For Lindsay El-Yussif and her husband Eddie, starting their son, Nicholas, in swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School was a natural decision. The family lives in Birmingham, Mich., where the first Goldfish Swim School location began 11 years ago – so they were very familiar with it and knew many families in the area who were enrolled.

They decided to enroll Nicholas in swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School when he was just 8 months old (because yes, babies as young as 4 months old can start learning how to swim!).

“We were looking for an opportunity to have an activity that we could participate in with Nicholas,” Lindsay said. “Nicholas received his first lessons as a gift, and it’s been a gift for the whole family. Goldfish provided us with the perfect activity to do as a family, as well as exposing him to water safety at an early age.”

SO many reasons to #LOVEGoldfish; how to pick just one?

Nicholas has always loved the water and swimming, Lindsay said, and that has only been amplified by attending Goldfish Swim.

“The whole experience has been so enjoyable,” Lindsay said. “The opportunity to spend some time with Nicholas that he loves; the instructors are always fabulous – they’re great with the kids, and great with the parents and teaching us how to approach water safety.”

And for Lindsay, one thing that makes Goldfish Swim School amazing is that focus on water safety – which our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach during every lesson.

“Every single person who works there – we’re just big on safety – and everyone has the highest level of training,” Lindsay said. “Safety is really important to me as a mom, and to my husband, too, as a dad. As a parent, knowing that safety is first is what makes us really comfortable and going back.”

Plus, Lindsay appreciates the amenities offered at Goldfish Swim School that help out moms and families: The changing rooms, the hair dryers, and just the overall coordination.

“For a parent to be able to walk in, they have everything pretty much covered for you,” Lindsay said. “You can grab a swimsuit if you need one last minute. Plus, you have the opportunity to sit there and watch, and you have a chance to interact with other parents.”

Kids #LOVEGoldfish, too

Now that Nicholas is getting a little bit older, Lindsay said he’s more aware of the other kids in the pool – which makes it even more fun for him!

“He loves to splash in the water, play with the toys, interact with the other kids,” Lindsay said. “He likes the toys, like the boat and the slide.”

For Lindsay, bringing Nicholas to swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School is beneficial because not only is he learning a lifelong skill and seeing extraordinary results, but he’s getting the social and family interaction that’s different from other activities.

“It’s been a great experience for us due to the fact that he enjoys the water so much,” Lindsay said. “And there’s been a consistency with every week that we walk through the door there, where I know what I’m getting. I know that you genuinely walk away with not just a fun activity, but an educational experience.”

A GOLDEN educational experience, at that! Definitely something to celebrate.

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