If you’ve spent any time in and around Goldfish Swim School, you know that we take water safety very seriously. It’s something we focus on during EVERY lesson.

However, once a year, we really ramp things up! May is Water Safety Awareness Month and our Goldfish Swim School locations around the country will all celebrate in various ways: Open swim times, water safety drills and presentations, food, games and more! Whether it’s with a public event or just spending a few extra minutes during classes, water safety is something we’ll take some extra time with in May – just a part of our WOW! customer service!

If you are interested in attending any of these fun family events, find the Goldfish Swim School near you and call them. They’d be happy to share their specific plans! These events are free – you don’t have to be a member to be a part of this golden experience.

If you are interested in learning more about water safety (who isn’t?!) – especially how to prevent water and pool emergencies – we’re sharing our thoughts. Read on:

Keep it Fresh

Each summer, families start spending more time in and around water: On the beach, on the boat, at the pool or lake. Water and summer, after all, go hand in hand. That’s why we recommend keeping it fresh at the start of the summer season. Go over safety rules – and family rules – with your kids and practice what to do in an emergency. And model the behavior you want to see in and around water, so your kids will pick up on how to stay safer.

It’s OK to draw a hard line here. Your children are precious, and water can be dangerous. Start young with family water rules and your children will follow your example.

Pool Rules

If you are going to be spending a lot of time at the community pool – or at a friend’s pool – this summer, it’s a good idea to have some hard-and-fast rules for your family. No running. No diving in head first. Whatever fits your family style. Depending on the ages of your kids, you might require a lifejacket, or have a “no going in the deep end” rule.

It’s also a good idea to have built-in breaks. Swimming is tiring and you can get dehydrated or fatigued without really realizing it. Taking a 15-minute break each hour to drink some water and chill is a great rule to make your own this summer!

Never Swim Alone

Never. Swim. Alone. This is a rule that should NEVER be broken, no matter where you go or how old you are. Even the strongest swimmers can cramp up or have a medical emergency. Don’t enter the water anywhere, for any reason, alone. No surfing at the ocean, kayaking on the lake or doing laps at the hotel pool by yourself. Ever. Full stop.

Get CPR Certified

Let’s face it: Even families with the best laid plans can find themselves in an emergency situation. Being prepared – and trained – for an emergency is one of the best water safety tips out there. Someone in your family, maybe two someones, should be CPR certified (with rescue breathing). It’s a relatively quick and easy class and it’s offered by community centers and other local groups. It could save a life.

Attention, Attention

Picture this: You are at a backyard BBQ and everyone is having a blast. The kids are splashing away in the pool, the adults are chatting. But, who is watching the children? Sometimes, even a few minutes of inattention can be deadly in and around water. When water is around, there should always be a few dedicated “water watchers” whose sole job is to keep an eye on the swimmers. Vigilance is key. No chatting, no checking your phone. Watch the water and those in it.

Lessons Learned

One of the best ways to keep your little fish safer in and around water is to teach them to respect it. And one of the best ways we’ve found to do that is to enroll them in swim lessons. The confidence and skills they’ll learn each week at Goldfish Swim School are invaluable – and you can rest assured they’ll be taught the most critical water safety skills. We teach kids how to roll on their backs and float if they get tired and how to get safely in and out of the pool, among other things. We take it seriously so THEY take it seriously. Our instructors use integrity, compassion, trust during every lesson.

Explore Water Safety at Goldfish Swim School

If you are ready to start making water safety a priority in your family, check out the Goldfish Swim School near you. Babies as young as 4 months can learn to swim! We have classes for all skill levels and you will see extraordinary results. And don’t forget to call your local Goldfish to find out the details on their fun (and FREE!) Safety Day event this month – you won’t want to miss it!