Looking for a fantastic experience gift idea? Grandparents (and aunts, uncles, moms, dads and anyone else) can gift Technique Clinics at Goldfish Swim School to a lucky kid in their lives. It’s a gift, plus it teaches a valuable life skill, all in one!

What are Technique Clinics?

At Goldfish Swim School, we like to give kids opportunities to gain a little extra help if they want it. So, similar to our Jump Start Clinics, we have now implemented our Technique Clinics at many locations to further add to your GOLDEN experience!

The Technique Clinics are one week of specific skill lessons – with one 30-minute lesson per day. Children in either the Pro 2 Level (or able to master the skills in Pro 2, if not currently enrolled at Goldfish) or on the Goldfish Swim Force may sign up, in addition to their regular swim lessons. And, just like in regular swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, the student-to-teacher ratio remains 4:1.

Offered during school break times and over the summer, Technique Clinics are either four- or five-days of lessons – with each lesson broken down by stroke.

“(This) is a huge advantage because it allows the children to focus on one stroke at a time and develop from there,” said Clarey Collins, Goldfish Swim School Curriculum Development Manager.

Each day is based on a different swim skill, no matter which location you’re at:

  • Day One: Freestyle
  • Day Two: Backstroke
  • Day Three: Breaststroke
  • Day Four: Butterfly
  • Day Five (if included): All-encompassing review

Plus, the curriculum for the Technique Clinics uses different drills than swimmers would be doing during their regular swimming lesson, so it’s even more exposure to each specific skill.

Why Technique Clinics?

It’s simple: There’s a need for it.

“No matter what level you are, swimming technique is one of the most important aspects of the sport,” Clarey said. “It’s important that children learn proper technique. And it’s easier to combat bad habits when children are a younger age when they haven’t developed a bad habit. You can never get enough technique work.”

Our instructors at Goldfish Swim School teach with integrity, compassion and trust – and it’s no different during the Technique Clinics. The instructors (who are either coaches with the Swim Force and/or have a competitive swimming background) are in the water the entire time, providing hands-on direction.

And, per the Goldfish Swim School way, there’s always the emphasis on water safety – which allows swimmers another avenue during the Technique Clinics in which to learn how to be safer in and around the water.

Who benefits from Technique Clinics?

Kids already enrolled in Goldfish Swim School at the Pro 2 Level may just need a little extra boost in their skills to be able to move ahead or join the Goldfish Swim Force.

“It’s another opportunity to help them work on their swimming, and prepare them for the next level,” Clarey said. And, it’s another way to celebrate their extraordinary results!

In addition, kids within the community can benefit from Goldfish Swim School’s Technique Clinics. They may be involved with sports or other activities in the community and stay busy, but the Technique Clinics provide them with a chance to do something new over a school break and get some time in the water.

“We have a lot of kids who swim in a summer program,” Clarey said. “They can’t commit to a year-round swim lesson, but they still want to work on their swimming – so this is a great opportunity for that.”

Register today for Technique Clinics

Pop in the Goldfish Swim School location near you for information on Technique Clinic offerings, and check out our WOW! customer service while you’re there. We’ve got 90-degree water temperature and plenty of other things that make Goldfish Swim School the place to learn to swim for kids!