We know the life of a parent can be a little crazy sometimes! You’ve got school, homework, pediatrician appointments, after-school activities, family time, and OF COURSE, swim lessons! We don’t want swim lessons to be just another thing on your busy calendar – we want to make your life easier, while helping your kiddo be safer in and around the water, and grow into a healthy, happy little human – and providing a Golden Experience to your entire family!

WOW! Customer Service, Wherever You Go, with the Goldfish Swim School App!

The Goldfish Swim School app puts the power of the Customer Portal right in the palm of your hand, providing you with a truly Golden Experience through every click. It’s like having one of our Fintastic Front-Desk Team Members with you at all times! This app is a must-have for every Goldfish family looking to step up their swim school – and life organization – adventure!

One of our Core Values consists of Going Above and Beyond with Every Detail to Create a Golden Experience, and the Goldfish Swim School app is no different. Check out these five GOLDEN capabilities that are sure to have every parent ready to dive in!

1. Jumping In!

Whether you’re a long-time member of the Goldfish family, or a brand new Goldfish parent getting ready to dip a toe in, our app is for you!

Easily accessible for download through the iOS App Store as well as Google Play, you’ll be ready to jump right in in no time! Once downloaded, you can select your local school from the list of locations across North America, to enhance your experience with your Goldfish Team.

  • Existing members will be able to login with the email address you have on file at your Goldfish and your password.
  • If you are a first-time Customer Portal user or new member, please select the Forgot Password option. This should then direct you to set up your account! The setup, including adding primary guardian information as well as your kiddo’s name and birthdate, will only take a few minutes to complete before you’re ready to continue exploring the new and improved app.
    • If you encounter any issues regarding your password, please reach out to your local Goldfish Swim School Front Desk team, and they would be happy to assist! 

High-Five! You just set up your very own Goldfish Swim School App account!

2. It’s Your Account, Own It!

With your account set up and ready to go, you can now dive right into the best part of Goldfish – your family!

The Goldfish Swim School app gives you the ability to fully manage your family account, including adding guardians and swimmers, as well as your preferred contact information in case of emergency or class cancellations. You can also choose to provide view-only access to an additional guardian, allowing grandparents, aunts and uncles to check out your kiddo’s progress on-the-go! Simply head over to the “Responsible Party” option within your “Account” tab and select “Send invite email”!

But wait, it doesn’t stop there! Being the captain of your own account also gives you the capability to oversee your payment information. You’ll be able to add and update your on-file payment method, make payments right from your phone, and view your payment history with your Goldfish location.

3. Make-Ups Made Easy

Here at Goldfish, we understand that our families are busy bees, and that life happens – choir concerts get scheduled, family trips hit the books, and kiddos get sick. While we miss seeing our swimmers at their lessons, we understand that sometimes, it just isn’t possible to make it. Fortunately, the Goldfish Swim School App takes the hassle out of canceling your lesson, and scheduling your make-up!

To cancel your little one’s lesson for the day and receive your make-up token, you can head on over to your “Account” tab. Here you will have the opportunity to record a future absence and customize it to your family’s needs! During this quick and easy process, you can include the day (or days) that your little one will be absent, the lesson that they will be absent for, as well as any comments you would like to share with your Goldfish team. Once your excused absence is in the books, your make-up token will become available for use following the time of that scheduled lesson!

Through the app, you’ll be able to view the upcoming schedule of your kiddo’s level via the “Booking” tab. Once you have found a day and time that works for you, you can go ahead and book your make-up lesson.

Bonus: If you have multiple make-up tokens piling up, you’re in luck! You’ll be able to view the amount of tokens left on your account right from the app and book them using the simple steps above!

Please note that many of our schools have a limit on how far in advance a make-up lesson can be booked, impacting the class schedule that you’re able to view on the app. Please contact your local school to learn more about their specific make-up policy.


4. Practice Makes Progress

Progress is truly golden, and so is CELEBRATING – something we love to do at Goldfish!

The Goldfish Swim School app will not only give you the ability to view the goals for your little one’s level, but it also allows you to stay up-to-date on their progress and get notified when they conquer a new skill, so that you can celebrate too!

Evaluations can be viewed by heading over to the “Account” tab, selecting your kiddo, and clicking “Evaluations.” All skills are evaluated on a 3- star scale ???. No stars indicates that the skill has not been introduced yet, and three lets you know it’s been mastered! You will also be able to read through comments from your instructor that are specific to your kiddo and their skills, letting you know where they may want to practice during their next Family Swim.

5. Stay In-The-Know on All-Things-Goldfish

By downloading the Goldfish Swim School app, you’ll never be left wondering when the next school event is, or worried you missed a call regarding an unexpected closure. This fin-omenal app will provide you with information about upcoming events and special offers through its “News and Announcements” section, and keep you up-to-date on when payment is due. Push notifications will alert you as soon as we know about an inclement weather, power outage or the dreaded Code Brown school closures that can affect your weekly swim lesson, and you can schedule your make-up class before your kiddo even knows!

BONUS APP NOTE: Your privacy is a priority for us! We are committed to Doing the Right Things, Making the Right Decisions, and Treating People with Integrity, Compassion and Trust. Please rest assured that your data is NOT collected by our App Developer.

If you’re ready to jump in, head over to the iOS App Store or Google Play to get started on your Golden Goldfish Experience today!