Swimming Creates a Stronger Bond

We’re parents, so we’re busy. All the time. It’s easy to have five other things going on while we are spending time with our little ones (dinner needs to get made, groceries retrieved, softball practice starts in 30 minutes…you know how it is). That’s where enrolling your baby in swim lessons provides even more benefits: It provides you scheduled time where it’s just you and your baby, bonding.

Here are 4 Ways swim lessons Help You Bond with Your Baby:

1. Building Trust

Though it may not seem it, babies are learning a lot about you and your relationship with each other during their first couple years! Babies learn by your interaction together, and they’ll learn they can trust you. While swimming, they’ll see you put your face in the water and come back up, unscathed. Then they’ll see that when they go underwater themselves, you’re there for them to keep them safe – and that understanding goes a long way to giving them the confidence they’ll need to make waves in life.

2. Learning your Child’s Needs

As parents, so much of our time is spent trying to get our kids to do what we want them to – as we should, because it’s our job to teach them the ways of the world! But swimming with our kids allows us the time to really focus on what they want and feel while doing so. We sense when they are apprehensive, when they need a break, when they need encouragement and laughter. We are following their pace, instead of the other way around. Because it’s important to remember it’s about having a GOLDEN experience, every time – especially if your child has sensory disorders, ADHD or other special needs.

3. Sharing Joy

Babies love water – the splashing, the laughing, the exploring. While you’re swimming with your baby, you are engaged with what is going on and with the reactions your baby is having. Sharing joy is one of the best bonding experiences a child and parent can have. Your baby feels connected to you while you’re holding him or her in the water, sharing an experience together – and they’ll want to celebrate and recreate that feeling together again and again. (After all, swimming is a great way to relieve stress!)

4. Setting the Building Blocks of Learning

Even though you’re in swim lessons with your baby because you want him or her to learn a lifelong, lifesaving skill, you can have fun while doing so – which is why the instructors at Goldfish Swim School use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids how to swim through the Science of SwimPlay®. Children learn from our actions, not just what we say. When we participate in a learning activity with them, show them how to do it, then believe in and encourage their ability to learn – and give them space to practice at their pace – we’re giving them opportunities to love learning and produce some extraordinary results.

Start your Baby Swimming at 4 Months Old

Reap those bonding benefits now: Babies can start learning how to swim at 4 months old at Goldfish Swim School! Learn about our baby swim lessons or stop in a location near you and check out our 90-degree pool water, WOW! customer service, and fun atmosphere.