Taking a winter vacation? Especially for families who live in colder climates, taking the kids on a vacation during winter school breaks to somewhere warm and sunny is VERY appealing. Don’t forget to pack these water safety tips to ensure a GOLDEN experience on your vacation!

Whether you are hitting a hotel pool or an ocean beach, it’s always a good idea to brush up on water safety with your little swimmers.

Staying Safe at Hotel Pools

One of the best parts about going on vacation in the winter is staying at a hotel with a pool! Swimming in a hotel pool can be a bit different than swimming at an outdoor community pool in the summer, when there are tons of other kids and families in the pool — and lifeguards on duty.

No worries, though…staying safe at an indoor pool just means following a few tips. Since hotel pools generally don’t have lifeguards, it’s important kids always swim with a buddy and have an adult present. If your little one needs a lifejacket, be sure to ask the hotel concierge before you travel to see if the hotel has any for guests to use (hoping they, too, have WOW! customer service) — or be sure to bring your own.

Swimming in the Ocean

Even if lifeguards are present on the beach, the ocean can be tricky, even for seasoned swimmers. Never swim alone (this goes for adults too!) and make sure little ones understand to stick close to an adult when near the water.

The ocean can change in the blink of an eye, so have life jackets nearby. And remember that drowning doesn’t always look as dramatic as it does in the movies, so learn the signs of drowning and what to do to stay safe.

Our instructors at Goldfish Swim School use integrity, compassion and trust to teach families lifesaving swim skills — skills that can be used to stay safe while on vacation at the ocean.

Waterparks, Safety and Fun

If your winter vacation involves a waterpark, yay! Sounds like a great time! However, if you and your children have never been, reviewing some basic safety rules can make a big difference in everyone’s enjoyment.

For parents, it’s important to keep a constant eye on the kids at a waterpark. Make sure you designate a meeting place if you get separated, and go over the park rules before letting the kids loose to play. Little kids and kids who are not strong swimmers should wear lifejackets, if they are allowed.

Boats and Cruise Ships

Ahoy, Matey! If your winter vacation getaway involves a boat or a cruise ship, it’s a good idea to talk to your children about boating safety before going aboard.

On a smaller boat, make sure children have proper lifejackets and make sure they understand keeping hands and feet inside the boat at all times, as well as no standing when the boat is underway, and no running on the boat ever.

On a cruise ship, each vessel will have it’s own safety rules and guidelines, so be sure not to skip out on those – and have kids pay attention!

Learn Water Safety at Goldfish!

We think that keeping children enrolled in year-round swim lessons means you can have some peace of mind, because we talk about water safety during each and every lesson!

Year-round lessons at Goldfish Swim School allow your child to continue practicing new swim skills, work on getting stronger at the skills he or she has already learned, and reinforce how to stay safer in and around the water.

The extraordinary results Goldfish Swim School celebrates gives your child the building blocks to grow lifelong skills, like breath control. We also talk about how to get to safety and how to act in a potential emergency situation.

No matter the time of year, Goldfish Swim School is ALWAYS teaching kids ages 4 months and older water safety skills during each and every swim lesson. Find a location near you and sign up today!