When we dove into 2022, we launched a very special initiative, encouraging swimmers, our communities and team members alike to Dream Big!

Dreams Come True in 2022 was a huge hit! Goal setting tools help set the stage for some big dreams, which were shared through social media for celebration! We were alsofinspired by our Goldfish friends, like Olympic swimmers Cullen Jones and Ryan Murphy, o-FISH-al Goldfish Pediatrician Dr. Molly O’Shea, and our Goldfish co-founders, Jenny and Chris!

Because we know goals are 50% more likely to be accomplished if they’re written down, we knew it was important to give kiddos and team members a place to put their dreams on paper! We used very special Goldfish vision boards to encourage writing down goals and dreams for 2022, making it easy for children and adults to set goals, visualize their dreams and stay focused! We also teamed up with Big Life Journal to select dreamers to win special prizes! Amongst all of the BIG Dreams, we chose four grand prize winners, two swimmers and two team members, to win big with a check for $2022 to go towards their dreams!

The Little Fish with Big Dreams!

Meet James – A Future Goldfish Lifeguard and Master Chef!

James, who swims at Goldfish Swim School – Wexford in Pennsylvania, is only five years old, and already has BIG career goals. James dreams of being a chef, a nurse or doctor, a champion swimmer, a rock climber AND a lifeguard! First things first – his goal is to learn how to read. James brightens everyone’s day at Goldfish, with a big smile and shining personality. His Goldfish Family at the Wexford school is so excited to see him win a grand prize, and to celebrate him and his dreams alongside his family! In addition to his big $2022 cash prize, James received swim lessons and custom prizes from the Goldfish team, including a Master Chef Junior Kit ????? and swim gear to help him keep working towards his big dreams!

James Holding $2022 Cash Prize with Family

Put Your Fins Together for Veronica – A Cheerleader, Future Giraffe-Feeder, and True Wavemaker for Water Safety!

Our second swimmer to receive theDreams Come True grand prize is Veronica, who is making waves at Goldfish Swim School – Dayton in Ohio. Veronica has big dreams to make the cheer team, feed a giraffe and build her very own derby car – and she’s one step closer to some of these dreams with her new Derby Car book and stuffed giraffe! ??

Also included in Veronica’s Dreams Come True Prize Pack was three months of swim lessons at Goldfish, because we know swim lessons have a big impact on making dreams come true! Swim lessons help children make waves in and out of the pool – kiddos learn life-saving swim skills, as well as life lessons like confidence, perseverance and socialization – all skills that can help them succeed and continue to dream big! Veronica, knowing how important swim lessons are, made the decision to gift her three months of swim lessons to a friend, who hasn’t yet learned how to swim – such afinspirational act of kindness! The Goldfish -Dayton team, along with the entire Goldfish Family, is so excited for her and inspired by her decision to Float it Forward to help another child learn to be safer in and around the water!

Veronica, winner of Dreams Come True Grand Prize, next to $2,022 check

The Team Members that Won Big

When you work at Goldfish, you’re not just an employee. You’re a part of a team full of go-getters, wavemakers and life changers! We encourage our crew to dream big, work hard and change lives each and every day, in and out of their roles at Goldfish. Through theDreams Come True in 2022 initiative, our team members got to share their big dreams when they took pen to paper and created their vision boards! To help them pursue their goals and make their dreams come true, we chose two of our team members, in addition to the two grand prize winning kiddos. to win $2022 towards their dreams!

Tears of Joy for Rebecca at Richmond – West End!

Rebecca, a Deck Supervisor and Golden Teacher at Goldfish Swim School – Richmond West End in Virginia, dreams of traveling the world, graduating college and becoming a teacher! She just celebrated her first full year at Goldfish, and has made such a splash at the Richmond – West End school! When Shannon, the school’s General Manager, heard about Rebecca being chosen as a grand prize winner, the tears of joy started flowing! She knows just how passionate Rebecca is about her work at Goldfish – Richmond West, her future and her family, and has seen her pushing herself to dream big this year! As a part of her grand prize, Rebecca was also gifted a suitcase from the Goldfish crew, to help her travel the world with ease and in style! ??

Celebrating Living In The Moment with Lyz!

Lyz, the Assistant General Manager at Goldfish Swim School – Anderson in Ohio, is also putting in the work to make her Dreams Come True in 2022! Lyz has held her position at the school for the past three years, and has dreams to go camping, traveling, working on her own professional development and to focus on living in the moment, in 2022 and beyond. Her manager Jen couldn’t think of a more deserving person and is thrilled to celebrate Lyz, her dreams and her hard work! Lyz was given a camping lounge hammock within her grand prize – a comfy place to hangout and read on her camping trips! ???

Lyz, the Assistant General Manager at Goldfish Swim School - Anderson holding $2022 check

Looking through the #DreamsComeTrue22 tags across social media, we felt finspiration spreading through our communities, our schools and our pools as our Goldfish Family became dreamers, believers and achievers! Keep dreaming big and raising healthy, happy, holistic little humans to do the same – as we continue through 2022 and beyond!

Visit your local Goldfish Swim School to learn more about our swim lessons, and how they give kiddos the platform to make big waves in life!