As we near the end of 2023, we’re adding an extra splash to our year by CELEBRATING our newest partnership – – one that’s sure to help us make waves for the Power of Play!

We’re proud to announce that we are o-FISH-ally partnering with one of the most well-known learning and development toy brands, LEGO® DUPLO®! These large, easy-to-handle building bricks are designed for our littlest fish ages 18 months to 4 years – giving them the tools that help them grow into healthy, happy little humans!

Our favorite board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Molly O’Shea, is an advocate for learning through play after seeing the swimpressive benefits throughout her career. She is just as excited as we are to kick off this fincredible new partnership focused around the development of our littlest fish –

“Play is the best way to learn when you’re a child. When children play with a purpose-to build or create or learn something-the experience creates deep and lasting connections that stick. Learning is easy. LEGO® DUPLO® play is a great example of this type of guided play. Experimenting with the bricks, creating and refining their builds, allows children to see how the world works. And it sticks.”

Whether you’re in the pool or the playroom, our passion for learning makes us a truly golden pair! Like Goldfish Swim School, LEGO® DUPLO® believes in the value of learning through play and how it helps to develop critical life skills. They believe that play is a fundamental part of a child’s development and that when kids are playing and having fun, the learning part just comes naturally! Sounds a lot like The Science of SwimPlay®, doesn’t it?! This partnership gives our kiddos the opportunity to take the guided-play out of the pool and bring the excitement of learning home with them.

In honor of our swimsational new friendship, you’ll be seeing the two of us binding together to spread the word about the benefits of learning through play! While learning to click bricks together or hold their breath underwater may seem like the little things, our littlest fish will develop other valuable life skills that you may have never thought of, like:

Social Skills – such as communication, collaboration and empathy. These are skills our swimmers learn in group lessons as they work with their swim instructor alongside other swimmers to master their swim skills. These are also skills they can learn by playing with the LEGO® DUPLO® bus ride or recycling truck sets!

Cognitive Skills – such as numbers, letters, shapes and colors. These skills come naturally as kiddos play and as they participate in swim lessons! They count as they practice swim skills and prepare for their turn; repetition is key! They work on colors and shapes as they play with toys, like the LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of the Ocean set.

Emotional Skills – such as resilience and confidence. Teaching safer, confident swimmers is our biggest goal, and it is one of the biggest changes our parents see as their kiddo swims and gets comfortable in the water. Swim lessons give kiddos the courage to dive in, taking on new and difficult challenges (and accomplishing them!). After all, these are their Golden Years! It also grows as they play with toys specially designed to help develop emotional skills, like the LEGO® DUPLO® Animal Train.

Creative Skills – such as imagination, independent thinking and creativity. LEGO® DUPLO® sets offer open-ended play, like the Dream Playground, and are perfect for helping a kiddo practice using their imagination. Just like our Golden Years calendars! A place to use your creative thinking and put your imagination to the test!

Physical Skills – such as movement and balance. Physical skills are one of the biggest changes kiddos make in swim lessons, as they master their swim skills! They learn to crab walk, tread water, and float like a sea otter! Kiddos can also work on their physical skills with playing – zooming around the LEGO® DUPLO® toy wheels and standing on their tallest tippy toes to reach for the final brick.

These skills are crucial to a child’s development, and how fintastic that they can come through letting our kids play and have fun!

Along with us celebrating this partnership together, you’ll also see the most adorable LEGO® DUPLO® ducks around your school, hanging out at the front desk, overseeing swim lessons and more! These ducks are a super fun creative toy that can be built and rebuilt again, serving as a reminder of how much fun learning can be. Be sure to ask for your LEGO® DUPLO® duck build at your next lesson for your Mini or Junior swimmer, and follow along on our Franchise Facebook and Instagram pages for your chance to win some fin-omenal fishaways* from Goldfish & LEGO® DUPLO®!

We can’t wait to jump in and see how this partnership grows while helping kiddos grow, and to learn more and more about play-based learning! Dive into the world of play-based learning with Goldfish, LEGO® DUPLO® and beyond!

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