The pool, the beach, the lake, the boat: Summer is all about water, right? And if you have little ones who go to summer camp, chances are they will be in or around water during their time there.

Whether you send your kids to day camp or sleepaway camp, water is a big factor in the fun.

And while they are focused on the splashing, the cannonballs and the time with friends, parents are focused on safety and swimming skills. If your child takes swim lessons, you probably have a good idea of whether or not he or she is a strong swimmer – with a strong grasp on water safety.

If your child could use a little help either with swimming or water safety, we’ve got GREAT news. Our summer Jump Start Clinics are just the ticket. While many people think they are just to help young swimmers master a skill or move up a level, they can also be a great tool to reboot water safety skills and swimming techniques for rusty little goldfish.

We’re firm believers in staying enrolled in swim lessons, all year round. Even in the summer months. We have times to fit all sorts of busy schedules: Evenings, weekends, mornings. We’re here for YOU, as a part of our WOW customer service.

And swimming, after all, is a skill that can falter if it isn’t practiced and nurtured. Here are some reasons why you should keep your little fish swimming all summer long and add in a Jump Start Clinic (or two!) to get the most out of this swimming season. Read on:

Safety Skills

Water safety is a part of each and every lesson at Goldfish Swim School and we doubt you’ll find swim instructors with integrity, compassion and trust who are more attuned to keeping your children safer in and around the water than at one of our many locations. It’s at the heart of what we do and during your child’s Jump Start Clinic lessons, the instructor will spend time on water safety. And those lessons are sure to be top-of-mind when they head off to camp and are around the pool or lake.

Swimming Skills

If your child hasn’t been enrolled in lessons in a while, a Jump Start Clinic is a great way to kick off summer. Maybe you haven’t been around water in…how many months has it been? We get it. It’s hard to get out to swim in the winter and early spring. But it’s nearly summer now (Memorial Day is around the corner!) and that means beach and pool time. A week-long Jump Start Clinic will be just the reboot and refresh your little swimmers need to remember those strong swimming skills, which leads to…

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind, for parents. When your child swims at Goldfish Swim School, you can rest assured they are learning not only the proper skills and techniques to become strong and avid swimmers, but the safety skills they may need to save their own life, or someone else’s. It’s true. We reinforce it all the time and we’ve seen the results, and that’s something to celebrate. When your child is at the lake or pool, you can know that he or she is prepared and ready to stay safer in and around the water because of their time at Goldfish.

Extra Attention

Say your child is going to camp the last week of July. Sign up for a Jump Start Clinic so he or she gets some extra water safety and swimming instruction RIGHT BEFORE they are sent out with their fellow campers to have some fun in the sun. After all, kids can have a short attention span, so doing a Jump Start Clinic right before camp is a great idea to have those fresh skills ready to go – with extraordinary results.

Goldfish Swim School

At Goldfish Swim School, we take water safety and proper swimming skills seriously, while providing a golden experience each and every time. If your little swimmer needs a boost this summer, we’re here to help with our summer swim programs and swimming lessons at our Goldfish summer camps. We have locations all over North America and even children as young as 4 months old can enroll!