There are plenty of things to spend your hard-earned money on and you always want to make sure you’re getting the best deal, right? Absolutely. Well, you know you get what you pay for and Goldfish Swim School is definitely worth every penny when it comes to teaching your kids to swim! So, when you’re ready to sign your little fish up for swim lessons, don’t skimp on quality instruction. The rewards will be evident!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Goldfish Swim School is Worth the Money:

1. Safety, Safety, Safety

You may not think about it much, but how do YOU get in and out of a pool? It may be no easy feat for you and small swimmers who are just learning about being in the water don’t really know how they’re supposed to get in and out without mom and dad’s help. At Goldfish Swim School, one of the key things we teach our youngest swimmers is how to pull along the side of the pool and get up – using elbow, elbow, tummy, knee. Ta-da!

With older kids, other key water safety tips are incorporated into every single lesson (including how to behave around the pool). It’s the little things that make a big difference.

2. A Proven Swim Curriculum

At community swim lessons, what is being taught varies by teacher, location and visit. This may mean that while you’re there every week, your kid may not be learning all the necessary skills at an appropriate pace – which leaves you feeling like you’re doomed to be landlocked for quite some time.

At Goldfish Swim School, the curriculum is consistent and thoroughly planned to provide you with that WOW customer service. This means your little goldfish is able to learn swim skills quickly, so you’re not wasting your precious time (or money). No more idly splashing around, pretending to learn, week after week. There’s REAL progress here!

3. Small Class Size

You know how difficult it is to get your kids to follow directions to get into the car in a timely manner (ha!). So imagine how hard it would be to get 10 kids to all listen to your instructions (and help them if they needed it!). Yeah. Exactly. That’s why Goldfish Swim School has small class sizes. Our 4:1 student to teacher ratio means instructors have more time to devote to helping each swimmer work on skills – and less opportunity for the kids to get distracted.

With such a small class size, all class time is spent on learning swimming and safety skills – and the instructors focus on integrity, compassion and trust. That means you’re getting the most out of each lesson and maximizing your time and money spent. For even more help on those skills, check out what our Jump Start Clinics have to offer!

4. Specialized Instructors

How many times have you signed your little one up for swim lessons, only to find out the instructor is a high school student just out to earn a few extra bucks? Sure, those teens definitely know the skills they’re teaching, but they’re only there a couple hours each week. At Goldfish Swim School, that’s all our instructors do! Day in and day out, the Goldfish instructors teach water safety and basic and advanced swim strokes to kids just like yours. They know what works and what doesn’t and they’re invested in your child’s progress. Our instructors want to help your children get those extraordinary results.

5. Warm Water and a FUN atmosphere!

Have you ever watched your kid’s lips turn purple as he or she glances constantly at the clock, waiting for the swim lesson to be over because it’s so COLD in the water? That’s not fun! At Goldfish Swim School, the pool is always set at a pleasant 90 degrees – so your kids will surely not want to get out of the water (and the air thermostat is warm, too, at 90 degrees!).

And probably the best part for your little goldfish is that there are RIBBONS and prizes to acquire along the way! There are fun monthly themes and Goldfish celebrates every victory, big or small. Seriously, kids love getting those little tokens for their accomplishments – and that makes them want to come back and work even harder next week. Anything for that great GOLDEN experience!

Goldfish Swim School

Want to learn more? Visit Goldfish Swim School at to find out how you can sign your swimmer up for lessons, or stop by one of our many locations. You’ll see the difference as soon as you walk in!