Want to really make a splash for your child’s next swim party? Goldfish Swim School is the perfect place to celebrate and really let the kids have a great time!

Why are our swim parties so awesome? We’ve got 10 great reasons why!

10 Reasons Why a Party at Goldfish Swim School Rocks

  1. Parents can relax. Playing host can be a lot of work. Tending to the kids is enough of a job, and it takes away from you actually being able to enjoy celebrating your child on his or her special day! At a Goldfish Swim School party, you can take photos and laugh along with the kids. Now that’s a GOLDEN experience!
  2. The decorating is done! When you have a swim party at Goldfish Swim School, you don’t have to worry about running around last-minute to gather all the decorations to create a festive atmosphere. We’ve got you covered: Each Goldfish Swim School location is already decked out with a fun, tropical vibe. But we’ll also take care of hooking you up with balloons, tropical decorations and centerpieces! That’s some WOW! customer service!
  3. No setup or clean up. That’s right. Goldfish Swim School has table coverings, plates, cups and napkins ready for your swim party – which means you don’t have to shop for your own, and there are no dishes to clean and put away afterwards. Score!
  4. No need to order a cake. Trying to decide where to order a cake from, what kind of cake you want, and when to pick it up just puts more on your plate (no pun intended). Leave it up to us; we’ll have cupcakes and beverages waiting for your party when you get here. You can even order pizza for an additional cost, if you’d like.
  5. Invitations? Check. No need to run up to the store and rummage through the invitations and hand write the info, or browse the infinite amount of online invitation selections and order them in time. Why? Goldfish Swim School provides invitations – with a map to our location – and matching envelopes. Easy-peasy!
  6. A gift! Your special child will actually get a nifty Goldfish Swim School T-shirt to wear at the party, if desired.
  7. Play time! You’ve probably had parties in the past where you’ve had to check out Pinterest for fun activities for the kids to do, right? Or perhaps you had a party somewhere and had to keep making sure the kids were having fun. Well, kids will have so much fun at Goldfish Swim School that they won’t want to leave! Plus, chances are they will be pretty happy and tuckered out after so you will know the swim party was a success.
  8. Lifeguards on duty. Safety is one of our top priorities at Goldfish Swim School, and a party is no different. Our lifeguards will help keep everyone safe, but please remember that if your child can’t swim independently, you’ll need an adult in the water with him or her (There’s no extra charge for adults!).
  9. Games! Your kids will probably have enough fun using their imaginations and playing in the water, but our instructors will be on hand to help organize games, races, and more with them if you’d like.
  10. Private use of the facility. For two hours, it’s just you and your party. You’ll have an hour and 20 minutes to play in the pool, and 40 minutes to sing “Happy Birthday” (if you are hosting a birthday party) and eat cupcakes. Plus, you won’t have to worry about having a party during the week at an odd time! Our parties are on Saturdays*, the perfect time to have all the neighborhood kids and cousins together to celebrate. (*at participating locations. Some may host parties on Sundays, as well.)

Goldfish Swim School Party Packages*

For a party of 1-14 kids: $450
For a party of 25-35 kids: $550
For a party of 36-46 kids: $650

(purchase an extra ½ hour for $60)
*Prices may vary by location

Book your birthday party at Goldfish Swim School!

We have plenty of locations across the country, so find one near you and give us a call to set things up for your child’s birthday party.

You can even sign up your child for swim lessons, and you’ll soon see the extraordinary results Goldfish Swim School provides!