Way back when Goldfish Swim School was just an idea, our co-founders Jenny and Chris set Core Values that they, and their future team, would live by. One of the Core Values is to go above and beyond with every detail to create a Golden Experience! The Golden Experience is about offering more than the average swim lesson – we create a safe, fun and stimulating environment for kids to grow, learn and enjoy, so that they have the platform to make BIG waves in life!

We draw on our core values each and every day. In and out of our schools, we strive to be Golden by going above and beyond to create the Golden Experience that our families deserve. You can do your part to be Golden, too! In the beginning of May, which is National Water Safety Month, we launched our second year of the Safer Swimmer Pledge. We’ve encouraged our Goldfish swimmers, parents, community and team members to take the pledge – because being a Safer Swimmer is Golden! Here’s a few reasons why:

Confidence is Golden!

At Goldfish, we’re not only teaching swim skills, but life skills, too! Through routine and practice in swim lessons, kiddos gain the confidence they need to be safer in and around the water. For some, it’s putting their faces in the water for the first time. For others, it’s letting go of the wall and trusting their arms and legs to get them to the other side of the pool. Through each skill and each lesson, we watch as swimmers gain confidence and their worries float – in and out of the pool – away! 

You can help your kiddos (and yourself!) gain an extra layer of confidence as we swim into summer by taking the Safer Swimmer Pledge. The Safer Swimmer Pledge helps reiterate water safety must-knows for parents and children alike, so you can rest assured that your kiddo will be as safe as can be as they splash in the pool or boogie board in the ocean!

Play is Golden!

We use our proven method, The Science of SwimPlay®, to help children develop skills that will give them the courage to dive into new experiences. After all, science says that the foundation for a child’s growth is rooted in a safe environment and guided play!

The Safer Swimmer Pledge promotes even more play, because when parents and kids can feel safer about their time in and around the water, they become more free to play, express themselves and have FUN! We are all for the amazing benefits of more play!

Growth is Golden!

During swim lessons, kiddos do some serious learning and growing. They grow physically, mentally and emotionally as they develop skills like socialization and confidence. Through our group lessons, children get the opportunity to interact with others their age to learn from one another and grow through their experiences.

The Safer Swimmer Pledge is another opportunity for kiddos to grow as they learn new things and practice new skills! We encourage each and every swimmer to take the pledge and start thinking of themselves as little Wavemakers for Water Safety, encouraging friends and family to take the pledge with them and be a Safer Swimmer.

Peace of Mind is Golden!

As swimmers grow and learn through swim lessons, parents grow too! They gain the peace of mind that their child will be safer in and around the water by practicing the skills they’ve learned in lessons, at their backyard pool or on their tropical vacation.

As parents, peace of mind about our child’s safety is huge. Having multiple layers of prevention can help everyone feel safer. Providing kids and parents with valuable skills and tools like the Safer Swimmer Pledge can help make everyone feel more informed and prepared!

Self-Esteem is Golden!

Learning new things and even sometimes feeling ‘in charge’ is a part of kiddos’ development! We’ve all seen a child insist they dress themselves, then come out of their bedroom with a mis-matched outfit, like snow boots and a swimsuit, on. That autonomy is powerful! We as adults can nurture and help foster healthy self-esteem by showing kids that it’s not about talking at them, but with them.

Through the Safer Swimmer Pledge, we’re allowing, and even encouraging, kiddos to make their own decision to take the pledge themselves, then celebrating that choice to be a Safer Swimmer!

Swimmers holding

Once you’ve taken the pledge:

??Goldfish Swim School will donate $1 to the USA Swimming Foundation – providing access to life-saving swim lessons to children across North America!

??You’ll receive a special promo code from our friends at Speedo – and for every purchase, they’ll also be donating 10% to the USA Swimming Foundation!

??You’ll also be entered to win fintastic prizes including our Grand Prize – $5k towards a GOLDEN Family Getaway!

Swim over to our Safer Swimmer Pledge landing page to take the pledge, then share it with friends, family and your kiddos to encourage them to be a Safer Swimmer, so together, we can all have a GOLDEN, SAFE SUMMER!