You may hear about Goldfish Swim School’s perpetual lessons model through an email from your nearest school, or through a social media post, or maybe even from a friend that’s already enrolled in lessons. But, what exactly are perpetual lessons, and why are they more beneficial than attending a short summer session at your local pool? You asked, we’re answering!

Kiddos Learn at Their Own Pace

Because Goldfish’s lessons aren’t session based, there’s no pressure for a child to advance to the next level by a certain date. Swimmers are able to learn the swim skills they need to move up at their own pace! We understand that everyone learns in their own way and at their own speed. Our instructors keep an eye on each child and know just when they’re ready to swim into the next level. They even provide Progress Reports so parents can check in on their kiddo’s skills and see where they have room to improve!

Practice Makes Progress!

With perpetual lessons, your child swims once a week year-round, without taking breaks or time off (unless you have a super-fun family vacay planned, then you can let us know of your absence and schedule a time to make up for the missed lesson!). Without long breaks from swim lessons, your child never has to worry about losing the progress they’re making each week!

Start Anytime and Keep Swimming All Year Long

Swim lessons are like ice cream, you can never have too much! We don’t run our lessons in sessions (yep, that was a totally unintentional rhyme ??), because we believe swimming is always in season!

Unlike some traditional swim lessons that are only offered during specific seasons or session dates, perpetual lessons are always offered, so no waiting for the sunshine to come out – we’re swimming rain, shine or snow! Your child can start swimming right after enrolling – if the school’s availability allows for it, of course.

All Good Things Must Come to An End…

Once we explain the perpetual lessons model to parents, we often get asked, ‘So, when do lessons end?’ The answer is simple – when a child graduates from our program! Our lessons are designed for children ages 4 months to 12 years, and though we always miss our Goldfish Grads, we love celebrating them as they advance through our levels and all the way into Swim Force! Our Goldfish Grads also make some of the best swim instructors too, so there’s lots of opportunity to continue #GrowingUpGoldfish ??

Whether it’s summer months or in the midst of the holiday season, swim lessons are never a bad idea. And with a model as convenient as our perpetual lessons, there’s a time and day that works for even the busiest of families! Dive into perpetual lessons at a Goldfish Swim School near you and get ready for practice, progress and Extraordinary Results all year long!