Do your kids know how to be safer in the water?

Happy Spring! Are you planning a spring break getaway? Make sure your kids know how to be safer in the water, no matter where you are headed. Chances are, there will be a hotel pool or some kind of water involved, right?

One of the benefits of teaching your kids how to swim at Goldfish Swim School is knowing that they’re also learning how to stay safer in and around the water – which definitely comes in handy when you’re heading off on vacation!

Water safety is one of those things that needs repetition to become second nature. That’s why our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach important water safety skills during every swim lesson. Here’s what kids learn at Goldfish Swim School:

  • We’ve all known someone who has a fear of the water – and that stems from a lack of confidence. Even the littlest swimmers in our Goldfish Swim School Mini classes learn how to stay calm in the water, with their confidence growing at each lesson.
  • Staying above water. Kids practice every week how to roll over onto their backs to pause and take a breath. They’re learning how to take a break if needed, how to regroup if they get a little tired swimming – and to not panic.
  • Treading water. Not only does treading water strengthen all the swim muscles, but it provides young swimmers with the opportunity to know how to stop in the water and assess the situation if needed.
  • Getting out of the pool safely. Toddlers learn how to do the crab walk along the edge of the pool – which not only increases their upper body strength, but also teaches them to be able to “walk” along the side of the pool to get to safety. Kids also learn to safely pull themselves up on the side of the pool.

Staying safer in the water on vacation

Since water safety is very important at Goldfish Swim School, we also make sure to teach kids what it means to be safer around other pools (like these 5 tips for how to stay safer at an indoor pool) and bodies of water – like when you’re on vacation.

  • We talk to kids about lifeguards: What their job is and how to recognize them. TIP: Always know if and when lifeguards are on duty, and don’t swim alone if there are no lifeguards on duty.
  • Posted signs. Pay attention to posted swim times. The times may be when lifeguards are on duty or when the pool is open, but the times are listed for a reason – so heed them.
  • Scope things out. Check out pool first – for the depth throughout, any ledges on the sides to be aware of if jumping in, where ladders are, etc. At the beach, notice any boundaries and be sure to wade through the water and notice any drop-offs and what the bottom of the water is like.

Learning water safety at Goldfish Swim School

Stop in to a Goldfish Swim School location near you today and sign up your kids for swim lessons! We’re committed to providing WOW! customer service, and we’ll have you and your kids celebrating some extraordinary results in no time!