‘Tis the Season…for swimming!

The holiday season is here! For many, the search for the perfect gift is still on. Swim lessons are a great idea for kiddos all year-round, and they’re especially great as a holiday gift! Not only do we think so, but so do our friends: board-certified pediatrician Dr. Molly O’Shea, Olympic Gold Medalist Cullen Jones, and our very own Goldfish Moms! We asked for their help to land on the top 3 reasons swim lessons make a FIN-tastic gift for little ones.

Keeping Kids Active – Even in Rain or Snow, Swimming at Goldfish is Always a Go!

When it comes to keeping kids active, we know the winter weather makes it especially hard. Luckily, our 90-degree pool, brightly colored walls and family-friendly facility make Goldfish the perfect tropical escape to burn off energy! Dr. Molly ranked these as her top three reasons to gift swim lessons! “Getting the chance to swim in warm water during the winter makes everyone feel like they are on a mini vacation every week!” Dr. Molly also gives swim lessons her o-fish-al doctor-stamp of approval as a great way to keep kids moving, “Keeping kids active can be harder in the colder months – this is a fun and productive way to get some movement in.”

Olympic Gold Medalist and Goldfish Dad Cullen Jones couldn’t agree with Dr. Molly more. “Let’s be honest, our children need to be active, and if your children are anything like mine, they need to expend some of that energy! There is no better activity. After a 30 minute swim lesson, my son is hungry and ready for a nap! Parent Hack!”

World Champion Swimmer Cullen Jones playing in the pool with his son, Avyn

World Champion Swimmer Cullen Jones keeps his little fish Avyn happy, healthy and active through swim lessons at Goldfish!

Experiences Are Better than Toys

Goldfish Mom Leyla Moon is so excited to start swim lessons at the new Goldfish Swim School in Webster, Texas soon, and knows she would be thrilled with someone giving the gift of swim lessons to her kiddo. “It’s a unique gift that provides them with essential survival skills.” She also noted that she’d much rather her child receive swim lessons over toys. “An experience is fun and exciting and different. You create fun memories with an experience, and they will truly cherish it.”

Goldfish Mom Cory Laurita, who attends lessons at the Goldfish – Centennial East location in Colorado, also loves the idea of gifting the experience of swim lessons! “I would so much rather my children receive experiences than toys. Experiences give them life skills, opportunities for growth, exercise for either their body and mind, and lasting memories – whereas with a toy, they’re bored within a few days!”. Cory and her two children have been swimming at Goldfish – Centennial East since their opening, and her family has seen Extraordinary Results!

Imagine your kiddos’ faces when they unwrap the gift of swim lessons at Goldfish this year!  

Photo Credit: @CoryLaurita & @mah_paige

Swim Lessons Are the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Goldfish Mom Marissa also swims at Goldfish – Centennial East, and her two boys love every minute of it. When asked why she thinks swim lessons are a great gift for kids, she said “It is the gift that keeps on giving! It turns into excitement, nerves and happiness. To start by going and getting a new swimsuit, to picking out goggles and a new towel, it gets your kids excited for a new experience.” She also mentioned the skills her children have learned on top of how to be safer in and around the water. “I know my son, he gets nervous to start something new – so to have them learn to be uncomfortable and grow in that situation is a lifelong trait adults still struggle with. Once they establish a routine of going, learning who’s in their class and building friendships with them, and getting to know their instructor, it becomes a joy to watch him grow, in and out of the water.”

boy swimming and smiling in a Goldfish Swim School pool while instructor watches

We’re focused on the serious stuff, while they’re focused on the fun!

Photo Credit: @mah_paige

Swim lessons help kiddos build courage and confidence, while teaching them the life-saving skills they need in case of an emergency. Cullen Jones knows just how important these skills are, after nearly drowning himself at the age of 5. After the terrifying experience, Cullen’s parents enrolled him in swim lessons. He has now been working in the learn-to-swim space for 12 years with partnerships through the USA Swimming Foundation, and attends lessons with his own son Ayvn at Goldfish Swim School every week! In fact, Ayvn has already moved up, leaving Daddy to watch from the window as he gets stronger, faster and more confident in his swim skills!

Knowing first-hand the result of not having the life-saving water safety skills Goldfish teaches, Cullen thought of his #1 reason to recommend swim lessons for little ones: “The number one reason swim lessons are the perfect gift for your child is you will be teaching them a life skill that they will never forget. You give them the confidence to be in and around the water for life”.

Swim lessons are the stocking stuffer that saves lives – and they’re the gift that every kid needs (and wants)! Learn more about our holiday packages and find your nearest Goldfish Swim School location here!