At Goldfish, we love to Celebrate, and throughout the month of February, we’re celebrating Love and Friendship! One of our favorite things to see are the fintastic friendships that form between swimmers, parents and our team members, in and out of our shiver-free pools.

We got together with Goldfish Moms and best friends, Cory Laurita and Marissa Scowcroft, to learn more about how their time at Goldfish Swim School – Centennial East in Colorado has helped make a splash in their friendship, as well as the relationships between their little fish and their husbands too!


Swimming Into A Stronger Friendship

Cory and Marissa met through their shared interest in working out and after one class together, the two instantly clicked! They began chatting more and spending more time together, and quickly became best friends. Together, they started looking around for an activity to get their kiddos out of the house – one that would help them learn and grow, while being something they could all enjoy together! They had heard golden things about the new swim school that was opening soon, and they decided that this was the perfect chance to dive right in!


The moms enrolled their four children in swim lessons that same day. They were excited for their kiddos to start learning the life-saving skills they needed to prepare for family vacations and upcoming pool parties, as well as to have a place to safely socialize with one another and other families in their community. The Goldfish Moms soak up the 30-minute lessons each Saturday, sometimes hopping in the water with their minis, and sometimes letting their husbands enjoy the bonding with their littles while they sit together to watch and take pictures from the viewing area.

For these two moms, swim lessons have become a pivotal part of their weekly routine. Swim lessons have allowed them to strengthen their current relationships and develop new ones as they spend time with their littles in the pool, with each other and with other families in the viewing area.

Moms holding their sons while swimming in the pool at Goldfish Swim School

When they enrolled in swim lessons, Cory and Marissa’s husbands were excited too! While not close friends (yet!), they couldn’t wait to take turns with the moms, hopping in the water with their minis and helping them learn. Quickly, the two dads formed their own bond as they helped their 2 year olds learn life-saving swim skills each week. They were able to chit-chat in the water and bond over their shared interests, like spending time outside in the Colorado nature, the same way their wives had. Smiles are splashed across their faces as they interact with their kiddos, with one another and with other parents in the pool, making as many dad jokes as the 30 minutes will allow for!

Swimmers Making Waves and Making Friends

Cory and Marissa’s children are the same age – two that are 5 years old and two that are 2 years old. Each pair now swims in the same level at Goldfish and are learning new swim and life skills every week!

Group swim lessons are a great way for kiddos to learn because of the added benefits of socialization. They’re able to watch other swimmers of the same level learn swim skills – which can sink in even more than when they themselves are getting the very same direction from a swim instructor! Because Goldfish uses The Science of SwimPlay®, lessons feel less like a “class” and more like a fun time to bond with other swimmers and make new friends, while learning the important skills they need to be safer in and around the water.

The two 5 year olds, Jett and Harper, have gotten to experience this first hand! The swimmers, alongside other kids their age, have learned a lot of new things in swim lessons while having fun with one another! They’ve learned life lessons, like how to support others and cheer them on, even when they may be picking up a skill a little faster – a lesson their parents are so proud of! They’ve both learned that it’s okay to progress at a different pace than their friends and it’s a lesson they apply to friendships in and out the pool. They encourage and cheer each other on at the playground, in the pool on vacations and while working on fun at-home projects.

Together, the pair has made great strides each week in lessons. They’ve learned to tread water, swim independently and have gotten comfortable putting their faces in the water as they swim across the pool! Each lesson ends with a celebratory lunch with their parents, where the kiddos get to talk about everything they learned in that Saturday’s lesson and what skill they’re looking forward to working on in the next week’s lesson!

The two younger swimmers, Maxwell and Cain, are learning through each lesson as well! They look at others in their lessons and giggle as they swim around the pool with their parents. Both swimmers have learned to crab walk alongside the edge of the pool, and have gained enough confidence in the water to jump into their parents’ arms! They do everything in the water with a smile – having serious fun while doing some serious learning – perfect for their moms’ photos!


The benefits of having a swim buddy are endless! Besides another familiar face, kiddos can learn from each other, give support and share in fintastic experiences that will last a lifetime – whether it’s at the pool, at school, on family vacations, or at a celebratory lunch after each class!

At Goldfish, we love to watch friendships that form and strengthen within the tropical walls of our schools! and hopes that each swimmer, parent and team member builds a friendship during lessons!

Ready to dive into safe socialization and meet your swim buddy? Find your nearest Goldfish Swim School to learn more!