At Goldfish Swim School, we’ve always been passionate about nurturing a love for swimming. Our mission to change the startling statistics surrounding drowning and turn little swimmers into confident and safe water enthusiasts has always been our driving force. With our state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated instructors and proven curriculum, we’ve been making waves in communities around North America since 2006.

In the spirit of going Above & Beyond, our Goldfish Swim School family is absolutely thrilled to partner with Every Child a Swimmer to make waves of change in the swimming world!

Founded by the renowned International Swimming Hall of Fame, Every Child a Swimmer is on a mission to provide swimming lessons to children who may not have had the chance to experience the joy that safe swimming brings.

Fueled by a mom on a mission, Every Child a Swimmer has blossomed into a truly swimpressive life-changing (and life-saving!) program. ECAS program manager, Casey McGovern, tragically lost her daughter, Edna, to drowning in 2009. Within their final moments together, Casey promised Edna that she would make it her life’s mission to not let another family go through this experience. Casey has kept that promise for nearly 14 years, continuing to fight each day for drowning prevention, and working with organizations like Goldfish to help make every child a swimmer.

“I am humbled that I have been given this opportunity to use my pain for a much larger purpose.

Drowning is Preventable!

I believe that by collaborating with incredible organizations like Goldfish Swim School, we will help to make Every Child a Swimmer”

– Casey McGovern

While no doubt difficult to share and re-live, Casey continues to make Edna’s story heard, and fights to prevent other families from feeling that pain. Thanks to her efforts, and the incredible mission of Every Child a Swimmer, we’ll have the opportunity to provide a truly GOLDEN experience to children in need across North America!

We’ll also join Every Child a Swimmer’s crusade to create laws and legislation to require water safety conversations in public schools – raising awareness of the importance of water safety, the startling statistics, and the layers of drowning prevention. To date, Every Child a Swimmer laws have passed in Florida, Georgia and Arkansas, and we are proud to help champion their efforts across North America!

Looking for a Swim Lesson Scholarship?

With this fintastic partnership, participating Goldfish Swim School locations will provide three months of swim lessons to approved applicants at no cost to the family!

Families interested in the Every Child a Swimmer Scholarship Program can submit this form to show their interest and ask for their local Goldfish to contact them with more info. They can also swim over to the Every Child a Swimmer website, or reach out to their local Goldfish Swim School directly to learn more. Every little fish deserves a chance to take the plunge, and we’re beyond excited to welcome new swimmers into our Goldfish Family through this program.

Together, Goldfish Swim School and Every Child a Swimmer will create a tidal wave of positive change, ensuring that more children gain access to swim lessons and, in turn, the confidence and safety that come with being skilled swimmers. We believe that swimming is not just a skill; it’s a golden gateway to a world of adventure, exploration and self-assurance.

We invite you to share this swimsational opportunity with your community, to help spread water safety awareness, along with a love and respect for the water, with children all across North America! Every stroke and kick is a step towards empowering children, fostering water safety and nurturing a lifelong love for swimming.

Goldfish Swim School and Every Child a Swimmer are set to make a splash-tacular difference, one stroke at a time! Join us in creating a world where every child can confidently embrace the water, building a legacy of safety, skill and endless smiles – where EVERY CHILD IS A SWIMMER!