It’s o-FISH-ally the most fintastic time of the year!

We know, we know – it’s not the ‘holiday’ season – but it IS almost Outdoor Swimming Season! 

We’re swimming into National Water Safety Month with full speed, ready and so excited to continue spreading the word about our #1 passion – water safety! As we work our way through the month, we get closer and closer to the warmest season yet – Summer! As we look forward to more time in the sun, outdoor BBQs and pool parties, it’s important that we’re prepared to have a Safer Summer!! We’re grabbing our sunscreen and sun hats, and taking the Safer Swimmer Pledge to make sure our swimmers, families, communities and team members are as safe as they can be as we spend more time around the water this Summer.

As part of our mission to help families be safer in and around the water, we set out to learn more about what kiddos and their families will be up to this Summer, and if they’re feeling water ready! Through a commissioned research project, we discovered that while 57% of families are planning to hit the road and take a water-side vacation this Summer, only 33% of families feel totally confident in their little one’s swimming abilities – – making it even clearer than the water in our pools that we have work to do!

2023 is our third o-FISH-al year of the Safer Swimmer Pledge, and we’re more excited than ever! After a splashing success in the first two years, we’re gearing up to make waves and fill our communities with even more Safer Swimmers, one pledge at a time.

In our very first year of the Safer Swimmer Pledge, we reached over 400 million people as we talked about water safety and drowning prevention! We promoted the Safer Swimmer Pledge alongside Brand Ambassador and Olympic Swimmer Ryan Murphy, Board-Certified Pediatrician Dr. Molly O’Shea, Speedo and Olympic Swimmer Cullen Jones, thousands of Goldfish swimmers and team members, and lots of local community partners! Through all of our efforts, we were able to donate $7,600 to the USA Swimming Foundation – $1 for every Safer Swimmer Pledge taken! Not only did we help to spread the word and keep the conversation going, our pledges generating donations for the USA Swimming Foundation helped provide life-saving skills for swimmers all over North America!

Year two was even better! We continued to swim through communities across North America, sharing our message about water safety, and the Safer Swimmer Pledge reached 450 million people in May of 2022! Talk about a reason to Celebrate!

We had so much fun and made such an impact in our first two years, that we knew we had to bring back the Safer Swimmer Pledge for a third year. Taking the Safer Swimmer Pledge will help refresh your memory on the importance of keeping a close eye on kiddos around the water – aka, assigning a Safer Swimmer Guard (someone committed to watching the water without any distractions!) being prepared for the water by learning water safety skills ahead of time, and knowing what to do in case of an emergency. A totally perfect recipe for a golden Safer Summer! While parents are sharpening up their memory, kiddos will be too! Taking the pledge will remind a kiddo of all of the important things they need to do to make sure they’re being safe while they’re having fun in the sun. After all, safety comes first!

Take the Pledge, Be Safer, Win Prizes!

You know we love to celebrate, and taking the Safer Swimmer Pledge is absolutely worthy of celebrating! We’ll be giving out special prizes to those that take the pledge like a YEAR of swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, a gold-hard-cash prize for the team member who recruits the most pledges, and a very golden grand prize – $5k towards a GOLDEN Beach Vacay!

But wait, there’s more! Added to our efforts this year is a brand new challenge that we’re calling “Biggest Wavemakers Challenge”. We’re urging kiddos to take the pledge and encourage their friends, classmates and peers to take it, too! The Wavemaker that generates the most pledges will win a very special VIP pool party for their closest friends AND a year of swim lessons, on us!

Dive in with Speedo! 

And as though being a Safer Swimmer AND a Wavemaker isn’t fintastic enough, our friends at Speedo USA have also joined the mission. Every single person who takes the Safer Swimmer Pledge online will receive an exclusive promo code for 25% off all their speedo gear – swimsuits, hoodies, swim caps, all the good stuff! And 10% of all purchases through that special code will go right the USA Swimming Foundation – helping even more kiddos get access to life-saving swim lessons, and be safer swimmers!

Going for GOLDfish – and Water Safety! 

Still celebrating the Safer Swimmer Pledge with us are our gold-medal friends, Ryan Murphy and Cullen Jones! Both are Wavemakers for Water Safety every single day, but they like to add a little *extra* in May! The Goldfish Swim School who gets the most online pledges will celebrate with a VIP Pool Party with the world champion swimmers and their communities. Ryan and Cullen will also be making their water safety rounds through the USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash tour, along with Ryan’s competition schedule, and may be dropping in to a few Goldfish Swim School locations to take the Safer Swimmer Pledge with Goldfish members along their travels – looking at you, Kansas City, Chicago and Aliso Viejo! ??

You heard it here first! NOW is the time to take the Safer Swimmer Pledge and get swimming towards a Safer Summer – just in time for outdoor pool season! Head over to our Safer Swimmer Pledge to jump in, then send the link to all of your friends! The more Safer Swimmers, the more golden Summer will be!