We’ve been lucky enough to team up with some pretty fin-omenal wavemakers to spread the word about water safety. From local influencers and community partners to board-certified pediatricians and olympic swimmers, we have a crew of truly fintastic people helping us promote drowning prevention and the need for swim lessons. Our very first o-fish-al ambassador, Ryan Murphy, has been by our side, supporting Goldfish Swim School and our mission since 2019 – and as he has some swimsational life events right around the corner, we wanted to take the time to catch up with all he’s been up to, and do something we LOVE to do – – CELEBRATE! 

**Read on for a GOLDEN Announcement!!! 

Ryan Murphy is not only a brand ambassador for Goldfish. He’s an Olympic Swimmer with a pretty impressive track record. He has won an Olympic gold medal not one, not two, not three, but FOUR times! He only has a silver and a bronze – a FULL SET – – and held a world record for the men’s 100-meter backstroke. Totally splash-worthy accomplishments! When Ryan became a part of the Goldfish Family, we knew that he was a GOLDEN fit for helping us share with those all around the world how important it is for kiddos to learn how to swim and to work towards lowering the staggering drowning statistics in communities all across North America.

Ryan has played such a huge role as we’ve grown over the years. He’s supported us through each step of our growth, promoting our campaigns and initiatives and being by our side to celebrate all of the milestones our schools and swimmers have hit – big and small!

Throughout the past 4 years, Ryan has helped to spread our mission, through his own efforts as well as being a supporter of ours! During his time at home in 2020, he put out lots of fun videos and supportive messages for swimmers to keep their spirits up and to encourage them to stay active. He’s also made lots of special in-person appearances at Goldfish locations – visiting Aliso Viejo during their Safer Swimmer Pledge promotion, popping into pool parties at multiple Goldfish locations, and participating in special in-school celebrations.

He’s been a true role-model and advice-giver to our swimmers and our crews alike! Sharing his own personal goals through our Golden Years campaign and helping to encourage the goals of others has made a big impact on his fans and followers – and our swimmers, too!

What’s Next for Ryan?!

There are so many reasons that we could celebrate our friend Ryan, but we’d be crazy not to address the big ones that are happening right now!

Not only is Ryan swimming into a new chapter of his life with his soon to be wife, he’s swimming into the 2024 Olympic Trials next Summer, and – most exciting to us! – he’s diving in even deeper to his mission to water safety and his commitment to the Goldfish Family by….drum roll please….. opening his very own Goldfish Swim School alongside his family!

That’s right…Ryan has o-fish-ally added the title of ‘Franchise Owner’ to his belt! We are so excited to watch the GSS – St. Johns location open and thrive in his hometown community of Jacksonville, Florida! Their school is set to be opening and teaching swim lessons to kiddos in Northern Florida early next year, and we simply can’t wait! We know just how passionate Ryan is about water safety and access to swim lessons, and we know this school will be a great outlet for sharing his passion with even more families!

Help us celebrate Ryan, his accomplishments, and all that his future is bringing this next year! Head over to his Instagram page to send him a virtual HIGH FIVE, wish him good luck and congratulate him on his new adventures!