As your child’s school schedule is winding down, you might find yourself
with a little more time than usual. To cut down on, “Mom, I’m
bored,” consider doing something productive with that time. Over
the summer, Goldfish offers what we like to call Jump Start Clinics, which
begin in June.

Think of Jump Start Clinics as pushing fast forward on your child’s
swimming progress. Instead of waiting a week in between lessons, when
you enroll in a Jump Start Clinic, you’ll say yes to a week full
of swim skills, technique and water safety. That’s right-swim lessons five days in a row! Five days to “roll over,” to show
off “big arms!,” to “dip” and to “dive for

As summer (we hope) starts to heat up, it’s also a great precautionary
measure. You and your kids will inevitably take a trip to the beach, lake,
ocean or pool at some point during the summer. The best path to take to
ensure that your kids are safe is to make water safety a priority; kids
need to be aware, comfortable and skilled in the water. Jump Start Clinics
expedite that process and keep swimming safety top-of-mind. For a refresher
on some of our other swimming safety best practices, check out our blog post
Safe Summer Swimming.

If you’re worried that five days of swim lessons in a row will
break the bank, don’t; they’re affordable and well worth the
additional safety that comes with the clinics. If you have more than one
child, sibling discounts are also available.

Just think: it might even be a good excuse to gather your girlfriends or
buddies and take some down time at the pool while your kids gain the skills
they need to make swimming a safe and fun activity for the whole family.

To learn more about Jump Start Clinics, click
here. To register, please contact your
local Goldfish Swim School.