There’s nothing better than a day at the pool (or beach!) in the summer. The sun, the water and the memories made that last a lifetime are what this season is all about, after all.

But are there times you should stay out of the pool, ocean or lake? Of course! While some might seem obvious, there are some times that – while disappointing – should keep you (or your little guppies) on the sidelines. At Goldfish Swim School, part of our WOW customer service is that we teach water safety at every single lesson!

Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to make sure that every Goldfish swimmer understands how to stay safer in and around the water.

And we know that while not every day is the perfect day to jump in the water, it’s better safe than sorry. Here are five things that should keep you out of the water – at least temporarily. Read on:


No one wants to miss a fun outing – we get it. But the risk of infecting others when someone in your family is ill is high. And if someone has an, ahem, incident in a pool, it has to be shut down for a period of time for cleaning – which is a bummer for everyone.

So, skip a day at the pool or beach if your family is ill. There will be more gorgeous summer days – and time to celebrate!


A stubbed toe or small scratch shouldn’t keep you out of the water, but there are some injuries that should keep you on the sidelines for sure. A broken bone (water and casts are generally not a good mix, although there are options out there), a deep cut or wound and bad burns (to name a few) are reasons to stay home, rest and recuperate.

You run the risk of an infection, a damaged cast or a more severe injury, so it’s best to stay on the safe side and find another activity (like a movie marathon!).


See those dark, scary looking clouds? And feel that wind kicking up? A storm could be on its way, and that can sometimes mean thunder and lightning – which means you need to take shelter and stay out of the water!

Storms aren’t the only weather that should keep you out of the water. Sometimes, it just isn’t warm enough to swim unless the pool is heated (and forget about the beach – no heater there!).

You can always swim at Goldfish during open swim, however. We keep our water at a balmy 90 degrees – year-round to ensure a golden experience!


Sometimes, we all crave a little alone time, right? We get it. However, swimming alone – no matter what your age – is a BAD idea. You can get hurt, get a cramp, slip and fall and there needs to be someone there to help you or call for help.

Take our word for it: It’s never a good idea to swim alone, no matter how experienced you are or how strong your swimming skills are.


No one wants to swim in unclean, dangerous or bad water. And you can encounter poor water conditions at the beach or pool – for many reasons. Don’t ever ignore a beach closure – ever. Whether it’s for some kind of pollution, contamination or something like rough surf or a riptide, the warning is there for a reason.

And consequently, don’t swim in a dirty or ill-kept pool. If it seems overly chlorinated, is green or something seems off, find something else to do for the day. You could risk infections or worse.


At Goldfish Swim School, we pride ourselves on our extraordinary results and commitment to water safety. We offer swim lessons starting as young as 4 months old and we have locations across the United States. Find the location nearest you and start swimming today!