We’ve got holiday spirit, how about you?! We can’t believe it’s already time to talk about – and CELEBRATE – the holidays. They are right around the corner, and as many do during the most fintastic time of the year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on how GOLDEN 2023 has been, and how much we have to be grateful for!

It all starts at home, as we’re always grateful for our families, our friends, our pets, and the roof over our heads. Then we think of our second home – Goldfish Swim School! Within the four walls of our schools, there is so much to be grateful for. There are the obvious things – like ribbons and weekly prizes, mastered swim skills and move ups, all of the progress that’s made in the pool, and helping make an impact with life-saving swim lessons to keep our communities safer – we sure are grateful for all of that! But, it isn’t limited to swim lessons! We’re grateful for our team members, our parents and swimmers, and the communities that we’ve built.

These communities are nothing short of finspirational, and are the reason we get to teach swim lessons each and every day! From the members that choose us as their trusted swim school, to the partners that help us make waves for water safety, to the team members that jump into the shiver-free water to teach swim lessons, our communities are truly Golden! We can’t say enough thank-you’s to each person that has made 2023 one swimpressively Golden Year!

What are you and your family grateful for?! You can practice showing gratitude and helping your kiddos reflect on all there is to be thankful for in lots of ways. We even have a special Thankful Tree for kiddos (and parents!) to be able to put their thoughts on paper! With the holidays coming soon, and a season of giving being right around the corner, now more than ever we can practice ways to show our gratitude and say lots of thank yous! Some parents even have their kiddos practice opening gifts and saying “thank you” to prep them for holiday get-togethers – if you know, you know! ??

However you practice and reflect, what’s important is doing it! Spreading kindness and gratitude can never be wrong. We work hard to share our appreciation for the things we have regularly, but this season is the perfect time to go Above and Beyond for the people and the things we appreciate most!

Share what you’re thankful for with us on social media! Tag us in a picture of your giving tree or a picture of the things and people you are grateful for using #GoldfishGratitude!