Reading reviews about new restaurants and pediatricians is helpful to gauge whether to try something new – and the same goes for Goldfish Swim School! Swimming is an important skill for kids to have. Testimonials are an important way to let other families know about real experiences at Goldfish Swim School, which is why we truly appreciate our reviews.

Check out what these real people had to say about various Goldfish Swim School locations:


From Kristen:

“We have loved our experience at Goldfish. We started in September and I wasn’t sure how long we’d stick with it, but 9 months later we are so glad that we took our little man for lessons here.

First of all, my son loves his teacher. He’s a great match! He’s funny but also super caring. He is able to read my son’s mood and adjust accordingly. He’s the best!

Watching the progress that he has made had been absolutely amazing. He has gained so much confidence. It is really important to me that he is comfortable in the water and knows safety rules, too. They cover a lot in the 30 minute sessions. I have been so pleased!

And, this is important, too – my son loves swimming now! We went to Florida recently and we couldn’t get him out of the pool.

So, it’s been a success for us. 100%. No complaints here. It is a bit pricier than some other lessons in the area. But honestly, it is worth it.  The progress is a lot different from other lessons that I’ve seen.”

Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust with all students –  so it’s great to see that in action! We love to hear about the extraordinary results our students have, and not wanting to leave the pool when on vacation is proof of that WOW! customer service! (And just FYI, here are our Top 5 Reasons Goldfish Swim School is Worth the Money.)


From Erin:

“I can’t say enough about Goldfish Swim. After trying several pools in the area we found Goldfish Swim to be clean, updated, and the pool is very warm.  The place is decorated in a cute underwater theme that my kids immediately fell in love with. But what I love the most is that the classes are smaller and more organized with actual specific instruction for each level.  My 3 yr old adjusted right away with no tears after the 1st class. Definitely would recommend to others!!”

Goldfish Swim School is different than other swim schools and swim programs!


From Jess:

“We absolutely love goldfish school. Our son previously did not enjoy swim lessons at another swim school and flat out refused to go to them. He now loves swim lessons and can’t wait until his weekly class at goldfish. The building is clean, child friendly and welcoming to kids with beautiful ocean murals on the walls. Also toys for siblings waiting to play with. Teachers are great and staff at desk friendly and helpful. We are so impedes with this place and highly recommend it. We are grateful that our child now loves swimming and is great at it.”

That’s definitely something to celebrate! We love that this family continued to try to take swim lessons, because all kids should know how to do these things in the water!


From Masha:

“I have chosen this place in a 2nd attempt to teach my 4 y.o. daughter swimming. We had failed our 1st one with a local Rec Center. I wanted to find a more small-kid-friendly facility (the Rec Center instructors were not that great with small kids) that offered better student:teacher ratio (Gf. 4:1 vs. RC 8-10:1). I googled and visited all the swim schools in the area last winter. I wanted to see the facilities, the instructors and the classes myself and not just rely on online reviews. The Goldfish school was hands down a winner. Clean, fun, with friendly and knowledgable stuff. We signed up without even a price comparison, I was so impressed! So far no regrets and complete satisfaction. AND most important, my daughter CAN SWIM! Signing up her little brother next year.”

We do everything we can to provide a GOLDEN experience and love to know when families are impressed – and plan on signing up younger siblings! (And don’t forget these 5 Reasons to Start your Baby Swimming Before Age 1 since we teach babies ages 4 months and older how to swim.)

Goldfish Swim School

We appreciate Real Reviews of Goldfish Swim School from Real Families, so go ahead and leave your own review (whether you’re a new family joining or have been part of our Goldfish family for a while now!). Yelp and Google+ are great places to leave us your feedback. Haven’t joined yet? We have tons of Goldfish Swim School locations, with new locations opening all the time! Find one near you and sign up online for swimming instruction for beginners today.