Do you remember progress report time as a child? You might even have been nervous to bring it home to Mom and Dad if it wasn’t quite up to their standards.

Your child will be relieved to hear that it’s nothing like that here at Goldfish! Our progress reports are given out on a quarterly basis, and give a detailed description of what your little swimmer has accomplished and what he needs to work on in the coming months.

So what makes a Goldfish progress report special, and when can you expect them?

Progress reports establish transparency and an assurance of what your child has learned to date.

Photo of Goldfish student holding a progress reportAt Goldfish, we’re committed to several core values that explain why we initiated progress report process in the first place:

  • Golden Experience
  • WOW! Customer Service
  • Integrity, Compassion and Trust
  • Extraordinary Results
  • Celebrate!

We know that leaving your children in the care of a new adult can be nerve-wracking, and that’s why our instructors commit to building a relationship of trust with each parent that walks through the door. A Goldfish progress report meticulously breaks down every safety and swimming skill your child has practiced and mastered to date. More importantly, the report illustrates what it takes to progress to the next swim level. We never want you to miss a beat.

Progress reports celebrate your child’s accomplishments in the water and explain what skills can be improved.

Don’t think of these pieces of paper as a boring report; think of them as a celebration of what we’ve accomplished with your child in the water so far. Every child moves at a different rate, and if there are opportunities to improve, we’ll let you know. (Bonus points if you practice some skills in the bathtub at home!)

Timing of progress reports varies by location.

When starting lessons at Goldfish, be sure to ask your instructor when to expect them. The distribution of reports occurs over the course of a week four times a year, as every child’s lesson schedule is different. If you ever have any questions in the meantime, we’re all ears.

We hope you find these reports just as fun and useful as we do. Glowing from a positive progress report? To find out more about how far your swimmer can go at Goldfish, check out our breakdown of swimming lesson levels here.

You see, progress reports are nothing to be afraid of! Actually, we’d be surprised if you weren’t looking forward to them!