Did you know that once your child passes the highest level of classes at Goldfish Swim School, he or she can join the Goldfish Swim Team? It’s true! Kids ages 5-12 can join, have fun and compete in meets once per quarter. It’s truly a GOLDEN experience that will benefit your child.

However, keeping your little goldfish happily swimming through all the levels can be tricky. Maybe his or her interests change or they just don’t know if they want to continue.

Here are some tips and tricks to use if you want your son or daughter to keep swimming – and join the Goldfish Swim Team!

What if my child wants to quit?

It happens. Your little one doesn’t want to come to class anymore, or as a family you may think about stopping swim lessons for any number of reasons. There’s another fun activity your child wants to enroll in instead; winter makes you want to hibernate (yet it’s the perfect time for swim lessons);  or maybe it’s summer and you want to take a break (but you really should keep swimming in the summer). But stopping before completing all the swim levels means your child will miss out on learning some important skills and key strokes that he or she will master by completing all the levels.

Key swim skills kids learn during lessons at Goldfish Swim School:

  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Back float
  • Front float

It’s also important to remember that swimming is unlike other activities because it is also a lifelong, lifesaving skill everyone should have! Talk to your child about working hard on a goal and completing something once started – and the harder he or she works at mastering the swim skills at each level, the faster he or she will be able to join the Goldfish Swim Team and have races with other swimmers.

In addition, talk to your child about revisiting the topic of quitting once he or she makes it to the next level – because sometimes, kids get frustrated when they are not improving and therefore may “think” they want to quit, but they want to celebrate and continue when they have advanced a level.

How long will it take for my child to advance through all the levels?

This depends on a variety of factors, including at what age your child began taking lessons at Goldfish Swim School, what skill level he or she began at, how quickly he or she is able to master the skills at each new level, and how often your child attends lessons or takes time off. In the beginning levels, a child can move to a new level every 3-4 months, or possibly longer. And for the higher levels that include mastering a new stroke and several new skills, it may take even longer. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict exactly how long it will take each swimmer to advance through the levels to reach the Goldfish Swim Team.

The fun really begins when it’s time for the Goldfish Swim Team!

All that hard work over the previous months and years will pay off in many ways, without a doubt, but passing all the levels means your child may join the Goldfish Swim Team! Kids will have the ability to show off the extraordinary results of all their lessons by participating in a no-pressure swim team! Did you know there are no tryouts – just fun?

Instructors continue to use integrity, compassion and trust to help guide young swimmers and continue to teach water safety in the pool, but the focus is lighter and more fun – meaning the kids want to come swimming even more!

Sound interesting? Sign up at Goldfish Swim School!

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