Sometimes, it’s the little things like a mint on your pillow that add that certain extra something and make you feel like a million bucks. We recognize that – which is why Goldfish Swim School is the luxury brand of swim lessons. Here’s why:

1. The Science of SwimPlay®

Kids learn best through guided play – in a safe environment. That’s the Science of SwimPlay®… and that’s what makes Goldfish Swim School different. Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to build up your child’s confidence and teach swim skills that allow the courage to dive into new experiences – and help you bond even more with your baby.

2. Warm pool water

If you’ve ever hesitated to jump in the water because you know it’s going to be a chilly shock to your system, have no fear! At Goldfish Swim School, the pool water is ALWAYS a balmy 90 degrees. That means your kids won’t dread being in the water, and their lips won’t turn purple during their swimming lesson – and it’s much easier to achieve some extraordinary results.

3. Warm air

And just how we know that it’s easier to learn to swim in warm water, we know it’s more comfortable when the air itself is warm when you get out of the pool. The air temp on our pool deck is also set at a tropical 90 degrees – so there’s no shivering when your little ones jump out of the pool and the air hits the water droplets on them.

4. Fun tropical atmosphere

Sure, every child should know how to swim because it’s a lifelong, lifesaving skill — but that doesn’t mean going to swim lessons should be a chore! Goldfish Swim School is warm and inviting: From the bright colors and tropical décor, to the upbeat attitude, to the family changing rooms, to the kid-friendly pool area, to the waiting room of activities, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate.

5. Easy-breezy scheduling

Kids sick? Going on vacation? Schedule changed? No worries! When life happens, just give us a call — or email or cancel online – and you can reschedule your child’s swimming lesson for another time (and you don’t even have to know when just yet!). We allow up to 12 free make-up lessons per year. And if you find the current time of the class isn’t working for your family, we’re flexible: You can switch to another available class. Just part of our WOW! customer service!

6. On-site store

We’ve all been there: You’re rushing around, trying to accomplish everything you’re supposed to do, and you arrive to swim lessons with not a minute to spare…without your child’s bathing suit. It happens! Have no fear, our Treasure Island Pro Shop offers an array of items for purchase at every location – including swim suits, swim diapers, earplugs and more.

7.Prizes galore

Everyone loves encouragement, and the ribbons we award swimmers after they’ve mastered a new skill or achieved a goal go a long way to making sure they have a GOLDEN experience every time. But we go a step further than that: We offer prizes at the end of every lesson, so kids have a little extra something to get excited about that gets them feeling good about being at Goldfish Swim School.

Find luxury at Goldfish Swim School. You deserve it!

Enroll your child (starting at 4 months old) in swim lessons that are enjoyable, comfortable and so much more at Goldfish Swim School. Find a location near you and sign up today!