If you have multiple kids – in multiple sports – you know that September is a month you might as well plan on moving into your vehicle.

From practices to games, fall sports can be BUSY – and that often means eating on the go! Busy, young athletes need healthy snacks for that window of time between the last school bell and the first whistle of practice.

Healthy snacks provide needed fuel and nutrients, and also stave off hanger and the grumps. So, what do you feed your young athletes after school and before practice? Here are 10 healthy snack ideas for your busy young athletes, so you can get those extraordinary results. Read on:

Fruit and nut/seed butter

It’s rare that a kid won’t like an apple or a banana dipped in peanut, almond or sunflower seed butter. This healthy snack is packed with protein and nutrients to help your little champion get the energy boost she needs for practice or a game. And that’s something to celebrate!


A slice of lunch meat wrapped around string cheese or cream cheese (if you have a pickle lover, stick a slice in there for some crunch!) is a great snack option for athletes who like savory and not sweet snacks.

Protein muffins

Making a batch (or two!) of protein muffins is a great way to have healthy snacks on hand for the sports season. You can use protein powder, Greek yogurt or fruit and veggie purees to transform muffins into a powerhouse snack. Pinterest is a great resource for recipes!

Homemade trail mix

What kid doesn’t like trail mix? The great thing about trail mix is that you can customize it for your family’s likes and dislikes. Pretzels, cereal, nuts, seeds, chocolate chips, dried fruit: The sky’s the limit. Mix up a batch and store it in an air tight container, doling out individual portions as needed.

Hardboiled eggs

Hardboiled eggs are a great pre-workout snack and most kids like them, especially when dipped into salt and pepper. They are also portable and easy to eat! Add in a piece of fruit or a handful of raw veggies and you are good to go.

Hummus and pita (or veggies!)

Hummus is a great, kid-friendly snack that is easy to keep on hand. Many brands even sell individual cups of hummus or you can get hummus-and-veggies or pretzel packs at the grocery. Win-win!

Bagel with cheese and tomato

A mini-bagel with a slice of cheese and tomato is an awesome quick and easy snack for the little ones! It can also be eaten on the go, with little mess. Kid doesn’t like tomato? No worries. Add some cucumber instead!


A cup of plain Greek yogurt with a smidge of honey and some fruit is a great snack that is a definite palate pleaser for most young athletes. The protein and carbs will also help fuel a successful practice OR game, ensuring a golden experience!

Ants on a log

Maybe you haven’t had this snack since you were a kid but ants on a log (celery with peanut or seed butter, topped with raisins) is a great option for young athletes. You can also use cream cheese if you don’t have a kid with a sweet tooth.

Rice and edamame

If you have a little more time, a cup of rice and some shelled edamame is a great snack for athletes. Drizzle a smidge of low-sodium soy sauce on it and it’s tasty and fresh.

Bonus: Make sure your young athlete is also well-hydrated. We like infused waters (there are amazing water bottles with infusers built in – genius!) and fruity herbal iced teas for kids who want something other than water. This helps to avoid the craving for soda or sugary sports drinks.

Remember, don’t fret if you have a picky eater. You are still helping them learn and grow every day and sometimes, a new food has to be introduced several times before it’s accepted (and liked!). For now, just try one or two of the ideas above. Who knows. Your kids might surprise you!

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