As schools across the country let out for summer, we can practically hear the joyful squeals and laughs filling the air! We know our kiddos are ready to make a splash in their summers. Days filled with lounging around the house with siblings, summer camps, and spending time outside, what’s not to love?! The best part of summertime is just that – the time! More time to spend with family, friends, and favorite toys to let kids be kids and PLAY! 

A day that truly recognizes the importance of play is the International Day of Play coming up on June 11th! Though every day is a great day for play, having the reminder gives us a little extra nudge to focus on the fun stuff! Coordinated by a network of organizations (and initiated by our friends LEGO® and the LEGO Foundation), this day is all about driving a global movement of play for children everywhere.

If you’ve made it to this blog, chances are you know just how much we prioritize play! After all, we developed our entire curriculum around it! We know that kiddos learn best when they’re having fun, which is why we created the Science of SwimPlay®, and why we do our best to make sure play is incorporated into all of the water safety skills (and life skills!) that we teach here at Goldfish Swim School. The entire concept was created to put kiddos first, acknowledging the need for play and the ability for kids to learn skills, like how to save themselves if they fall into the water, while making it fun and feel like just playing in the water with their swim buddies. 

Play is SO important, as it allows each and every child to simply be themselves, and have fun doing it! Play isn’t limited to size, shape, color, or sound. Whatever play looks like to your child, every single second is meaningful! 

Dr. Molly O’Sea

The benefits of playing are truly endless, but some of our favorites include…

  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Language, social, and motor skill development 
  • Problem-solving
  • Using creative thinking and imagination

The list goes on and on, but long story short, children use play to learn, develop, and strengthen skills that you may not even think about! As kiddos push their cars across the floor, they’re practicing fine motor skills, and physical skills and using their imaginations. As they splash in a water table, they learn how their bodies move and the concept of cause and effect. The learning never ends, but it’s disguised as a whole lot of fun! 

Participating in the International Day of Play is easy! Spend a little extra time outside with your favorite toys, or around your favorite people. Let loose, get a little loud, and PLAY! 

You can spread the word about the power of play and how you’re using it in your home on social media with the hashtag #InternationalDayofPlay. Then, swim on over to our website to learn more about how we use play to teach kiddos the skills they need to be safer in and around the water!