At Goldfish Swim School, our goal is to make sure kids (and their families) have a GOLDEN experience each week. Part of that is by teaching water safety. Did you know that teaching water safety not only keeps kids safe in the water, but actually helps them become better swimmers? Here’s how:

Overcoming fear

Have you ever tried something new and something less-than-ideal happened as a result – and then you were afraid to ever repeat the process? Many adults who don’t know how to swim simply never took the time to learn, but others had an incident that occurred that left them feeling afraid and nervous to ever swim again.

Imagine, as a kid, accidentally ending up in too-deep water and then panicking because you don’t know how to get to safety. Now imagine instead that you were taught water safety and you know exactly what to do to stay safe in the water. The same scenario, but with two different outcomes – and the latter allows you to overcome any potential fear. That’s why our instructors at Goldfish Swim School use integrity, compassion and trust to teach students water safety during every single swim lesson (with even more focus on water safety a few times a year during our special Water Safety weeks).


When you have confidence, it’s a lot easier to try a new task or improve upon what you already know. Teaching kids water safety while swimming helps them to have the confidence to reach for and try accomplishing new swim skills because they become even more confident in their abilities.

By knowing water safety and what to do in any kind of scenario or emergency situation, kids (and adults!) are confident in being able to stay safe and keep practicing the new swim skill. Kids learn they are able to take care of themselves in the water and they have the confidence to keep trying because they aren’t being held back by fear that something unknown will happen and they won’t succeed.

Eager to learn

When kids have no fear limiting their willingness to try, along with the confidence in their abilities, they also discover a special eagerness to learn more! Knowing water safety helps kids understand they can be more secure in the water, which leads to jumping in with both feet (literally and figuratively!).

With that eagerness comes a try, try, try attitude – which is perfect for swim lessons where repetition is best. It’s how our swimmers at Goldfish Swim School are able to see those extraordinary results, and why we celebrate successes big and small each week.

Learn to swim at Goldfish Swim School

At Goldfish Swim School, kids aged 4 months and older can learn to swim (yes, even babies benefit from swim lessons!). Our pool water is always a balmy 90 degrees – and we have tons of other perks to swimming at Goldfish Swim School. Simply find a location near you today and sign up your little ones for swim lessons and check out our WOW! customer service while you’re there.