9 careers for kids who love to swim

If your child loves swimming as more than just a fun hobby, where can that road lead as an adult? There’s competitive swimming, for sure, but there are also a variety of jobs that incorporate swimming or love of the water.

Here are 9 Careers for Kids (Who Grow Up into Adults) Who Love to Swim:

1. The Olympics.

Being a professional swimmer takes a ton of hard work and dedication, and there is a plethora of competitions throughout the United States that swimmers can compete in – with the biggest being, obviously, the Olympics.

2. Rescue Swimmer.

Those U.S. Coast Guard commercials about saving lives in the water? Yeah, they’re real. And the U.S. Navy uses Aviation Rescue Swimmers, too. Swimming helps saves lives, and kids can make a career out of it – which is something we can all celebrate.

3. College Swim Coach.

Becoming a professor and teaching math or science is a career – and so is coaching others in swimming at the collegiate level! When you know how to swim well and have a passion for it, sharing that knowledge and teaching provides benefits while helping better others.

4. Dolphin Trainer.

They’re some of the smartest animals around, and a love for being in the water mixed with education in science affords a great opportunity to work with dolphins every day. Camps and zoo programs provide ways for kids to start the learning process early – and so does swim lessons!

5. Swim Club Coach.

Those Olympic athletes have to learn somewhere, right? Swimmers can use their knowledge and skills to teach up-and-coming athletes how to reach their fullest potential in swimming. Even without training for Olympics, swim clubs across the country need instructors to teach swimmers of all skill levels how to swim and improve their skills.

6. Instructor at Goldfish Swim School.

Our instructors use integrity, compassion, and trust to teach swimmers ages 4 months and older how to swim – which is a lifelong skill that provides many benefits. Everyone should know how to swim, which is why Goldfish Swim School is so important.

7. Marine Biologist.

OK, a marine biologist may not exactly be swimming for a living, but a genuine love for the water certainly makes being a water scientist pretty cool! If your little one loves being in and around the water and is curious about aquatic life, this could be a fulfilling profession to enter.

8. Underwater Photographer.

In the same way, being able to capture all the wonder that lies beneath the surface is quite the catch for someone who loves water. Travel magazines, scientific operations, researchers and more need the services of an underwater photographer – plus there’s always just making a career out of the art of it!

9. Lifeguard.

Did you notice the lifeguards on duty at the Olympics swimming events? Lifeguards are necessary even for the competent and competitive swimmers. As a result, there are a variety of pools where lifeguards can work – all year long (even if you’re in a colder climate) to help prevent drowning, and make sure everyone stays safe and has a GOLDEN experience while swimming.

Prepare at Goldfish Swim School

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If you are interested in a career with Goldfish, check out swimming teacher jobs and other roles.