So you’ve signed up your little swimmers for swim class at Goldfish Swim School –  now what? Here’s what you can do to prepare before that first class starts!

Top 5 Ways to Prepare for your First Swim Class at Goldfish Swim School

1. Know your schedule.

Squeezing in yet another activity could make your to-do list even longer, but if you’re prepared you’ll be able to enjoy your child’s lesson without being harried. Make sure you know exactly what time your child’s swim lessons start, and take notice of any traffic changes around that time that may make it a longer drive to class. Mark it in your family calendar so everyone knows when the GOLDEN experience will be!

2. Pack your bag.

That nifty Goldfish Swim School bag you got when you signed up? Well, it’s designed to be your new pool bag! The colors make it easy to find and the it’s durable enough for towels and bathing suits, so be sure to pack up the bag before it’s time to walk out the door for swim class (so that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about on your way!). Load it up with all the swimming essentials like a bathing suit, goggles, a towel, a brush, and whatever else you may need and leave it near the door or in a safe spot where you can grab and go. (We have shampoo and soap for you – as well as hair dryers – so you can leave those at home!)

3. Missing something? No worries!

It’s usually pretty fun to pick out a new suit, but what happens when it’s off season when your little one starts lessons, or suddenly that old comfy suit seems to be a tad too tight in the middle of winter? No worries, Goldfish Swim School has you covered (literally, ha!): Our Treasure Island Pro Shop has really nice bathing suits for boys and girls ready for purchase, and you can just change in one of our changing rooms. (Plus we have goggles, towels, earplugs and so much more for sale there, too!). Just our commitment to providing WOW! customer service.

4. Talk about it.

Kids do awesome when they know what is expected, so talk to your little ones about what their swim class will be like and remind them the swim instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach important swim skills.

Ask your kids what they would like to learn out of class and remind them to always do their best (and to ask for help if needed!) and you’ll all be seeing those extraordinary results in no time!

5. Arrive early and sign in!

We know that sometimes it’s really hard to get yourself and the kids out the door, especially when you’re on your way somewhere that starts at a precise time. And we know it’s not very fun to feel rushed when you’re starting something new. So, give yourself time to get to class early so your kids can scope out the place and feel comfortable enough to dive (er, jump) right in! You can even stop by our Snack Shop or the play area after you’ve scanned your key card to sign in, if you’ve arrived super early. We also have toys, books and a fish tank to keep your little ones occupied.

Enjoy Goldfish Swim School!

Ready to start swimming instruction for beginners? Sign up your kids (ages 4 months and older!) for swim lessons at a location near you and then come back to re-read these Top 5 Ways to Prepare for your First Swim Class at Goldfish Swim School!