As summer winds down and we dip our toes into the beginning of a new school year, the anticipation can be bittersweet. There’s excitement in the air as kiddos prepare for new classes, new teachers and perhaps even a new school. However, this transition can also be challenging for them, bringing a sense of anxiety and uncertainty. Bubbles’ friend, Jitt, knows these feelings all too well, and he’s excited to dive deeper into the resources and tools next month that can help families get back in the swim of things during back-to-school season!

At Goldfish Swim School, our teams across North America recognize these feelings and work to support families during this time of change. With the help of our Science of SwimPlay® curriculum, as well as the Golden Years campaign, we can play a pivotal role in preparing children for a successful new school year.

The Golden Years: More Than Just Swim Lessons

As we celebrate The Golden Years throughout 2023, we focus on setting goals and fostering an aspirational spirit among children. We strive to help kids realize that they can achieve anything they set their minds to – in and out of the pool! We have loved seeing all of our little fish set BIG goals throughout the year, and it’s been even better to see them accomplish their goals! Whether it was celebrating Ivy’s orthopedic doctor saying her elbow was healed and she finally mastered her “elbow elbow tummy knee” or Nathan accomplishing his goal of a flip turn, we have loved every minute of watching kiddos achieve their goals!

Swimming isn’t just a fun activity or a vital life skill; it’s a metaphor for life itself. Each stroke our swimmers take strengthens not only their muscles but also their confidence, resilience and determination! The achievements they make in the pool, be it earning a celebration ribbon, mastering a new stroke or shaving seconds off their lap time in Swim Force, are symbolic of the milestones they can achieve in life.

In their Golden Years, children are taught to set ambitious but achievable goals, to persevere through challenges, and to celebrate all of life’s accomplishments! It’s these lessons that can set them up for success in the coming school year and throughout their lives!

Back to School, Back to Pool: Benefits of Swim Lessons

As another fintastic summer comes to an end, it’s back to school and back to the pool! Transitioning from the fun and excitement of the summer back into a school routine can be challenging for our little fish, but Goldfish Swim School is here to help your family get back in the swim of things! Our perpetual lessons model grants kiddos the consistency they need to jump feet-first into all of the changes that a new school year brings. Most kiddos thrive when they have a routine, so keeping their weekly swim lesson ensures they don’t feel too frazzled with all the big changes of the school year.

When we consider childhood development, it’s remarkable to see the striking similarities between swim lessons and school experiences! From cultivating patience and practicing active listening to following instructions, grasping concepts, fostering teamwork and creating friendships – the parallels are undeniable! Beyond being an outlet to channel all that energy, energy, swim lessons also offer a unique contribution to physical education. Research shows that consistent participation in year-round swim lessons not only helps release pent-up energy, but also correlates with Extraordinary Results! Children who participate in swim lessons often surpass expected benchmarks in school assessments and can reach developmental milestones quicker.

By encouraging children to bring the determination and resilience they learned in the pool into the classroom, we aim to set them up for a successful, GOLDEN school year.

Imagine the thrill your child will feel when they realize that the same tenacity that helped them perfect their rollover can also help them ace their math quiz. Or that the patience they learned while mastering their back float can help them navigate a challenging history project. The possibilities are endless!

Make the Transition GOLDEN

Our goal is not only to teach children how to swim, but also to give them the platform to make BIG waves in life! As we enter the back-to-school season, let’s help them carry the Golden Years spirit into the classroom! Let’s remind them that the same principles of perseverance, determination and patience that helped them succeed in the pool can also help them swim into school.

Let’s jump right in and make this school year a golden one – because after all, THEIR GOLDEN YEARS ARE HERE!!