Purple Dolphin and Text: Hi! My name is Freeya!Recently, we introduced some very special friends on our social media feeds – friends your kiddos will get to see more and more as they continue swimming at Goldfish! One of these is Freeya, a very special friend of our mascot, Bubbles! Freeya has been nicknamed ‘Little Miss Go with the Flow’ – and the nickname speaks for itself! Freeya is cool, calm and collected as she gets to swim through new experiences. Not only do we hope your kiddos get to see Freeya around the pool, but that they get to learn a little something from her, too – especially as we enter a time when we see a bit of change, bringing in some new friendly faces to our pools and schools!

As our Goldfish families know, Goldfish Swim School is built on a perpetual lessons model, which means kiddos ‘just keep swimming’ their way through the swim levels until they get to our very own swim team, Swim Force! It also means that kiddos get to experience new skills, new swim buddies, and new teachers all along the way! (Totally up Freeya’s alley!)

All Goldfish teachers each go through a thorough training process that prepares them to teach GSS members how to be safer in and around the water – while having lots of fun, of course! However, their learning isn’t just within our tropical paradise. A lot of our team members are pursuing education and training to help them continue to make waves in their future – whether they are in high school, college, or working towards their ultimate career dreams!

Our schools are proud to provide a flexible schedule for their teams – it’s one of the fintastic benefits of working at Goldfish! Our swim instructors can work alongside going to school, playing sports, and spending time with their friends and family! However, we know many of our team members have big dreams, and that sometimes, that means they have to leave us to head off to their next adventure. Though we are sad to see them go, we have so much fun celebrating our team and watching from afar as they continue to grow and make waves!

So, as we head into Fall and see some of our team members swim away from our shiver-free pools as they head off to their next opportunity, we wanted to remind our families that getting to experience a new swim instructor is a GOOD THING! As we welcome new members onto our team and into our pool, it means a new, friendly face for our swimmers to meet and to learn from!


Building A Fintastic New Relationship!

New teachers give kiddos the opportunity to continue to build confidence and work on their skills as they form a new relationship with their new instructor! We know (and totally love!) that our swimmers and their instructors develop a special bond during lessons. Swimmers learn to trust their instructor and build confidence with them as they swim through their lessons. And though a new face may take a lesson or two to get used to, we are always confident that as a new instructor dives into lessons, their swimmers will love them just as much as we do!

New Teacher, New Personality!

One of the life skills we’re so proud to help develop in our swimmers is socialization. A new instructor in the pool means a new opportunity for swimmers to sharpen up this skill! They get to learn and adapt to a new teacher, with a new personality, and to soak up all that their new teacher has to offer! And, a new teacher can also mean a new set of eyes that can find new ways to help swimmers achieve their goals!

Learning, Learning, and More Learning!

One of the great things about having new teachers every once in a while is that each of our instructors is different from one another! Different teachers come with different teaching methods, different forms of encouragement, and different ways to celebrate! We find that swimmers really benefit from learning from different teachers and become well-rounded swimmers – just what we like to see! New instructors allow growth to never end, and give kiddos the opportunity to grow and learn in a new way – helping them to see Extraordinary Results!

So, though your swimmer may be a little uncertain at first, we encourage them to embrace the opportunity to make a new swim buddy – and you should too, at home! As we know, kiddos are always watching and as they watch their parents, they absolutely pick up on their vibes! This means parents can help their kiddos with the transition of having a new teacher by being excited about it themselves. Doing things like chatting with the new teacher and talking about the new teacher at home with your kiddo in a positive, upbeat way can help your little one feel at ease, and make the new experience exciting!


If you aren’t already swimming at Goldfish – ?? WATER ?? are you waiting for?! Join Bubbles, Freeya and all of the other swim buddies already experiencing the Golden Experience at a Goldfish Swim School near you!