It’s o-FISH-ally March! Before we know it, we’ll be putting out our patio furniture, taking the cover off the grill and prepping for nice, relaxing days by the pool. We can hardly wait! Whether it’s your own backyard, the neighborhood community center or a special vacation, with warm weather comes time in or by the water. Nothing beats the warm sun, a glass of ice cold lemonade and the giggles of kiddos playing and splashing in the pool.

As you lean back to relax, you want to be sure your little swimmers are safer in and around the water – able to swim, float and have fun! How can you feel confident that they’re water-ready for summer? Sign them up for a Spring Break Jump Start Clinic!

One Month of Progress In the Pool In Just One Week!

Jump Start Clinics are four to five consecutive days of swim lessons, which means one month of progress in just one week!

“It was pretty remarkable to see the changes in her form over the course of the four days. She learned how to have a stronger stroke and swim on her back, which she never did before” says Serena, a Goldfish Mom at Goldfish – Yorktown Heights in New York. Serena’s daughter was so excited to get her ribbon and certificate at the end of the week, and now proudly displays both in her bedroom!

Other parents have seen children not only gain swim skills, but life skills like confidence as well! “I took my child in for their Jump Start Clinic and he overcame his fear of the water and swam independently for the first time” says Katie, who’s son swims at Goldfish – Sandy Springs in Georgia. Swim lessons help build other life skills too, like strengthening memory, developing motor skills and improving sleep. There’s so many high-five worthy swim benefits that come with swim lessons!

Beating Cabin Fever

Cold, winter weather means a lot of hanging around the house and let’s face it – we’re ready for something new and exciting! After all, swim time is much better than screen time! Jump Start Clinics are a great way to get out of the house and into something fun that will get kids moving, thinking and growing!

Swimming to the Next Level

Not only can Jump Start Clinics be a great place to work on swim safety skills, they can be the place where kiddos master their current level’s skills, and get to swim on to the next level. “At the end of their first lesson, the kids and I heard feedback on where they’re excelling and what needs improvement. Jonah was suddenly refocused and determined to reach Pro 2” says Lindsay, a Goldfish Mom at Goldfish – Westerville in Ohio. After the next day of lessons, her son Jonah was given a certificate announcing his advancement to the next level! “He had done it! I don’t have to tell you how satisfying it is to see your kid proud of his successes.”

Consistency is Key

Practice makes progress! Through Jump Start Clinics, kiddos have the opportunity for consistency, with one week of consecutive days of swim lessons at the same time with the same teacher. They’re in the best environment to practice their skills and make a lot of progress!

Dipping a Toe Into Perpetual Swim Lessons

Jump Start Clinics are also great for new swimmers! They’re able to test the shiver-free water and get an idea of the Golden Experience that Goldfish Swim School goes Above and Beyond to provide to every member and guest! “We started out at the school in one of the Jump Start Clinics, which allowed us to come every day for a week and really get comfortable. It was perfect for figuring out whether this program would work for us long term” says Louise, Goldfish mom at Goldfish – Oakville, in Canada. The Jump Start Clinic helped her kiddo gain confidence in the water to reassure her that lessons were a great addition to her weekly calendar, and her little fishes’ life!

Our Jump Start Clinics give families sticking around town for Spring Break a tropical ‘staycation’ filled with palm trees and warm air! ??? They help kiddos work on and master swim skills, get comfortable in the water and gain the confidence they (and their parents!) need to dive into Safer Summer fun! ??

Swim over to the Goldfish Swim School near you to learn more about Jump Start Clinics!