A few weeks ago, the groundhog saw his shadow and sent us into 6 more weeks of Winter – brrr! With even notoriously warmer areas of the country seeing blasts of winter weather roll through, we’re more grateful than ever to have a tropical, 90* oasis right inside our doors! And though right now, it might feel like the cold weather that filled most of the country will never end, those 6 weeks are already almost over, and Spring is right around the corner! We’re ready to celebrate blooming flowers, a little more sunshine, and a time we know all kiddos are looking forward to – Spring Break!

As parents brainstorm and scour the internet looking for kid-friendly activities to keep their little ones entertained throughout the week of Spring Break, our crews are gearing up for a week of Spring Break Jump Start Clinics, and we hope they make your list and that we’ll see you there!

What Are Spring Break Jump Start Clinics?

Jump Start Clinics are four to five consecutive days of swim lessons, at the same time each day, with the same swim instructor. During Spring Break Jump Start Clinics, kiddos get the chance to sharpen up their swim skills, and get ready for safer summers. It’s the perfect week-long activity for kids that are new to swim lessons, or for kids that are already in swim lessons and need a little more practice to get to the next swim level. We love to celebrate one month of progress, in just one week!

What Are the Benefits of A Jump Start Clinic?

We could go on and on, but to name a few…

?? Consistency! Consistent routines are crucial for a child. They help them feel safe and secure which results in fewer spats of acting out. They also allow a child to know what’s coming next, which helps them look forward and get excited about what’s to come! A week of Jump Start Clinics is just that – consistent! They’re something a kiddo can count on for a full week when their normal school routine is thrown off.

?? Testing the Waters! While Jump Start Clinics are great for existing swimmers (and we love to see lots of familiar faces in them!) they can also be great for new swimmers! It gives new kiddos the chance to hop into the shiver-free water and see what lessons are like before enrolling perpetually. Even better than a trial lesson, Jump Start Clinics give them multiple chances to check out the school and get comfortable in the water with other kiddos their age and a trained swim instructor.

?? Prepping for Summer! Summer is the very next season and it’s coming up fast! Jump Start Clinics help jump start (see what we did there?!) kiddos’ progress to get them Safer Summer-ready in a hurry – just one week that is! If you’re heading off for a Summer vacation or plan to be around water in your own community, it’s a great idea to get your little one into a Jump Start Clinic to help them get water-ready and learn the skills they need to have a safer Summer!

?? A Fintastic Way to Level Up! If your little fish is almost ready for that next level, but just needs to focus in on a swim skill or two, a Jump Start Clinic can help be just what they need to master their skills! Dedicate time will help them hone in, build muscle memory, and see Extraordinary Results! Practice makes progress! 

What Makes A Jump Start Clinic the Perfect Spring Break Activity?

It can be challenging to find things to entertain kids while they’re on a break from school. Five full days off of school means a lot of time for kiddos to get bored at home. Bust boredom – get out of the house and into the pool! Jump Start Clinics, like weekly lessons, are of course all about learning swim skills and life skills, but they’re also about having fun! We want to be sure that kids are learning a ton while also enjoying themselves, enough that they want to come back the very next day!

Not only do Jump Start Clinics give kids something to do outside of the house, but they also help kids stay in a good routine of getting up and getting the day started, so going back to school the next week isn’t quite so hard.

Heading off on a Spring Break trip?

While we’re sad you won’t be able to make our Spring Break Jump Start Clinics, it’s still important kiddos get water-ready for those vacays! Grab your kiddo’s spot in weekly swim lessons to learn water safety skills (and life skills!) before you go. Just be sure to schedule a makeup lesson for the one you’ll be missing while you’re gone!

How Can I Learn More About Spring Break Jump Start Clinics?

Though there is a lot of great information about Spring Break Jump Start Clinics on our website, the best way to learn more is to reach out to your nearest location to see if they are hosting them this year, and how you can sign up. Don’t worry, if you can’t make them during Spring Break, more will be coming this Summer!