There’s always going to be stress in life, so we need to be prepared to deal with it – and to teach our kids how to, too. April is Stress Awareness Month, and at Goldfish Swim School we want parents and kids alike to know how beneficial swimming is to reducing stress so everyone can have a GOLDEN experience!

Here are 8 Ways Swimming Reduces Stress:

1. It makes you happy.

Prolonged physical activity releases endorphins in the brain, which send out feel-good signals – and it reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. Therefore, swimming back and forth across the pool a few times gets the blood pumping and naturally floods your body with a happy feeling.

And taking swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School gives kids even more reasons to be happy! Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to encourage students. The feeling of accomplishment upon mastering a new skill and the award ribbons certainly gives kids many reasons to celebrate!

2. It takes out aggression.

When kids get worked up, they haven’t yet learned all the tools adults have to get their aggression out. While swimming, the motions of working harder to pull their own body across the water – while simultaneously focusing on kicking and breathing – allows kids the ability to harness their aggression into a safe physical activity and release their stress.

3. It helps you sleep.

Our bodies need to be active. As any parent knows, kids have a harder time falling asleep at night when they aren’t tuckered out. And if kids are dealing with stress, they can find it even more difficult to sleep. Swimming gives the entire body a workout, allowing body AND mind to rest and get a good night’s sleep.

4. It reduces depression and anxiety.

Kids have to deal with so much these days and throwing depression and anxiety into the mix can make anyone feel overloaded. Thankfully, swimming helps reduce depression and anxiety. Why? It has to do with the release of those endorphins, but the physical exercise while floating in the water also allows muscles to relax – and most importantly, the practiced breathing while swimming calms the body and mind.

5. It promotes relaxation.

What makes you relax? Turning off your thoughts? Feeling physically comfortable? Calm breathing? Swimming offers a chance for all of that, and more!

One of the biggest factors in relaxation is having controlled, calming breathing that turns off all thoughts running around in your head — and luckily, swimming does that without you even thinking about it! Plus, the feel of the water flowing and the sound of the small waves adds even more to the relaxation factor.

6. It increases focus.

Swimming takes a lot of coordination, not only physically, but mentally. There’s focus on leg kicks and arm pulls, and breath control – which doesn’t leave much space to focus on anything else. Swimming helps kids maintain focus in the pool and out of it – even for kids who have ADHD. It’s one of those things that gives you extraordinary results you weren’t even expecting.

7. It can increase blood flow to the brain 

One study has shown that exercising in water can improve “cerebral blood flow” compared with exercise on land. This is a good sign that water exercise is good for brain health and development.   

8. Water is calming 

It has long been understood that being in the presence of water can help with relaxation. Swimming is a great way to spend more time around water and enjoy benefits like lowered blood pressure and improved mood. 

Ease stress at Goldfish Swim School

There are plenty of reasons your child should learn to swim, and reducing stress is a great one! Head over to a Goldfish Swim School location near you to check out our WOW! customer service and sign up today!