If you’ve been hearing about Goldfish Swim School and want to sign your kids up for beginner swimming lessons but you don’t live near one, here’s some good news: We’re opening FIVE more new locations this winter – and one is in a new state for us! Check them out:

Braintree, Massachusetts

If you’re from the Boston area, you know all about the winters here: Lots and lots of snow. Luckily, Goldfish Swim School is here to help you banish cabin fever this winter! We’re opening a new location in Braintree, MA this December to be able to offer families on the Boston south shore a chance to sign up for swim lessons in our 90-degree pool!

“Following Boston’s winter last year, we’ll offer a tropical escape from the arctic tundra that becomes the Boston metro area,” said the Braintree location’s general manager, Brian Van Cleave.

Since the Boston area is near water, Goldfish Swim School is a great opportunity for kids in the area to be able to learn water safety and an important life skill from swim instructors who use integrity, compassion and trust.

“We have three major highways that meet very close to our location, so we’re excited to be able to offer this to a broad spectrum of people,” Brian said.

In addition, Goldfish Swim School also provides a way to advance the sport of competitive swimming (since kids can “graduate” to our swim team!).

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Fairview Park, Ohio

A new Goldfish Swim School location will be opening just outside downtown Cleveland in early January. There’s already a Goldfish Swim School location on the east side of town, but this will open things up for new families to be able to start seeing those extraordinary results Goldfish Swim School provides!

Mike Morris, the owner of the Fairview Park location, is excited to be able to bring Goldfish Swim School to the area to reach a much broader audience and provide a GOLDEN experience to families, since we all know your schedules are busy enough without traipsing all the way to the other side of town for swim lessons.

“The general philosophy we have is swim lessons weren’t an option; we consider it a critical life skill,” Mike said. “We were frustrated with the current offerings in the area: The times offered weren’t convenient and the facilities themselves weren’t necessarily the best for young children.”

Most community pools are used for a variety of activities, including water aerobics and competitive swimming – so they’re kept at a water temperature of 84 to 85 degrees. Goldfish Swim School, on the other hand, keeps the water at 90 degrees AND the pool deck air is also warm at 90 degrees! Kids are much happier and enjoying their swim lessons when their teeth aren’t chattering! (Just part of our WOW! Customer service, and why Goldfish Swim School is worth the money!) You’ll be able to start pre-registering for classes in early November, so mark your calendars now!

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Dayton, Ohio

Guess what, Dayton families?! Goldfish Swim School is coming to your area! The new location should be open in March 2016, and it’s in a convenient area just off of I-675 – so there are tons of neighborhoods nearby where families can get to Goldfish Swim School in 15 minutes. It’s in Washington Park Plaza, a strip mall in the Dayton Market, which means there are plenty of options to make the most of your time in the area (Out to lunch after class? Family dinner? Or maybe some shopping?).

Mike Meilleur, the owner of the Dayton location, said his own kids love Goldfish Swim School and run to the car to go to their lessons! Some of the things Mike likes about it? The individualized interaction, the phenomenal surroundings and the individual changing rooms! That’s right: There are no crowded locker rooms here where you’d have to corral your kids. But mostly, he loves the proven curriculum.

“One of the beautiful things about Goldfish Swim School is that it’s a fit-for-purpose building, which means we focus strictly on teaching kids to swim.

We’re just focused on providing the best swim lessons in the state, and that focus is what drives parents and children to be exceptionally pleased with what we offer.”

Interested? Pre-registrations will start online in mid-January, so be sure to sign your kids up! (And don’t forget that babies as young as 4 months old can take lessons, too!)

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Houston, Texas

We are SO excited to be bringing a Goldfish Swim School to Texas! That’s right: Things are about to change in Houston when the new Goldfish Swim School opens! It’s time to celebrate. Why? Goldfish Swim School does things a little differently than you may be used to. We offer flexible times for swim lessons and the lessons are only a half-hour each week (unless your little swimmers take two lessons a week, or if they’re enrolled in one of our Jump Start Clinics).

During each lesson, your child will be one of only four students in the class (that’s right – we have a 1:4 teacher-to-student ratio, so your child will receive tons of attention during each lesson!). When your child masters the skills taught in their class, they’ll be able to advance a level! It’s a great way for kids (and parents) to see their progress and work even harder to get to the next level.

There are tons of benefits to learning how to swim at Goldfish Swim School, including little things like the showers and hair dryers that are available. Sign up and find out for yourself! (Or read some of our reviews and see why so many others love Goldfish Swim School!)

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Westford, MA

Joining our already opened location in Needham, MA and soon to be opened school in Braintree, we’re excited to announce that Westford, MA is rounding out the Boston-area trifecta of Goldfish Swim Schools. They’ll be opening their doors this December, and can’t wait to ring in the new year with all the new swimmers in the area!

Since winter in Massachusetts can be a chilly affair, Goldfish Swim School – Westford will be the perfect place to take the kiddos on those cold afternoons when they would otherwise be stuck inside. Our 90 degree pool will warm them up, while our convenient amenities like our swimsuit dryers will make sure their suits don’t turn to ice when you leave our tropical environment.

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Goldfish Swim School

Don’t forget to check out our other locations and sign up for swim lessons online! Don’t see one near you? Don’t fret. We’re opening new locations all the time, so stay tuned.