As we approach World Mental Health Day on October 10th, the Goldfish Team is taking a moment to reflect on and acknowledge the importance of good mental health. Mental health, like all things, requires maintenance. We take care of our homes with regular upgrades and cleaning. We take care of our cars with regular oil changes and services. We take care of our bodies by visiting the gym and eating food that makes us feel good. Mental health should be right there alongside all of those things!

Prioritizing mental health should be a part of our regular routines, whether it be taking a walk and getting some fresh air, visiting our favorite places or spending quality time with our loved ones. Mental health is being talked about now more than ever, and we’re proud to be a part of the conversation!

Alongside us in the conversation is Olympic Swimmer and Goldfish Ambassador Ryan Murphy, who relates mental health to physical health, noting needing to stay ahead of both to be his best.

“The way I see a physical therapist to prevent getting injured, I talk to someone to hopefully stay ahead of mental health challenges. I believe talking to someone has had a noticeably positive impact on my life.”

Mental health is important for both kiddos and adults, and we’re working to do our part in boosting mental health, one swim lesson at a time! Studies have even shown that swimming can improve moods, decrease anxiety and depression, and improve family connections!

Picture this: it’s finally Friday! Your family has had a busy week, jam-packed with school and work, extracurriculars and errands, and now you are flat-out tired! You’re off to bed and thinking of a way to help the whole family and give everyone a little pick-me-up. Fast forward to Saturday morning, you’re getting your littles ready and piling into the car to head to Goldfish Swim School – a brightly colored, palm-tree having, tropical escape. You walk in and your kiddo’s face lights up as they see their swim instructor, their swim lesson bestie, and a familiar face at the front desk. For a second, time stops. From the smiles on their faces, you realize that this is exactly what your family needed. What makes it even better is that this isn’t a one time thing, you get this tropical oasis and the smiles that go with it every single week!

Kids laughing and smiling at Goldfish Swim School

Our teams spend lots of time at Goldfish, which means we get to see lots of these moments! Through the eyes and smiles of swimmers and parents alike, we get to watch something totally swimsational – pure joy! Though joy is not the only emotion we see in the pool, all of the emotions that kiddos experience, like pride, accomplishment, frustration, disappointment, motivation, lead to them learning to manage their emotions while mastering new skills – something Dr. Molly O’Shea, Board Certified Pediatrician, says leads to resilience, confidence, and independence!

“In short spurts, like 30-minute swim lessons, feeling all of these emotions can help a child grow physically and mentally.”

Ryan Murphy relates! He says that though he sometimes doesn’t get the results he’d hoped for in the pool, he feels confident that he can learn from disappointment and use it to propel him to work hard and do better next time!


“The impact of families being active together – it helps kiddos create bonds and memories, and combats feelings of isolation.” says Dr. Molly.

Dr. Molly recommends that parents set aside an hour a week to do something together as a family, like riding bikes, going for a walk, or attending a family swim at Goldfish! “Keep it just about fun, memories, and being together – that creates a different sort of mental health boost!” There’s also an element of empathetic joy that comes from seeing someone around you experience joy. This is exactly what parents and other family members get to experience as they watch their kiddos gain confidence and self-esteem while they learn and have fun in swim lessons!

We’re so lucky to have shiver-free pools across the country that help teach life-saving skills, build confidence, and boost mental health when we’re having a not-so-awesome kind of day. We hope you’ll join us! Find a Goldfish location near you to give your kiddos that mid-week or even end of the week pick me up, mood booster they (and you!) need!