When you’re a parent, much of your day consists of doing things for your kids. But luckily for you, having your little ones in swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School actually brings YOU benefits as well!

That parent connection

Having a common bond is usually all it takes to find a friend – and it is easy to start chatting with another parent while you are both watching your kids during their swim lessons. And when your children are in the same class, it’s an extra bonus! Not only will your kids be able to talk to each other, but you’ll be forming friendships of your own.

Whether you’re bonding over how cool it is that there’s a swimsuit-drying machine (and brainstorming what kind of parent hack you can create to make one of your own at home) or how much your kids are able to learn so quickly because there are only four kids in the class, you’ll have instant conversation topics to help you connect with other parents.

And you might even find you have more in common, sparking a great friendship with another family in your community!

Social time

We love our kids – and we love watching them, listening to them and teaching them things. But sometimes, as parents, we need adult conversation too. It can be hard to carve out time. But during swim class, while your young swimmer is mastering new skills and having a GOLDEN experience in the water, you have the perfect opportunity to dish about the latest news, discuss new movies and books, and just have easy conversation with other parents around you.

Your chat may even turn into parenting info, as it often does, and you can share tips about swimming with tubes in the ears or other tidbits of advice.

Instant playdates

You meet another parent at swim class. You talk every week. You already know your kids like swimming. Since Goldfish Swim School offers Family Swim at every location, you can schedule an easy playdate! (We also offer baby and mom/dad swimming lessons).  The kids can play (and practice those extraordinary results they’ve been getting during their lessons) and the parents can join in as well. There’s no worrying about coordinating schedules, cleaning the house, having appropriate food options or figuring out activities the kids will enjoy. It’s all about fun. Win-win!

Parents benefit at Goldfish Swim School

Sign your kids up for swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School today and you’ll benefit as well. Not only do we provide WOW! customer service (which you’ll see for yourself when you stop in one of our locations around the country, but our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids how to swim and be safe in and around the water. That’s something to celebrate!