You have no reservations about sending your kids into the pool or letting them play in the water at the beach, so do they really need swim lessons? Yes! Everyone can benefit from taking formal swim lessons at some point. Find out why with these 

5 Reasons your Kids Need Swim Lessons (Even if They “Know” How to Swim):

1. Water Safety

As your kids grow older, the chances of you being right next to them at all times in the water lessens – as it should. But do your kids know what to do if something happens (and how to prevent possible water emergencies)? During each lesson at Goldfish Swim School, instructors focus on water safety (and even more so during quarterly safety weeks). Topics covered include discussion about lifeguards and how to call for help, what to do if you’re having a hard time swimming, how to act appropriately in and around the pool and more. That’s part of the WOW customer service at Goldfish Swim School: Our instructors go above and beyond!

2. Learn breathing techniques

At its core, swimming is all about proper breath control. Goldfish swimmers start as young as 4 months old (yes, your baby can begin learning how to swim before age 1!). In the beginning, it’s all about learning how to go underwater – but then, little by little, the focus is on being able to swim farther and farther underwater. This is because our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach young swimmers how to use proper breathing techniques. And, once kids don’t even have to think about holding their breath, the sky’s the limit when it comes to learning swim skills!

3. More than just the doggie paddle

Sure, your adventurous son can play around in the pool and manage to get from one side to the other – but is he using a good swim stroke? All kids should know how to do these 5 things in the water, including how to swim forward using real strokes (not just the doggy paddle!). Proper strokes use the right muscles and are much more effective. Goldfish Swim School lessons teach kids to swim on top of AND underwater, along with back floats, the backstroke and even more advanced swimming strokes – which will certainly come in handy when they are adults and have more swim skills to use!

4. Getting it right from the start

Speaking of advanced swimming strokes, it’s necessary to have the right building blocks in place to start. It’s kind of like taking math classes: You have to know basic addition and subtraction before moving onto the more complicated stuff like geometry and calculus. In order to learn how to swim the breaststroke or butterfly, young swimmers need good breath control. They also have to understand how to coordinate their limbs. For most, that doesn’t come naturally. Goldfish Swim School is able to produce extraordinary results during lessons by using those building blocks to make sure swimmers have mastered the basics, which makes it easier to conquer new skills.

Goldfish Swim School

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