GOLDEN NEWS: The groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year, which means Spring is o-FISH-ally right around the corner! As we plan our spring and summer calendars, we are SO glad that year-round swim lessons are on our side to keep us water-ready for all of the fun things the warmer weather will bring! 

As you may have heard, we follow a perpetual swim lesson model, which means swim lessons happen every week, every month, all year long! We even have some FIN-tastic extras like Jump Start Clinics to boost swim skills right before peak outdoor swimming season! The thing is, we know schedules are busy. We’re parents, after all! Between school, sports, school clubs and family time, there’s not a whole ‘lotta hours left in the day. That being said, we want to be sure that each and every thing on our busy calendars are valuable and really worth the time and energy. Swim lessons totally hit the mark! Here’s just a few reasons why swim lessons should keep their spot on your calendar all year long.

You’ve heard us say it before and we’ll say it again: Practice makes progress! Coming to swim lessons each and every week gives swimmers the opportunity to have lots of repetition in their swim skills, which means increased muscle memory and improvement of skills. 

Jumping into lessons each and every week keeps skills sharp so kiddos have them when they need them – for Spring Break getaways, summer pool parties, and the unthinkable water accidents that could occur at any time. Believe it or not, 69% of children younger than 5 were not expected to be at or in the pool at the time of a drowning accident. With the skills to float, use their swim strokes, and find the closest wall, swimmers are more prepared for whatever is thrown their way, whenever it comes!

There’s a routine for everything – bedtime, mornings, Sunday home resets. As adults, we love them and need them. As kids, routines create a safe, trustworthy, reliable environment that they can count on and look forward to.

“Routines, structure and stability are key components that allow kids to feel safe and explore new ideas. They can express themselves freely and feel that their world is reliable when these are in place.”

Dr. Molly, Board Certified Pediatrician

The routine of swim lessons is not only keeping kids in the routine itself, but the promise to leave the house and get into a fun, colorful environment. It’s the commitment to get exercise and socialization with new faces and familiar ones. It’s the opportunity to practice something, achieve goals, and learn life saving skills. That’s one heck of a routine! At a time when other things around them are changing, like school letting out for summer or the schedule changes around the holidays, swim lessons always remain consistent!

You don’t just want your kiddo to have confidence in the spring, or to strengthen their socialization skills in the winter. The life skills that come with taking swim lessons are skills that can be (and should be!) sharpened and developed all year long! What kiddos learn in the water goes far beyond swim skills as they practice patience, goal-setting, commitment, teamwork and so much more! All of this learning and growing doesn’t just happen overnight! With consistent visits to Goldfish Swim School, positive reinforcement from our swim instructors, praise and celebration with high fives and ribbons, kiddos (over time!) develop all the skills they need to be safer in and around the water while being confident, communicating well, listening, and socializing well with others! 

The list goes on and on! Swimming year round just makes good, golden sense! Visit our website to learn more about swim lessons, and add them to your weekly routine!