You know we love a good reason to celebrate! We never miss a chance to celebrate our crew, our members, our communities, and our friends! In fact, there is a very special friend we get to celebrate as World Sea Turtle Day is upon us!

World Sea Turtle Day is Friday, June 16th and we’re so excited to celebrate one turtle that has stolen our hearts, Bubbles’ friend Sloan!

Sloan is our silly sea turtle friend that is always up for a 30-minute lesson. He also helps remind us (and our swimmers!) why 30-minute lessons really are the best! Check out the top 3 reasons why Sloan, and all of us at Goldfish Swim School, love 30-minute lessons!


The Perfect Amount of Time

A lot of thought and research went into the decision behind 30-minute lessons! We know that children’s average attention span is 3-5 minutes for every year of a child’s life. We teach kiddos 4 months to 12 years, aka those who have shorter attention spans. We know that trying to teach anything for longer than 30 minutes wouldn’t sustain the focus or active participation of our swimmers.

Our swim lessons are the perfect amount of time to help build both endurance and stamina for kiddos as they work through the skills they need to be safer in and around the water. After all, swimming uses all of the body’s muscles – we’re tired just thinking about it!

Progression is Key

By limiting our swim lessons to 30-minute increments, we set up our swimmers for success! They’re able to create positive habits in the pool without being overwhelmed by too much to learn and master at one time. Baby steps lead to big steps! By teaching a little at a time, and in small doses, swimmers can soak up all of the new-found knowledge and apply it to their next lesson, ready to learn even more!


We often think about our kiddos socializing through play dates at the park or even in daycare, but socializing happens in swim lessons, too! Swim lessons act as another opportunity for children to learn how to behave and interact with peers, in a totally tropical, shiver-free environment! While swimmers sit and watch their swim buddies work through skills, they’re also learning about teamwork and how to celebrate and cheer each other on! The results…fintastic friendships!

Life Skills In The Water

While we may not even realize it, swim lessons teach our little ones so much more than swimsational, life-saving skills! Within those 30 minutes, your kiddo is wrapped up in a variety of new experiences that are helping them grow into happy, healthy, holistic little humans!

For many of our swimmers, their first time in lessons can be a bit scary – that’s ok! On average, it can take our new swimmers up to three consecutive lessons to become fully comfortable in the water. A specially-designed, structured class setting will allow them to conquer their fears in a safe and comfortable environment!

Throughout their lessons, you may see your kiddo sitting on the side watching the other swimmers and think they’re just waiting for their turn. In fact, they’re learning valuable life skills!

They’re diving into visual learning by watching their fellow classmates complete skills while also growing their minds. Your little fish is getting a better understanding of classroom rules, how to listen to their teacher, and how to be patient even when they’re excited!

Help us celebrate Sloane! Give him a high-fin and post what you love most about him and our 30-Minute Lessons, using our new fintastic and fun photo standee, and #GrowingUpGoldfish on social media!

Sloane, Bubbles, and his other friends – Lulu, Jitt and Freeya – are a small but mighty part of The Science of SwimPlay®, our holistic approach to play-based learning! We’ve built our curriculum in such a way that kids don’t even realize how much they’re learning because they’re focused on how much FUN they’re having!

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