instructor there when he is older. – Karin A. (Goldfish Swim School Clarkston)
  6. We swim Goldfish Swim School in Charlotte because they’re amazing! We teach our kids to wear seat belts in the car and look both ways crossing the street to keep them safe, why wouldn’t we team them life saving swimming skills! – Jennifer S. (Goldfish Swim School Charlotte)
  7. The staff at Goldfish Swim School Franklin, TN has been absolutely incredible with both of our young kids! I had a couple of really scary experiences in the water when I was a kid, so I’m incredibly grateful that this amazing group of instructors have been building up confidence and skills in a nurturing way. – Emily H. (Goldfish Swim School Franklin)
  8. We swim at Goldfish in Dayton. We love it because it’s an inclusive environment. Our girl has some significant special needs following an acquired brain injury but Mrs. Amy sees her as a kid, NOT a victim of illness. Each week, she meets her where she’s at, giving her the experience she needs. Never have I seen such compassion in a business, nor such a love of the students and passion for water safety. The environment is magic and there my girl is happiest and thrives. – Fight Like A Grrl (Goldfish Swim School Dayton)
  9. My daughter tried private lessons with someone else and hated it. I mean HATED it! Cried the whole time. Now that we have her at Goldfish she LOVES going to swim class. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Jalen and he is so good with her. Everyone at the Katy location makes her feel so welcome and special and she truly looks forward to going. – Kristin M. (Goldfish Swim School Katy)
  10. My son loves going to Goldfish Swim School – Milford! He is on the autism spectrum, so finding the right fit can be hard. We have struggled at other places. But everyone at Goldfish Milford has been so helpful and understanding. We still have tough days but my son has been making great progress. – Tricia G. (Goldfish Swim School Milford)
  11. We LOOOOVE Goldfish Swim School Omaha, NE for many reasons. The staff, curriculum, amenities and of course everything Bubbles! Our son who is 11 months old has been going over half his life and we are thrilled with the progress he has made. We have seen his skills go into use while slipping in the tub and are so relieved. We are so happy we found Goldfish and we love everything about it. – Alana M. (Goldfish Swim School West Omaha)
  12. My three-year-old has gained so much confidence in the water and loves the wonderful employees. Her favorite part is blow drying her hair at the end of her lesson! My one-year-old does not need the confidence but she is learning skills that will put us (her father and I) at ease while around pools this summer. – Laura S. (Goldfish Swim School North Canton)
  13. When our oldest was younger, we started lessons with her at another swim school. Something was missing there so we moved to a different location with the same swim school. Once again, something was missing but I could not put my finger on it. We weren’t at either location longer than a month. We gave up lessons for almost three years until we discovered Goldfish Swim School in Columbia, MD. Our oldest started lessons in May 2019 and we have been with them ever since. Goldfish in Columbia feels like home! The staff is amazing, always so helpful and happy. The bright colors make it very welcoming. The merchandise on hand, parent portal, showers, changing rooms, and blow dryers makes things so convenient. The family swim, color sheets, candy, member appreciation weeks, and events (to name a few) make it fun! The environment is simply perfect to keep the whole family engaged and excited to come back to master lifesaving skills around and in the water. – Shayla M. (Goldfish Swim School Columbia)
  14. I have worked in Aquatics most of my adult life and made sure my kids all swam. When it came time for my granddaughter to start lessons, I was put in charge of selecting where to go. I have a BS in PE, spent years teaching and coaching swimming as well as running large Aquatics departments at the Y. I knew I was looking for a facility where she would be physically comfortable, encouraged, welcomed and lessons that emphasized safety along with a logical progression. The Goldfish school in Wake Forest, NC checked all of my boxes and she loves going! The staff are great and it’s such a cheerful atmosphere! – Pat B. (Goldfish Swim School Wake Forest)
  15. My daughter loves Goldfish Swim School in Chapel Hill, NC because it is the most fun and positive place! She looks forward to going to swim lessons all week long. She practices blowing her bubbles while “swimming” in the bathtub and frequently pretends to be her swim instructor Miss Kendall, teaching her dolls and stuffed animals how to get out of the pool. – Ashley L. (Goldfish Swim School Chapel Hill)
  16. We have been at Goldfish Grand Rapids, MI with my three kids since my oldest was two and he will turn 10 this summer. All three have overcome different fears and worked hard at developing skills but with so much fun and age appropriate teaching. They are all aware of the importance of safety around the water without fear. I enjoy seeing their love of swimming and the water continue! – Sarah P. (Goldfish Swim School Grand Rapids)
  17. We love Goldfish because our girls are learning valuable life-long swimming skills! Even better, they are having so much fun doing it! It’s wonderful to be able to keep practicing and learning year-round too! I know this continuity is helping the girls retain their skills dramatically more effectively than the “summer only” format we used in the past! I recommend Goldfish to everyone we know! We just love the program here in Edmond, OK! – Jenny B. (Goldfish Swim School Edmond)
  18. We love Goldfish. The people are awesome! My son is two years old and he hates water in his face. Hard to even give him a bath. In his first class, he cried for ten minutes. I wanted to go in and get him but I did not. They told him I went to the bathroom, I actually hid behind the pole. The lifeguard went over to him and sat with him, hugged him and talked to him then he was fine. He just finished his third class and is going under the water already. I love Goldfish! They really love the children. – Dana K. (Goldfish Swim School Fairview Park)
  19. My daughter has been a student at Goldfish in Wexford, Pennsylvania. She has gained so much confidence in the water over the last couple of months. It’s amazing to see. The staff is always so welcoming and friendly and gets to know you by name. I recommend Goldfish to all my friends who have kids, not only is it fun it’s a life skill. We love our Goldfish team! – Meghan M. (Goldfish Swim School Wexford)
  20. We love Goldfish Swim School Aliso Viejo! Super friendly staff. So patient with our toddler. She has learned so much in the time she has been there and is much more confident now in the water. Having a pool we felt it was necessary for her to learn how to swim and she has done amazing at this school. The facility is always clean and warm. Love the self showers and changing rooms. Staff is always supportive and helpful. – Rachel J. (Goldfish Swim School Aliso Viejo)
  21. My boys have both been swimming at Goldfish Carmel, Indiana since they were four months old (one is now five years old and the other is three). I love how water safety is the top priority. I often see my boys in social swimming environments using their pinchers to safely move along the side, or roll onto their back to grab a breath. I love that Goldfish has given them those critical swimming skills that I pray they’ll never need to use in an emergency, but know they have them if they need them. Thanks for everything! – Michelle P. (Goldfish Swim School Carmel)
  22. We have three children that LOVE our time at Goldfish! My son (four years) avoided pools and had no desire to swim. From his first free trial day he was sold and is swimming 10 feet in under three months! The fun atmosphere really helped him feel comfortable and the team of employees at our Ann Arbor location makes it a pleasant experience for all of us. We enjoy our family swim times and the convenience of the changing rooms! The little touches like lotion, blow dryers, extra diapers, kid toys and books, etc. really help to make it a stress-free escape from our cold winter. – Megan P. (Goldfish Swim School Ann Arbor)
  23. My son has been going to weekly lessons in Braintree, MA since eight months and he’s almost four. He’s come so far since he started. The teachers are amazing, and the staff know him when he walks in. The classes are small and he’s able to get the attention he wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. We just love it. – Emily M. (Goldfish Swim School Braintree)
  24. We just started at Goldfish Swim School in Fitchburg. WI. It’s honestly the nicest swim school I’ve seen in the area. Staff is friendly, my daughter loves her class (and she hated swim lessons before this). She, in just two lessons, is already a lot more confident in the water. As a parent it’s nice to walk into a building that looks clean, feels like everyone cares, and has everything available you could possibly need. I especially love that the teacher tells me specifically where my child did well and needs work at the end of class. It’s also notable that the lifeguard and attendant on the floor all actually appear to be paying attention to the kids. – Shaina P. (Goldfish Swim School Fitchburg)
  25. My grandson swims at Goldfish in Burlington, MA. He was afraid of putting his head under the water. He loves going every Friday afternoon now. He’s no longer afraid. Has become an excellent listener so he can go to swim class. Great experience for all of us. – Geri M. (Goldfish Swim School Burlington)
  26. We go to Goldfish Swim School in Winter Park, FL. We have been going since Grayson was six months old. We love it because it has different levels for all skill sets and ages, that we can swim all year long with no matter what the weather is like outside, the staff is friendly and our instructor, Coach Enrique is amazing. – Christina B. (Goldfish Swim School Winter Park)
  27. I just recently signed up my five-year-old daughter for swim lessons at the Goldfish Swim School in Lakewood Ranch, FL. She was diagnosed with cancer at 2.5 years old so we had to put swim lessons on hold. Now that she’s cancer free we’re diving in and Goldfish is the perfect place. My six-year-old daughter who already knows how to swim wanted to take lessons too, so we signed her up as well so she can become a stronger swimmer and learn what to do if she ever gets in trouble while in the water. I’m so happy I found this place! – Heather G. (Goldfish Swim School Lakewood Ranch)
  28. We love Goldfish. I was hesitant at first but now my daughter talks about the pool all the time now. It’s only been a few classes but I can see her learning so much already. We go to Burr Ridge, IL and Ms. Julia is amazing! So polite, calm with the kids makes them feel right at home. Me. Julia should get a huge shout out. She’s amazing! Chris T. (Goldfish Swim School Burr Ridge)
  29. We swim at Goldfish Westford so we can feel safe when we are at the pool and the lake knowing our kids can enjoy the water without fear because Goldfish has taught them all the skills they need! – Sarah L. (Goldfish Swim School Westford)
  30. We have been swimming at Goldfish Wyckoff since it has been open. We are charter members. My oldest daughter is now on Swim Force and loves it! My little one is about to be 5 years old and still in lessons and hoping to be on Swim Force. She started as soon as she turned 6 months old. – Danielle K. (Goldfish Swim School Wyckoff)
  31. Our son swims at Goldfish Swim School Braintree and has been since the age of 5 months old! He’s now over 2 years old and still loves his weekly lesson. We love Goldfish due to the amazingly professional and caring staff, the flexibility of schedule changes when needed, but most importantly, because EVERY staff member treats our son (who has autism) the same as every other swimmer in that pool! – Lauri T. (Goldfish Swim School Braintree)
  32. We love Goldfish Swim School Dayton Everyone is so friendly. The staff is patient with K2 who is a handful if so say so myself. K2 has learned so much in the time he has been there and is much more confident now in the water. The facility is always clean and warm. Love the self showers and changing rooms. Staff is always supportive and helpful. We look forward to seeing our Goldfish family every week! – Terrea R. (Goldfish Swim School Dayton)
  33. We love Goldfish in Fishers! We love their small class sizes and personable instructors. We also love the access to open swim, which is included with monthly tuition for swim lessons. That way, we can practice on our own some too. – Sarah B. (Goldfish Swim School Fishers)
  34. I absolutely love the teachers, they are excellent and so so patient! Grant is 2 and started in February and loves his class! Gabe is 3.5 and he is swimming 10 feet on his own!!! I cannot believe it! – Ynnej A. (Goldfish Swim School Okemos)
  35. My daughter had been going to Goldfish in Clarkston, MI since she was 3.5 months old, and she is now turning 2 in a week! She LOVES the water and has made her way up to Mini 3 classes! She was nervous in the pool without me at first but is doing so good thanks to the staff taking their time to sit with her and make her feel comfortable. We LOVE goldfish and recommend it to everyone! – Morgan F. (Goldfish Swim School Clarkston)
  36. We love the caring, incredible staff that give that extra push and support when your child needs it. Aria was struggling with her side breath and Mr. Leeroy jumped in to give her a little one on one to get it after a few weeks of struggle! – Amy K. (Goldfish Swim School Oakdale)
  37. We live in Florida. I was concerned for my daughter’s safety growing up with water everywhere. I did not feel like her personality would do well with ISR. We started swim lessons at Goldfish Winter Park Florida when she was 14 months old on a friend’s recommendation. The Goldfish method of making swimming fun and inclusive of family was such a great fit for Brooke. Brooke is almost 3 now and we fall in love with Goldfish Swim School more and more every week. Thank You Goldfish Winter Park Florida for keeping my little princess safe! – Kelly G. (Goldfish Swim School Winter Park)
  38. Both my son and daughter have been taking lessons at the Peters location in Pennsylvania. They started off scared and now love swimming! Goldfish’s staff and curriculum have built up my kids confidence and skills! My daughter just moved up to Junior 2! I love seeing her so excited! – Carolyn M. (Goldfish Swim School Peters Township)
  39. I love how excited my kids get when we walk in the door at Goldfish Swim School Chapel Hill. Even better is how quickly they are picking up such important skills and how much even the smallest accomplishments are celebrated. We’re so happy we found this place! – Nikki B. (Goldfish Swim School Chapel Hill)
  40. We LOVE Goldfish in Edmond, OK. We started with my then 2 year old. He hated going underwater until he moved up to the Mini 3 class. The instructors are so amazing with him! Because of the amazing experience, we enrolled my 6 month old daughter in her own class. Now they’ve been in their classes for almost a year. They both love it! My almost 3 year old talks about swimming with bubbles all the time! – Stephanie H. (Goldfish Swim School Edmond)
  41. We love Goldfish Swim School in Middletown, NJ. The staff is patient and kind. My daughter went from being afraid and not even wanting to get in the water to having so much fun each week. She asks every day “Mom when is my next class?” Her instructor and the staff are the big reason she loves being on the water now! – Jennifer M. (Goldfish Swim School Middletown)
  42. Graham’s favorite activity is to go swimming with the fish! He loves his lessons with his dad and keeps asking when he can go back to swim. We miss goldfish and can’t wait to be back. – Mikaela E. (Goldfish Swim School Westford)
  43. We choose to swim at Goldfish Swim School – Dayton because of the awesome facility, great staff and instructors, and proximity to our house. I had a few traumatic experiences in the water as a child and didn’t want my daughter to end up like me-afraid of water and unable to swim. Our daughter has a very patient swim instructor who has been working hard to help build her confidence in the water. – Sarah L. (Goldfish Swim School Dayton)
  44. We choose Goldfish in Columbia, MD because it takes a village to raise a child and ensure they are safe. Goldfish has become our village in doing that. Thank you for providing a fun way for our kids to learn to be safe in and around the pool. – Shayla M. (Goldfish Swim School Columbia)
  45. We swim at Goldfish Swim School Wake Forest. My 2 year old gets really excited every Saturday. We love this school for many reasons. The staff is absolutely amazing and the events like family swim night are so much fun! Great place to spend time with your loving ones! – Delia W. (Goldfish Swim School Wake Forest)
  46. I first enrolled Austin to strengthen his legs due to Cerebral palsy…… BUT he loves it and has learned so much! His mom also added a second day of the week to go and WE LOVE Ms Taylor at @Cary Goldfish! – Deborah M. (Goldfish Swim School Cary)
  47. There are so many things I want to say about Goldfish Mount Laurel, NJ! They are amazing and not in your everyday great customer service way amazing. Mr. Abdul is my son’s favorite instructor and is attached to him. He goes above and beyond with all the children and makes them happy. Our family has been through a lot medically and somehow they always know how to make it better and help us juggle things. Our three little ones love Goldfish and if we didn’t do anything else Goldfish is a part of our family so we make it work into our budget for them to attend. I can’t thank them enough for being the best of the best! – Brandi G. (Goldfish Swim School Mount Laurel)
  48. We started my son when he was 4 months old. It was important to my husband and I that he could swim because we live on a lake. My son loves the class! The teachers at Goldfish Swim School Yorktown Heights are fantastic. We are confident my son will grow to be a great swimmer based on tools Goldfish is providing. We also have made friends with the other parents. – Abbie G. (Goldfish Swim School Yorktown Heights)
  49. Love Goldfish Swim School in Marlborough, MA! My soon to be 3 year old first started lessons at 9 months. She is both comfortable and confident in the water thanks to her amazing instructors and is no longer afraid of getting water on her face/ears. She goes under with no problem! Goldfish has given me, the parent, confidence as well and I am more comfortable with my children swimming at family members’ pools this summer! I grew up with a pool and never had “real” swim lessons, so I am glad I can bring my daughter to her lessons to properly get taught the skills she needs to be a safe swimmer. – Tina T. (Goldfish Swim School Marlborough)
  50. My soon to be two year old son swims at the Manalapan, New Jersey location. He just started February 2, 2020 and he absolutely loves it. We swam at Goldfish because we heard a lot of great things and it was recommended by his cousin. – Randee-Lyn S. (Goldfish Swim School Manalapan)
  51. My son has excelled at Goldfish in Oakville, Ontario Canada. He absolutely loves everything they do to help him learn and all of the staff. He truly enjoys how we are all like a big family at Goldfish and how everyone knows him and takes interest in this progress. – Brenda L. (Goldfish Swim School Oakville)
  52. We swim at Goldfish Swim School Brookfield. We absolutely love swimming there! They do such a great job working with the children. My kids have come such a long way and I no longer worry about them being in a pool. – Erin D. (Goldfish Swim School Brookfield)
  53. Willow is really missing swim class tonight, but hoping everyone safety and well wishes during this rough time! We can’t wait until this is over and we are able to return to swim class Friday nights at our Middletown, NJ school! – Kay H. (Goldfish Swim School Middletown)
  54. My kids swim at the Dublin, Ohio location and we love it because it creates family memories and teaches the kids from an early age to love and respect the water. – Geoffrey D. (Goldfish Swim School Dublin)
  55. Our son Jaxson who will be 4 next month started at Goldfish shortly before his 2nd Birthday! We have been so happy with the classes and staff in Rochester Mi! To see his confidence and skills continue to grow each class makes us so happy! And not to mention the water safety they learn! I grew up with a pool and my parents had us in swim lessons. So I know how important it is to have even the basic skills and knowledge of water safety! My parents and many of our friends have pools, therefore I want Jax to be safe and have that knowledge of what to do! He just advanced to Glider 2 last week, and to see how far he has come makes my heart happy! We are ready for summer and pool time! – Rachel M. (Goldfish Swim School Rochester)
  56. My 3 year old goes to the Greenwood, Indiana location and he loves it! Every time he comes back home after a swimming lesson, he has the biggest smile on his face. And we are thinking about enrolling our daughter next year. – Dima Q. (Goldfish Swim School Greenwood)
  57. My daughters have been to Goldfish Swim School – West Chester since it opened and we have loved our instructors. I love how they get so excited every week, dive in with no fear, and can swim on their own, for the most part, at 2.5 and 4. – Andi W. (Goldfish Swim School West Chester)
  58. We choose Goldfish because of how much fun they make the daunting process of learning to swim. My son has made amazing progress over the past year and a half and he is still so excited to go to class each week. The instructors are all wonderful and obviously love what they do. – Andrea C. (Goldfish Swim School Mundelein)
  59. We love Goldfish Canton Michigan. We love the way the classes are taught and the confidence it gives our daughter. All of the teachers are great. Patrick is just amazing with our daughter. He really pushes her. We love Goldfish. – Mindy D. (Canton, MI)
  60. We started at Goldfish in Hudson, OH because our rec pool was under construction. As a working parent, I like the flexibility of class times and make-up tokens for sick weeks. My kiddo loves, well, EVERYTHING. We miss our weekly pool visit and can’t wait to start up again. – Jenny S. (Goldfish Swim School Hudson)
  61. We miss our weekly swim classes. My 8 month old may not realize she’s missing swim class but my 3 year old asks me about class and Mr. Jacob all the time. Our love and safe wishes to the staff. We miss you all and can’t wait to come back. – Rose S. (Goldfish Swim School Mount Laurel)
  62. We had just started before quarantine kicked in. But in the two lessons and family swim, my son loved the water. He was eager to catch the fish and loved the slide. Several weeks since Goldfish Swim School North Canton has closed to comply with governors orders. But lately Wyatt has been laying down and kicking and mimicking swim. Can’t wait to return and allow him to use those skills. – Ashton M. (Goldfish Swim School North Canton)
  63. We swim at Goldfish Naperville! Autumn loves going under the water and the sea otter back float. She had recently started to get the hang of kicking and pulling. We miss Goldfish! – Steph A. (Goldfish Swim School Naperville)
  64. We love Goldfish Swim School Wexford. We miss our lessons due to the virus but have been loving the online videos. My daughter Peyton has always felt special when we go and loves her instructor. – Karissa D. (Goldfish Swim School Wexford)
  65. We spend a lot of time on the water, boating and water safety is a must for our family. My sister had my nephew go through Goldfish in Chicago and Michigan and we kept hoping for a location to open near us. Finally last year we got word that one was opening close by, so we immediately enrolled both of our girls. One is now on Swim Force and my little one is doing amazing and working her way through the program. They are both so comfortable in the water! – Jen B. (Goldfish Swim School North Canton)
  66. Burr Ridge has become our family and we can’t wait to get back in the water. – Kimberly T. (Goldfish Swim School Burr Ridge)
  67. I don’t know how to swim as an adult so I have to make sure that my son does! Goldfish Swim School in Naperville is dearly missed during this stay at home order and we can’t wait to see Ms. Erin again! – Tiffany H. (Goldfish Swim School Naperville)
  68. We love Goldfish Swim School Silver Spring and have been going since August! My husband was not taught to swim as a child, so it’s been incredibly important to him (and to both of us) for our son to learn to swim from a young age. Our son is now 14 months old and loves the water. He also can float on his back and is starting to learn to grab the side (water safety). We have had great teachers. All have made sure water safety was included in each lesson, which is so important to us. We have also had some fun! – Elia B. (Goldfish Swim School Silver Spring)
  69. We swim at Goldfish Fort Washington, PA so I can feel assured that my daughter is safe around water and we can both enjoy the pool and the beach with confidence! Swimming is such an important life skill not to mention a wonderful lifetime fitness activity. We love our Goldfish! – Samantha P. (Goldfish Swim School Fort Washington)
  70. We love Goldfish for the safety and confidence it gives my son, as well as the clean modern facility and friendly staff! – Kate C. (Goldfish Swim School Richmond)
  71. The teachers were friendly and good with the kids. They learned so well and over the summer went from couldn’t swim unassisted to jumping in on their own safely. Thank you for making such a nice environment for kids to learn and have fun in! – Becca L. (Goldfish Swim School Pembroke Pines)
  72. My children love to swim at the Goldfish in Oakdale, MN. We swim there because of the opportunity to be part of their Swim Force program. It is the perfect level of competitive swimming done in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. My kids love all the instructors they have had at Goldfish. They are all skilled and keep the lessons fun. Their swimming skills progressed so quickly through the Goldfish system. – Sarah G. (Goldfish Swim School Oakdale)
  73. We swim at Goldfish Swim School – Elmhurst because our little one was deathly afraid of swimming under the water and now, through the patience and quality of training of the swim instructors, my little boy can now float and can’t wait for his weekly swim class! The facilities are top notch as well! – Aisha R. (Goldfish Swim School Elmhurst)
  74. I want our friends at Goldfish Swim School Evanston to know we love them and miss them! Our favorite thing about swim lessons is your smiling faces. – Stephanie F. (Goldfish Swim School Evanston)
  75. We started our daughter a year and a half ago at the Goldfish Swim School in Arlington Heights, Ill