Parents: Celebrate the warm weather and ease your mind this summer by being well-versed in water safety tips! At Goldfish Swim School, we focus on water safety all year long – but we’re especially out spreading awareness during May for Water Safety Month, and on Water Safety Day on May 15.

When you’re in (or near) the water, stay safer by remembering these W.A.T.E.R. tips:

WEAR your life jacket.

It’s hard enough to keep an eye on our little ones every second when we’re on dry land – but while in and near the water, it’s vital to always be nearby and watching them. Wearing a life jacket while at the lake, ocean, river or deep pool helps keep kids safer, and brings parents a little more peace of mind so you have a GOLDEN experience out there. (Here are some guidelines to help you determine if and when your child needs a life jacket.)

ACT: Throw, don’t go.

Make sure to always have a flotation device around the water, and know exactly where it is. If someone appears to be in an emergency situation while swimming, quickly throw it out to him or her before going for help. It can sometimes be confusing to recognize the signs of drowning, and it’s important to remember to keep yourself safe by having your own life jacket so you don’t also get pulled under while trying to help.

TAKE swim lessons.

The more we practice anything, the more naturally it comes to us: That’s why we start babies swimming as young as 4 months old at Goldfish Swim School. Perpetual swim lessons allow your child to learn how to feel confident in the water and provide some extraordinary results.

And, parents: If you don’t know how to swim, you can still help your child! There’s no need to avoid the water altogether; empower your child giving him or her the opportunity to learn lifelong, lifesaving swimming skills.

EDUCATE. Learn swim safety skills.

We teach water safety skills during each and every lesson all year long at Goldfish Swim School, so your child learns ways to be safer in and out of the water – and it becomes second nature. Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach children things like breath control, treading water and back floats…which are the building blocks of swimming, but also swim safety skills.Even beyond that, parents can also make sure to know how to stay safer at an indoor pool with things like keeping pool toys away from the water while not in use.

RESPECT. Play it cool and follow the rules.

Those signs posted at pools and the beach are there for a reason! You may want to throw the rules out the window when you’re on vacation, but it’s important to follow them – especially when you’re on vacation. Water conditions may change depending on the hour of day or season, there may not be lifeguards on duty during certain times, or another reason may present possible dangers. Always respect the rules.

Stay safer in the water at Goldfish Swim School

Stop in a Goldfish Swim School location near you and sign your little ones up for swim lessons today! Our WOW! customer service is just one of the things you’ll love – besides our 90-degree pool water!