We all want our kids to make the most out their summer – and with Jump Start Clinics at Goldfish Swim School, they can have even more reasons to celebrate in the water! Whether you’re heading on a vacation or staying closer to home this summer, your kids will benefit from taking a Jump Start Clinic.

One-week refresher

Some of us aren’t so lucky to live in tropical temperatures all year long (jealous!), so it can be easy for those swimming skills to lay dormant for much of the year. No worries! You can sign up your kids for a quick refresher: Our Jump Start Clinics are four to five 30-minute lessons, all during the same week (contact your nearest location to learn more about the schedule). And you don’t have to already be a Goldfish Swim School member or currently enrolled in swim lessons to do so!

Brush up on techniques

Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to help young swimmers brush up on their techniques during our Jump Start Clinics. We focus on all the same skills and water safety as we do in our regular swim lessons, with the benefit of having one full week of lessons, full of extraordinary results.

Depending on their swim level, swimmers will brush up on:

  • Treading Water
  • Floating
  • Breath control
  • Swimming longer distances
  • Stroke technique

Make the most of summer water fun

By brushing up on their swimming skills and techniques, your kids (and you!) will have a GOLDEN experience every time you head to the pool, lake or ocean this summer. Why? You’ll all be more confident in their abilities, and your kids can more readily participate in:

  • Racing – Kids love to race each other to the other side of the pool, or the dock, and working up their stamina helps them go farther.
  • Diving for pool toys – Entertain the kids for hours by having them dive for pool toys (because they’ll be able to hold their breath to grab them!).
  • Diving boards – Whether it’s the regular diving board or the high-dive, kids will be able to jump off them into deep water, knowing how to tread water and effectively swim to the edge of the pool to safely exit the water.
  • Waterslides – After going down the slide, your little swimmer can swim underwater away from the landing current and safely swim to the side of the pool or to more shallow water.

Sign Up for Jump Start Clinics

Find a Goldfish Swim School location near you and sign up today for Jump Start Clinics. If you haven’t been swimming with us before, stop by and check out our WOW! customer service and 90-degree pool temperature (and all the other reasons why Goldfish Swim School is pretty cool!).